KiThe Waves Deep Freezer is made to keep food safe and fresh for several months. Your meat will remain fresh and devoid of stale tastes thanks to the innovative design of a Waves deep freezer. These deep freezers contain a thermostat that may be adjusted and an over-temperature alert. They include rolling wheels to make it simple to move them about your kitchen. The Low Voltage Series is one of several various designs that are offered. Here’s how to locate the ideal waves deep freezer for your house in Pakistan in 2022.

Electronics and household appliances may be found under Waves’s well-established and reputable brand. One of its specializations is deep freezers, and the Waves brand stands out for its exceptional performance and cutting-edge design, which are ideal for Pakistan’s climate, where food may spoil quickly.


Features of Waves Deep Freezers

1. Deodorizer Technology

The deodorizer technology found in deep freezers ensures that the food products are kept in a healthy atmosphere and that there are no scents in the freezer.

2. Human Interactive Sensor

Additionally, it contains human interaction sensor lights that can detect people up to one foot away. If a person is within the designated range, the lights inside the freezer turn on automatically. If no one is there, the lights switch off after a short period of time.

3. Digital Touch Panel

In the recently released deep freezers, a computerized touch panel has been fitted, allowing the user to change the settings according to their needs.

4. Options of the Digital Touch Panel

It is user-friendly and simple to operate since it has many settings, including Supercool, Superfreeze, Holiday, and a Power-saving mode, all accessible with a single touch.

5. Wide range of Sizes and Designs

The brand provides a wide range of sizes and styles, each with unique specs and styling, all without sacrificing the quality of the final product. Each model has a different pricing range that reflects this.

Latest Prices of Waves Double Door Price in Pakistan

Waves Regular Series Double Door Deep Freezer 15 cu ft (WDFT-315TL) Rs. 56,556
Waves 15 CFT Freezer Double Door WDFT-315 Rs. 58,500
Waves 15CFTFreezer Double Door WDFT-315SS Rs. 59,500
Waves 15 CFT Freezer Double Door Cool Bank WDFT-315 Rs. 59,500
Waves Regular Series Double Door Deep Freezer 18 cu ft (WDF-318) Rs. 60,899
Waves Deep Freezer Medium Size Double Door WDFT315 15 cu.ft Rs. 63,800
Waves Double Door Deep Freezer WDFT-313 13-CFT White Rs. 68,300
Waves 509L Double Door Chest Freezer WDF-318DD Rs. 70,000
Waves Regular Series Double Door Deep Freezer 18 Cu Ft (WDFT-318TL) Rs. 70,222
Waves Alpha Double Door Deep Freezer 15 cu ft (GD-WDFT-315) Rs. 87,688

Latest Prices of Waves Single Door Price in Pakistan

Model Price
Waves Single Door Deep Freezer Regular Series 9 cu ft (WDF-309) Rs. 38,199
Waves Single Door Deep Freezer WDF-310 Regular Series Rs. 39,899
Waves Single Door Deep Freezer WDF-313 – 13 Cubic feet Rs. 43,350
Waves Single Door Deep Freezer WDF-315 – 15 Cubic feet Rs. 46,999

Built with German Danfoss Compressors

German Danfoss compressors of the highest caliber and a copper condenser are used in the construction of these Waves deep freezers. They were created specifically to account for the cyclical nature of Pakistan’s power. These deep freezers are constructed with more solid ice and a lower melting point. They also have robust, rust-free EMBO sheets. This type has a door that is fully insulated and an automated defrosting system.

Waves Glass Sliding Door Deep Freezer

A glass sliding door deep freezer could be a good choice if you need to store a lot of food. A glass sliding door that opens from the top is a highlight of this design. These devices are popular in ice cream establishments and are reasonably priced for both personal and commercial use. They come in a variety of beige and grey hues and are also aesthetically pleasing. They may be purchased online and at a variety of retailers.

Waves Chest Deep Freezer

On the website of Aysonline.pk, you can find Waves chest deep freezer. Some of these types are reasonably priced, dependable, and of good quality. Although Waves chest freezer quality is remarkable, some of the less expensive manufacturers do not do well in evaluations. These freezers’ various cutting-edge features and technology are appreciated by buyers. WAVES provides the Triplet series models, which are very reasonably priced and come with a strong compressor if you’re seeking for a chest deep freezer.

Waves Single, Double & Triplet Deep Freezer

In terms of picking a deep freezer, opt for a model that is affordable and made for small households. A single, double, or triple door is available on some Waves deep freezers, but not all of them. Due to their ability to be readily stacked and used in a big home, these models are excellent for large families. You may choose the model that best suits your requirements because they come in a range of sizes.

There are several different designs, sizes, and features for these freezers. Pick a deep freezer that fits your kitchen, whether it has a single door, double doors, or triple doors. In addition to being portable for camping, they are the ideal option for keeping bulk groceries. No matter what you like, Waves Freezers has a wide range of choices and features. They’ll win you over. Buy one from Aysonline.pk right now to avoid waiting. With your purchase, you will be satisfied!

Buy Waves Freezer at Best Prices on Installments in Pakistan

Even now, when it comes to household appliances, Pakistan still regards Waves as one of the most reputable companies. They produce a wide range of diverse appliances, including microwaves, deep freezers, sewing machines, air conditioners, heaters, and cooking ranges. Waves are ideal for you if you want to buy appliances that are technologically and aesthetically ahead of their time. In Pakistan, a single-door deep freezer is a norm; however, if you want to upgrade, a double-door or triple-door deep freezer will provide you with enough fantastic storage for all of your needs. You can now get the newest and most reliable freezer models from Waves on Daraz with a hassle-free shopping experience that includes payment options that last up to 36 months. What are you waiting for then? Sign in to Daraz to purchase your favorite items online and have them delivered anywhere in Pakistan.

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