You are currently viewing WASA Online Bill 2022- Check & Download Duplicate Bill

WASA Online Bill 2022- Check & Download Duplicate Bill

If you want to check your WASA Bill Online, you are at the right place. WASA has now introduced the method to check your bill online. Not only can you check your WASA bill, but you can also download and print your WASA duplicate bill online from here. To see the WASA duplicate bill, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Checking WASA’s bill is a simple procedure.
  • You can check the bill By entering the account number,
  • Finally, click the submit button after entering your 8-digit account number.
  • Your bill, as well as any overdue dues, will be displayed.

WASA Account Number

Your WASA Account number is located on top of your WASA Bill. It is an eight-digit number. You can find it easily on your monthly WASA Bill. If you are still unable to find your account number, check the image below


WASA Online Bill

How to Get WASA Duplicate Bill Online

What exactly is a duplicate bill? This is a question that may cross your thoughts. On the other hand, the duplicate bill is a carbon copy of the original bill. When checking a bill online with WASA, the copy of the bill that displays on the screen is the WASA duplicate bill. The original bill copy is sent to the people’s residential address by WASA. The information on a duplicate bill is identical to that on the original bill. It’s also not illegal, according to WASA.

You’re probably wondering why they issue duplicate bills. The answer is to give superior customer service and alleviation to their clients. Back then, a WASA client had to pay the bill by bringing the original copy of the duplicate bill to the WASA office or the bank. The owner was sometimes out of town or unavailable at home, causing the bill to be delayed. Due to the delay in the payment, the client is required to pay an additional fee in addition to the charge.

WASA Online Bill Payment Methods

WASA also offers the WASA online bill-paying service. The consumer is not required to visit the bank each time he wishes to pay his bill. WASA offers billing services on nearly all internet platforms, including:

  • Apps
  • Websites
  • NADRA’s website
  • Using a retailer

Let’s talk about how to pay your WASA bill online using applications. Many companies create apps with the primary goal of assisting users with utility bill payments. Two of them are The EasyPaisa and JazzCash apps. Let’s look at how we may use these applications to pay our WASA bills online.

Jazz Cash App

  • On your smartphone, download the jazz cash app.
  • Set up an account and a pin code on the app.
  • Please log in to your account.
  • Choose the option to pay your bills.
  • WASA is the company name to choose.
  • Please provide your reference number here.
  • Continue to pay the charge.
  • Wait until you receive notification from WASA that you have either paid or not paid the bill once you have paid the payment.

EasyPaisa App

  • Follow the steps to pay the bill with Easy paisa.
  • On your smartphone, download the app.
  • Make a user account.
  • Fill up your phone number.
  • Fill up your CNIC number.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • To pay a bill, choose it from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the bill option.
  • Include a reference number.
  • Pay the bill now.
  • Wait until you get confirmation of the transaction’s success.

Make sure to validate your account before paying bills using the Jazz Cash app. To accomplish this, go to the retailer and have your account biometrically verified; otherwise, the transactions will not be successful.
To give better service to its consumers, several banks have established applications. Consumers can also use Mobile banking apps to pay WASA bills online. A few mobile banking apps include HBL, Meezan, and JS Bank. Let’s look at how we can use these applications to pay our bills in more detail.

Application for WASA New Connection

Filling up and submitting the application form is the first step toward obtaining a new WASA connection. To do so, follow the instructions.

Follow these steps to submit an online application to establish a WASA New Connection.

  • Visit the WASA official website.
  • Read all of the material on the website’s main page carefully.
  • Select your subdivision in the application form.
  • Fill in all mandatory fields (CNIC, Address, Contact Number, etc.).
  • Make sure that everything you include in the application is correct and legitimate. WASA will thoroughly verify your information. As a result, be sure that everything you write is correct.

Required Documents

There are the following documents applicants need to submit while applying for WASA New Connection.

  • Attested Documents of the property’s ownership. It is documentation that the client owns the property where the new connection is going to be installed.
  • The attested document proves that the location has never had a connection installed. Let’s say the location turned out to be where there was previously an electricity connection. In this case, the client is responsible for any remaining charges from the prior connection.
  • The landlord’s certified “no objection” document. When the consumer does not own the property, this document is necessary. This document proves that the client is installing a new connection with the landlord’s permission.
  • Two attested copies of the Customer’s CNIC.
  • The neighbor’s electricity bill.


WASA Lahore was founded in 1976 by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The goal, in general, is to plan, build, implement, and manage a water supply, sewerage, and drainage infrastructure in Lahore.

WASA Lahore is working to make the city of Lahore cleaner and more environmentally friendly by providing the following services:

  • Providing essential consumer services like water supply and sewerage in different areas.
  • Ensure cost-effective strategies in construction and operation and maintenance.
  • Maintaining high professional standards and striving for a corruption-free workplace.
  • Trying to be self-dependent by generating revenue for non-development expenses.
  • In process of training and encouraging their employees.

WASA employs around 6200 people across a variety of departments. WASA makes money by selling water, sewerage, and aquifer. Furthermore, the Punjab Government is responsible for approving its budget and any increases in user fees.

Even though people are highly informed, a large amount of water is either wasted or contaminated due to human ignorance. WASA is an organization that deals with problems, issues, and services related to Water. Wasa Lahore, also known as LWASA, has the professional staff to deal with these sorts of problems is to deal. It has offices in several locations around Lahore. In order to collect WASA bills, it has offered its clients the option of paying WASA bills at the below-mentioned branches of various banks.

WASA Faisalabad Online Bill

Punjab’s other major city is Faisalabad. This city’s population is likewise expanding at an alarming rate daily. Water is an issue in this metropolis, as it is in many other large cities in Pakistan. WASA Faisalabad has built an office in the city’s center to address the people’s concerns about WASA Bill Faisalabad. People can go to the WASA Bill Faisalabad office to settle their problems.
Wasa Faisalabad is a professional institution. This is always available, with its expert team, to assist the ordinary man with water-related issues. The only thing that has to be done is to utilize the water properly and follow the guidelines of the Faisalabad Wasa Bill. If everyone follows WASA Bill Faisalabad’s instructions, many problems may be fixed without having to travel to the office. Like many others in the city, this institute has opened offices around Faisalabad under the name WASA Bill Faisalabad. People can get any form of help from them. Consumers can also get a duplicate Faisalabad bill online.

WASA Rawalpindi

WASA Rawalpindi Rawalpindi is the center of Pakistan. It is located near Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. Its population is just too large and growing by the day. The company’s name WASA Rawalpindi was chosen to meet the demands of its water supply. Rawalpindi’s water supply and WASA bills are being addressed by this firm. In Rawalpindi, there are several WASA offices. WASA duplicate bill Rawalpindi is also available online.

These WASA offices in Rawalpindi are also professionally dealing with water issues, utilizing current technology and available resources to the city’s best and most significant level.
WASA Rawalpindi is an excellent organization since it has been solving the people’s concerns of this city for many years. It is possible to further modify WASA Rawal with the Cooperation of local and provincial Governments.  Customers may now check their WASA Rawalpindi water bill online.

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