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WASA Faisalabad-Duplicate Bill Contacts and Complaints

WASA is one of the well-known organizations in Pakistan. Its main objective is to provide clean water and better sanitary condition in different areas of Pakistan. WASA Faisalabad is one of its branches that is serving in Faisalabad. WASA has announced that all the Public complaints about water supply and sewerage services will further on be received by phone by the WASA. The Company staff said that people can reach the company just by dialing the number 1334 if they want to report any of their issues.


WASA Faisalabad


WASA Faisalabad Duplicate Bill

As the world is becoming modern day by day, WASA has also made most of its services online like WASA Contacts, WASA Complaints, and WASA water bill online payments. In addition to all of these services, you can also download your WASA Online Bill. This would help you if you had mistakenly lost your WASA Monthly bill. To calculate your WASA Faisalabad Duplicate bill, just put your Account no. in the box.

WASA Faisalabad Contacts

Head Office: Water and Sanitation Agency Faisalabad, Near Allied Hospital, Jail Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Phone: +9241 921 0049-50
Fax: +92 41 921 0054
Official Website:

WASA Business Hours

Monday-Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm
Sunday: Closed

WASA Complaints

Phone: Dial 1334 Toll-Free

Water Treatment Plant WASA Faisalabad

With the help of France and the Punjab govt, WASA started the water treatment plant in Faisalabad in 2018. Its main objective was to provide one crore Gallons of clean water daily for drinking purposes. By collecting the ten cusec water from rak branch lake in the center of the city, it is being treated to clean it for drinking purposes according to the international standards. Keeping in view of the surface water treatment, various chemical and mechanical techniques are being used to treat more water in less time. In addition to this, modern filtration techniques like Rapid Gravity Filters are in use to get maximum results.

The main characteristic of this filtration system is its self backwashing system that helps clean water easily ad step by step. It uses Chlorine gas to kill Bacteria and other Microscopic Organisms from water. The other characteristic of this Plant is its recovery system which helps to re-clean the wasted water. To ensure the Quality of water according to international Standards, a laboratory is in working inside the Plant. It is the first Plant in Pakistan to work according to an automatic SCADA system to control every step of the treatment from a computer. This system saves the record of every process occurring in the Plant. This will help recover the documents if needed in the future in Graphical Form. It supplies water mainly to the Mainline of the city situated on the city’s east side but it also offers its services to other parts of the city.


This is all the necessary information you need to Contact WASA Faisalabad but if you want information about other branches you can also get it from here. You can also Check your WASA Online Bill from here.

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