Room coolers are a huge hit in Pakistan and are so popular that in the course of a year, nearly all of the stocks are sold out. These room coolers are one of the most renowned businesses that supply affordable room coolers for use at work or in your home. Super Asia Air coolers work best in areas that are well ventilated and are most effective in places with very little humidity.


Super Asia Air Cooler Overview

Coolers are the oldest and frequently used by those who can’t afford air cooling. They were utilized more than 20 years earlier in homes and offices. Super Asia Company offers many electronic items that have become well-known since 1980. They feature practical and effective designs.

There are a variety of companies offering air coolers, however, the primary thing you should consider about the super Asia Company is their features and specifications that are totally different from other businesses and also cost-effective for families with a regular income rather than Air Conditioners.

It’s one of the top air coolers you can utilize. This is a great source of cool air, that is what people need during summer. It is possible to stay refreshing and cool with an amazing Asia air conditioner. It keeps the temperature at a minimum in the area in which you use it and keeps you feeling energetic and fresh even in summer. Super Asia is a well-known manufacturer of appliances for homes in Pakistan. We will now discuss the top air coolers manufactured by super Asia in greater detail.

Super Asia Room Cooler Price in Pakistan –

You can now get the most affordable and efficient Super Asia room cooler price list in Pakistan with the lowest prices exclusively on Daraz. There’s a full listing of Super Asia room coolers in Pakistan in accordance with your requirements and needs. Daraz provides the most affordable and cheapest price for Super Asia room cooler in Pakistan 2022. It also offers a simple payment option that includes cash-on-delivery at your doorstep. Make your order today from Daraz to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.

Super Asia Room Cooler Price in Pakistan – Latest Prices

Super Asia ECM 4600 Plus Easy Cool Room Cooler with Official Warranty Rs. 21,299
Super Asia JC-777 Plus Super Sonic Room Cooler with Official Warranty Rs. 22,399
Super Asia ECM-5000 Cool Star Room Cooler with Official Warranty Rs. 23,499
Super Asia ECM-6500 Fast Cool Room Cooler with Official Warranty Rs. 23,999
Super Asia ECM-5000 Plus Cool Star Room Cooler with Official Warranty Rs. 24,499
Super Asia Room Air Cooler (ECM-6000) – 60L Rs. 24,600
Super Asia Room Cooler (ecm5000 Plus) Rs. 26,600
Super Asia ECM 4600 Room Air Cooler with Official Warranty Rs. 27,999
Super Asia – 40L DC Room Air Cooler ECM- 4500 – Black Rs. 28,000
Super Asia Room Cooler-ECM-6500-Fast Cool Rs. 31,000
Super Asia ECS-8000 Room Air Cooler With Official Warranty Rs. 35,499

Cost Effective Room Coolers

The Room Cooler Super Asia is very affordable. You can purchase it with peace of mind because the price is reasonable while the product’s quality is top-notch. The customers will be pleased with the performance of this product and the company is determined to be the best for its goods. It is suggested that you buy one for your home because it’s superior to a conventional air conditioning unit. It is also possible to purchase one for the office as it requires less power than a conventional air conditioner.

This Super Asia Air Cooler is constructed from durable plastic and is very easy to put in. The air cooler was designed to operate at low voltage, making it ideal for offices of all sizes. It’s easy to clean as well. You’ll be glad to have purchased an item that is made from top-quality materials, and for a low cost. This makes it a fantastic option to purchase for the home. The reasonable Super Asia Air Cooler Cost in Pakistan 2022 is an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers.

There are numerous kinds of Super Asia Room Coolers available on the market. Prices differ greatly, but it is recommended to collect information about the cost of these items prior to purchasing one. Different versions of the Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 5000 are on the market. The ECM 5500 is a great size and retails for approximately the price of Rs. 21,600.

Shockproof Plastic

Super Asia room cooler has an elegant design and is able to easily be moved from room space. The body is constructed of tough plastic, and it comes with an imported Evaporative cooling pad. There is a capacity of 70 liters as well Super Asia is a great alternative for use at home. If you’re looking for an air conditioner, make sure you purchase the correct one. It will not only help you keep your home cool but also provide more comfort for you.

The top-loading cooling box is made for maximum cooling. The energy-efficient design guarantees maximum cooling. It’s fitted with an anti-bacterial honeycomb evaporative pad as well as an auto-swing. It’s fan-driven and has a two-speed control. It also comes with a huge tank of water to ensure a continuous supply of water. The four-way motion is another characteristic of this model of the air conditioner. This model is great for spaces with limited space.


Super Asia air coolers can be moved from anywhere inside your home. It’s not a fixed piece of equipment that cannot be moved. It also comes with a few advantages. Another great thing is the low cost. They are priced at a price that virtually everyone can afford to use and afford. They’re budget-friendly and suitable for home use. If you’re looking for air coolers, then Super Asia cooling systems are reliable and cost-effective air coolers that you can purchase.


Super Asia is a trustworthy company, and its products are extremely trustworthy. The coolers they manufacture are of high-quality and very affordable when compared with other brands. Super Asia coolers could be the most cost-effective option for spending time in the summer because they are durable and affordable.

Size & Storage of Cooler

Super Asia has a variety of air coolers with different capacities, between 30 and 50 Liters. Super Asia offers an air-cooling device that is lightweight and easy to carry. Although they are made of plastic They have a durable design and are also lighter in weight. They are equipped with small wheels on the bottom, which makes them easy to move around. You can now easily get your house clean and tidy and also your workspace.

Common Features of Super Asia Room Coolers

  • A high-quality polymer body, that’s rust and shock resistant
  • Honeycomb Cooling pad that has an antibacterial aspect.
  • Energy-Saving Aerodynamic Plastic Blades
  • Powerful Motorized Louver
  • Low-Maintenance, Long-Lasting Life

Pros of Super Asia Air Cooler Pakistan

  • Efficient Energy
  • Saving energy
  • The greatest benefit of this cooler would be that it requires less power than an AC. This makes it an excellent option for families with limited budgets or for individuals. Another advantage of this cooler is that it’s environmentally friendly.
  • Maintenance is extremely low.
  • It’s a long-lasting product
  • It’s not affecting our environment in any way other than ACs which release CFCs into our environment, which can harm us and our environment.
  • It is made of aerodynamic plastic and has blades
  • Its water capacity is about 60 Liters
  • Cooper motor is extremely powerful.
  • Unique in design
  • You can operate it without stabilizers
  • In all areas that are dry, it is possible to humidify the air.

Cons of Super Asia Air Cooler Pakistan:

  • Its function is only in dry areas in areas with less humidity.
  • It’s not suitable for regions with high levels of pollution and in coastal regions.
  • If you don’t maintain items correctly the item can turn unhealthy very quickly.
  • In the absence of humidification, it will not be cool.
  • The water should be changed regularly and water pads must be cleaned daily.

What is the Price of Super Asia DC 12V Room Cooler (ECM-3500) in Pakistan

Super Asia DC 12V Room Cooler (ECM-3500) cost for Pakistan begins at around Rs. 15000, which is approximately $89 USD. Super Asia DC 12V Room Cooler (ECM-3500) comes with strong specifications for those who wish to purchase this product. Super Asia DC 12V Room Cooler (ECM-3500) has high-quality outcomes and costs Rs.15000.

Specifications for Super Asia DC 12V Room Cooler (ECM-3500)

  1. DC 12 Volt
  2. Shock & Rust Proof
  3. Plastic Blades & Energy Saver
  4. Motorized Louver Powerful Motor
  5. Low Maintenance Long Lasting Life
  6. Price – Rs. 15,000 / $89 USD

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