Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is Pakistan’s combined gas company, which is something that makes it stand out. Their main job is to get gas to over 7.22 million customers in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The SNGPL network is very big and covers more than 250,000 kilometers. Makes up an impressive network of pipes that stretch over 16,000 km.

Sui Northern Gas Historical Background

Sui Northern Gas Historical Background

SNGPL started out as a held company in 1963. In January 1964, it changed into a held business. In 1965, the company began doing business. Has since grown to become Pakistan’s largest gas company.

Sui Northern Gas Operational Structure

Sui Northern Gas Operational Structure

The way SNGPL works can be broken down into two main parts: transmission and sharing. The main goal of the transmission section is to move gas from the fields to the distribution network. On the other hand, the distribution section is in charge of getting natural gas straight to the people who use it.

The length of SNGPL’s cable network is more than 11,000 km. Pipelines made of steel, concrete, polyethylene, and other things make up this system. These pipes are safely buried underground to keep them from getting broken or causing other problems.

The distribution network that is run by spans more than 5,000 kilometers and is made up of smaller pipelines that are made to deliver natural gas straight to end users.
Pipelines for getting the gas to where it needs to go are also hidden under the ground.


SNGPL works with many different types of customers, such as homes, companies, and industries. Sui Gas is used by people in their homes to cook, heat their homes, and heat their water. Gas is used by commercial customers to make electricity, heat buildings, and do a number of industrial tasks. Sui Gas is used by industrial users to make fertilizers, steel, and textiles, among other things.

Sui Northern Gas Significance and Impact

Gas has a part to play in the energy industry of Pakistan. In many ways, it makes a big difference to the business. Here are some important things to know about it:

Meeting the energy needs of homes; Sui Northern Gas offers gas as a source of energy for homes, so people can heat their homes, cook food, and run household appliances. This has made a big difference in how well people in the area can live.

Fueling industrial growth: Gas is a big part of how industries make electricity and make things. Gas from Sui Northern Gas has helped drive growth, improve the economy, and create jobs.

Benefits: Natural gas can be used as a fuel, just like coal or oil. Using a lot of gas from Sui Northern Gas has helped cut down on carbon emissions and smog in the environment.

Improving Energy Security: Using energy sources like gas makes the country less reliant on fuels it has to buy. This improves energy security and keeps the country’s energy supply stable.

Overall, Sui Northern Gas is important for Pakistan because it helps meet energy needs, supports growth, protects the environment, and makes sure energy security.

Challenges Faced

Even though Sui Northern Gas has made a difference, it has had its share of problems;

Supply and Demand Gap: Demand for natural gas has always been higher than supply, which has led to problems like gas outages and rationing during times of high demand.

Infrastructure Development: It has been hard to expand the gas delivery infrastructure to meet the needs of growing populations and industries. Investments go toward building pipelines and improving structures.

Price Volatility: Changes in the energy market can make gas more or less affordable for consumers, which can hurt their budgets and the economy as a whole.

Circular Debt: Circular debt, which happens when customers and other stakeholders don’t pay what they owe, makes it hard for Sui Northern Gas to run its business and stay healthy financially.

Future Plans

SNGPL wants to make investments soon so it can meet the growing demand for natural gas. The company wants to improve its transmission and delivery network and look into ways to bring gas into the country from other places. Also, SNGPL is working hard to stop people from stealing gas and hooking up to the grid without permission.


SNGPL helps Pakistan’s economy because it gives gas to many homes and companies. This makes Pakistan less reliant on oil from other countries. Even though there are problems, SNGPL is still committed to meeting Pakistan’s growing demand for gas.

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