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Sui Gas Duplicate Bill and Types allows you to check your sui gas bill online. You can get a duplicate Sui gas bill here, whether you have a Sui Northern or Sui Southern gas connection. To retrieve your most recent bill, all you need is the Account ID, which you may enter here. You can then print or download a copy of your sngpl bill for payment or personal use. So, input your account number below to see your most recent bill:

All of the most recent Sui Gas bills are available online. Obtaining the current or prior sui gas bill is almost always necessary. For example, have you misplaced your bill and require a duplicate copy to make a payment, or are you away from home and need to know the amount of your account? To obtain a duplicate copy of your sui gas bill, all you need is an active internet connection, a mobile phone, or a computer where you may enter your customer number. So, here are the simple steps you can do to obtain your duplicate bill

Steps to get the Sui Gas duplicate bill

  • First and foremost, go to
  • Simple forms can be found here. Simply input your Consumer or Customer Number in the relevant company form and click the ‘Check Bill’ button.
  • Within a second, you will see your preferred bill and due date on the following screen.
  • If you need to print or download the entire bill, simply click ‘View Complete Bill’.
  • Here you will find ‘Print’ and ‘Download’ buttons, as well as a full bill view.

Sui Gas History: When was sui gas discovered in Pakistan?


Despite the fact that it is officially natural gas, the gas we use in our homes and businesses in Pakistan is known as sui gas. Why is it called Sui Gas? Sui is the most visible gas field for the corporation. It is located in the Balochistan town of Dera Bugti, approximately 650 kilometers (km) from Karachi. The Sui Gas Field, a key producing facility, has Pakistan’s largest gas compressor station and purifying system.

Sui Gas Bill (SNGPL Bill & SSGC Bill) Calculation Explained

  • The cubic meter of gas (M3) used is indicated by the black numerals on the needle gas meter. Subtract the prior reading from the current reading to get the units utilized in the last months. Monthly units = current reading minus previous reading. 05532-05419, for example, equals 113 cubic meters.
  • To get a monthly gas reading in cubic kilometers (Hm3), divide cubic meters by 100 cubic meters. 113/100, for example, equals 1.13 cubic meters.
  • The GCV is shown on the gas bill. To compute MMBTU, multiply this GCV by the number of units in Hm3 and divide by 281.7358. For example, right now (1.13 x 933) / 281.7358 = 3.7420 MMBtu.
  • The final step is to pay the gas bill. Divide the spent gas by MMBTU and multiply by the relevant tray speed.

SNGPL has established numerous payment panels for domestic clients’ bills. Other charges, like as meter rental, VAT, and so on, are also include in the final bill. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) are separate enterprises that supply natural gas to Pakistan.

Types of Sui Gas Duplicate Bill

Following are the different types of Sui gas bills:

  • Normal Sui Gas bill

The billing meter is issued based on the actual reading of the meter on which it is installed and is computed in compliance with the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) prices for all consumer categories. For commercial clients, a pressure factor is typically used to calculate the correct volume of gas used, whereas high temperature and pressure factors are typically used to calculate the correct volume of gas used for industrial/wholesale customers. The monthly SHBG tariff is communicated to OGRA in the case of domestic SHBG consumers, and all SHBG consumers are billed accordingly.

  • Estimated Bill

When actual meter readings cannot be record for any reason, consumers are given an estimate (temporary) bill. Among the factors are:

  • Index of dirty / misted glass.
  • The inner water meters.
  • Dust had accumulated on the meter.
  • The meter has been covered with shrubs.
  • Meters submerged in rainwater.
  • The meter is set higher than normal.
  • The Meter location is inaccessible.
  • Inside the building, the meter is turned off.
  • There were no premises discovered.
  • Minimum Sui Gas Bill

When consumption is zero, zero, or less than the specified utilization rate as stated by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all types of clients, a minimal invoice issue. Here are the minimum pay for some of the OGRA-reported categories. Meter rental and general sales tax (GST) include in these charges.

CategoryMinimum Charges (Rs. per month)


(a) Standalone Meters; (b) Mosques, Churches, Temples, Madrassas, Other Religious Places, and Hostels.Rs. 172.58
Government & Semi-Government Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Maternity Homes, Government Guest Houses, Armed Forces Messes, Langars, Universities, Colleges, Schools and Private Educational Institutions, Orphanages, and other Charitable Institutions, as well as Hostels and Residential Colonies, to which gas supply via bulk meters.Rs. 3,900.00


(All establishments registered with local authorities as commercial units or dealing in consumer items for direct commercial sale, such as cafes, bakeries, milk-shops, tea stalls, canteens, barbershops, laundries, hotels, malls, places of entertainment such as cinemas, clubs, theaters, and private offices, corporate firms, and so on.Rs. 6,415.00
Power Stations(WAPDA’s and KESC’s Power Stations)
(i) WAPDA’s & KESC’s Power Stations and other Electricity Utility companiesRs. 29,416.80
(ii) WAPDA’s Gas Turbine Power Station, Nishatabad, FaisalabadRs. 975,000  (Fixed Charges)
(iii) Liberty Power Limited’s Gas Turbine Power Plant (Phase 1) at DharkiRs. 44,972.79
Independent Power ProducersRs. 29,416.80
Captive PowerRs. 36,449.70
Commercial Special (Roti Tandoors)Rs. 148.50
Ice FactoriesRs. 6,415.00
General IndustryRs. 36,449.70
CNGRs. 45,803.10
CementRs. 45588.90
  • Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill

A bill sends if the meter is faulty or jam and cannot be repair or replace. Local customers’ bills are calculate by looking at how much gas they typically use in a season (summer or winter). However, for industrial and commercial clients, the price is based on their usage over the previous two months, and it may be greater than their typical amount under their gas contract.


Can I pay my Sui Gas bill through internet banking?

Yes, you can pay your bill conveniently online on the Sui gas website by entering into the mobile banking app or internet banking.

How to check Sui Gas bill?

Paying utility bills is as simple as dialing Allied Phone Banking. Simply dial our UAN number 111-225-225 at any time of day or night and leave the rest to our employees.

Is it possible to find the Sui Gas bill by name, address, or ID card number (NIC)?

No, it cannot be find by name or ID card number, but rather by reference number or customer ID.

How can I check whether my bill was paid or not?

Select the payments option and enter your reference number or customer ID after logging into the myABL mobile banking app or online banking. Scroll down to see your payment status on the following page.

Can I pay my Sui Gas bill through ATM?

Yes, you can pay your Sui Gas bill at any ATM Booth simply and securely at any time. Once you pay your bill, you will receive an auto-generate slip.

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