Stormfiber Bill 2022-Stormfiber Helpline Packages Complaint

Looking for how to pay Stormfiber Bill online? Yes, you are in right place. Here you can find detailed information about Stormfiber Bill, how to pay your bill, Stormfiber Helpline, Stormfiber Packages, and Stormfiber Complaint. StormFiber is Pakistan’s most efficient Fiber to The Home (FTTH) internet, television, and phone service provider, with a large and stable network that covers the country. Cybernet, a member of the Lakson Group of Companies and one of Pakistan’s first internet providers, supports us. Thousands of consumers benefit from our Fiber Optic Network’s high-speed internet, crystal-clear voice services, and high-definition television every day.


Stormfiber Bill

How To Pay StormFiber Bill?

After the first connection charges are high due to the installation fee, you must pay a monthly internet payment for the internet package. StormFiber Bill can be paid in a variety of ways. Retailers and bank counters accept cash payments. The following are the options for paying your StormFiber bill:

  • Online Payment MCB Bank
  • OMNI Bank HBL Bank
  • Askari Bank Faisal Bank

Steps To Pay Stormfiber Bill Online

You may pay your StormFiber bill online by going to this official site. We’ve outlined each procedure for paying bills online with Mastercard and Visa:

  1. Go to
  2. You must now sign in to your account.
  3. Enter your user’s name and registration phone number.
  4. Now, enter your password.
  5. Sign in by clicking the Sign in button.
  6. Choose “Pay by Card” as your payment method.
  7. Then go to the “Make Payment” page.
  8. Enter your basic bank card information.
  9. Select the “Pay” button.
  10. Done! Your bill has been paid.
  11. Note: Both debit and credit cards can be used to pay bills online.

Stormfiber Bill Payment in Banks

To pay your StormFiber Bill physically, go to your local OMNI, HBL, MCB, Faisal Bank, or Askari branch. It is the next stage in the bank bill payment process. We recommend that visitors pay their bills at bank locations for security reasons.
JazzCash & EasyPaisa Payment:
It is critical to note that StormFiber has not yet officially provided payment via JazzCash or EasyPaisa. However, in the future months, they will improve the payment method for these services for the convenience of consumers, following recent developments.

Why You Should Use StormFiber

  • StormFiber’s service quality distinguishes it from other internet and television service providers.
  • We at StormFiber understand that consumers want on-demand entertainment.
  • Other suppliers of internet and television services rely on unstable copper-based equipment.
  • We’ve put money into developing a fiber-based network that provides you with dependable, quick, inexpensive, and easy services.

StormFiber Helpline Numbers

Users can register their

(021) 111-1-STORM (78676)


(055) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(042) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(041)-111-1-STORM (78676)

(091) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(061) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(022) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(081) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(052) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(051)-111-1-STORM (78676)

(040) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(062) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(048) 111-1-STORM (78676)

(051)-111-1-STORM (78676)


What is Fiber Optic?
Fiber optics is the most reliable telecommunications infrastructure. Fiber is a glass-based media that overtop traditional wireless and copper-based wired technologies.

What distinguishes StormFiber from other internet service providers?
StormFiber’s fiber-optic base allows internet signals to be delivered to your house. You get constant speeds that are more honest than standard broadband with our Fiber to the Home service. Other ISPs cover the last mile to your house via copper, an unreliable medium. Fiber optic connections installed by Storm Fiber provide increased data security, dependable connectivity, and consistent speeds.

How do I get in touch with StormFiber for assistance?
You may contact us by email at or by phone at 111-1-STORM (78676).

Is it possible to have all of my services on a single device?
We have two tools to share with you, connected to the internet via cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology. However, one tool will give internet access, while the other will allow access to internet, television, and phone services.

Why is my home’s internal Wi-Fi coverage so poor?
The signals from our triple play Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device may not be spread to specific portions of your home, resulting in WI-FI signal coverage in your home. ONT sensor have limited transmission power, and barriers like concrete walls, pillars, and RCC floors can cause the signal to weaken quickly.

Is it possible to use my modem, router, or another device?
StormFiber’s own smart GPON modem powers your internet service. Despite citywide power outages, you stay connected.

What does “Fair Usage Policy (FUP)” mean?
Currently, StormFiber offers Consumer Internet bandwidth with no volume or download limits. However, FUP (Fair Usage Policy) is

apply following Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) norms and rules.

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