You are currently viewing SSGC Online Bill 2022-Check & Download Duplicate Bill

SSGC Online Bill 2022-Check & Download Duplicate Bill

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for SSGC Online Bill on the internet. By entering your 10-digit consumer number, you can verify your Sui Southern Gas Company bill or SSGC duplicate bill for April 2022. You can use this website to check your bill and download and print your SSGC Bill. Sui Southern Gas is a gas distributor that was the first in Pakistan to implement the most up-to-date online duplicate bill technology. In Addition to Print SSGC Online Bill, you can also download other electricity and gas bills from this website too.

How to Check  SSGC Online Bill?

  • Locate 10 digits consumer number of your SSGC bill
  • Enter the consumer number in the text field below and click the button once you’ve found it.
  • You’ll find a brief explanation of your SSGCL online bill on the next page.\To see the entire gas bill, press the button.
  • Make a copy of the SSGC bill on another page and pay the bill at any bank or online retailer like Jazz Cash.

Check your bill here.

How to find my SSGC Consumer Number?

Finding a 10-digit consumer number is a hard task while browsing bills on the internet. The SSGC customer number is a one-of-a-kind number that SSGCL provides to each customer during the Sui Gas line installation. You can easily find your consumer I.D from your monthly gas bill. If you are still unable to find your consumer I.D take a look at the following image:

SSGC Online Bill

SSGC Online Bill Payment?

There are several methods for paying SSGC bills online. These methods for online payment of your bills are easy to follow. SSGC accepts payments in Karachi, Nawab shah, Hyderabad, Quetta, Ochka, and other cities in Pakistan. There are the following methods to pay your online bill. You can use these methods to pay bills from all over Pakistan. There are the following Sui Southern Gas Online Bill Payment methods,

  • Mobile banking
  • Contact bank call centers
  • Retail Stores.
  • Bank ATMs
  • Mobile applications
  • Jazz Cash, Easy Pay, and other similar services are available. Billing services are available at almost every bank.

SSGC Duplicate Bill Online

The Sui Southern Gas Bill is now available online, enhancing SSGC’s services to delight its customers. Sui Gas users may quickly check their Sui Southern Gas bill online 2022. Bills from the SSGC can go missing for a variety of reasons. Sometimes It is possible that the courier will not receive it or that it can be misplaced. What happens if you don’t have the proper documentation to pay your Sui Gas bill in Hyderabad, Karachi, or Larkana? SSGC allows its users to get bills online for free in this scenario. After reading this article you will be able to find all the Gas Bill Details.

About SSGC

SSGC, as its name indicates, is Pakistan’s only gas distributor in Sindh and Baluchistan. Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is one of Pakistan’s world’s largest gas companies and a Large Listed Corporation (LSC). The Pakistani government has a controlling share in the company, whether directly or indirectly. The firm also delivers and distributes natural gas and establishes high and low-pressure transmission lines.
SSGS also distributes pamphlets containing gas bills.
Sui Southern Gas Company is a company based in Karachi. It is also known as Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited in Pakistan.
The Karachi gas supply company, on the other hand, was founded in 1955 and was divided into three specialized companies in March 1989. Karachi Gas Company Ltd., Indus Gas Company Ltd., and Sui Gas Transport Company Ltd. are the three firms.
More than 3,614 km of high-pressure pipelines with a diameter of 42 to 42 inches run across Baluchistan and Sindh provinces as part of the SSGCL transport system. The company’s regional offices oversee distribution in 1,200 cities across Sindh and Baluchistan. During the 2015-16 fiscal year, a distribution network of over 44,761 kilometers sold roughly 38,384,979 million cubic feet of gas to 2.8 million industrial, commercial, and residential consumers in these regions. The company also owns and manages the country’s only gas meter plant, producing 356,000 meters per shift annually.

SSGC’S Board of Directors

An 11-member independent board of directors administers the company. The Government of Pakistan appoints the General Manager, who hands authority to the Board of Directors to run the company’s business efficiently.

SSGC is a Leading Gas Company

In addition, SSGC is Pakistan’s largest integrated gas company. This company manages, supplies, and distributes natural gas to the nation’s southern areas. The cities in Sindh and Baluchistan make up the southern regions, which extend from Baluchistan to Sindh’s Karachi. The company is also listed on Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi stock exchanges. It was then integrated with the three cities on the Pakistan Stock Exchange on January 11, 2016.

SSGC New Connection

For new SSGC connections, SSGC offered an online application. Click the link for a detailed description of the SSGC New Connection method.

SSGC Helpline

Here are some of the contacts for the SSGC Sui Gas helpline.

Location Phone No.
Central Emergency Center 99021167
HelpLine 1199
Gulshan Zone 99025637
Nazimabad Zone 99260167


Is it possible to check Sui Gas Bill Online?

Yes, Now it is possible to check your Sui Gas Bill online. You can also check your Gas bill details online.

Is SSGC’s online payment secure?
Yes, the billing system at SGC is secure and dependable. You don’t need to have any cash on hand. Use an ATM, a mobile phone, or an internet banking system to make transactions. You will also get a receipt after an online transaction, validating the payment.

What is the billing cycle of SSGC?
According to OGRA instructions, the SSGC provided billing to consumers on a 30-day basis.

What is the billing basis of SSGC?
Users can calculate the cost by using the OGRA tariff and meter rent and any applicable taxes such as WHT and GST.

What are the minimum charges?

When the volume is less than the stated volume in either month, the customer is charged a minimum charge.

What is the Pressure Correction Factor(PCT)?

The (PCF) Pressure Correction Factors are utilized to convert gas volumes to standard volumes.

Is it possible to check SSGC Online Bill from Lahore?

Yes, you can download Your SSGC duplicate bill from Lahore or any city in Pakistan using this website.

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