Now we are going to talk about Social media Marketing; the most famous social media platforms are Youtube. There are about 2.45 billion people who are using youtube. We can create a YouTube channel. We can make different kinds of videos on our youtube channel to get the attention of the audience. The other platforms are Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. For success in social media marketing, we have to make people happy by our words or through our content. We have to make a good relationship with our customers through our communication skills. Your communication skills must be Good. We have to say things to our target audience which are meaningful and not boring to make them happy. We have to build the trust of our audience just like the offline world. Our success depends on our ability to find the audience and make them happy through our communication skills so that they will share our brand  with their family and always recommend our product to their friends.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook alone has about 2.45  users. Now a days everyone is using social media for their enjoyment and also to get information about different aspects of life. we  find each and everything on social media now a days. But social media marketing is not all about selling and promoting. We should make a good connection with our audiences to build a long lasting relations. To become a successful social media marketer , we should engage with our social media audiences. Beside selling and promoting , you can simply try to ask your followers about their needs and their problems. It will also helpful for you to build trust and show your audience that how much you care about them. Use facebook groups to share your thoughts and talk about life. We must serve the customer before asking them to invest with you.

Social media

Major steps in social media marketing are

  1. Strategy
  2. Planning and publishing
  3. Listening and engagement

Your strategy is to determine your goal. What you really want to do on social media. Whether you want to build your own bussiness or you want to promote your product. If you want to launch any new product then it is perfect launchpad to create am excitement in your audiences.

If you want to start any bussiness firstly you should have to plan for this and then start it. Without any plannings You will not get success in your bussiness. After this you should decide on which website you want to post your writings or your videos. Also you have to decide your post timing.

You have to listen to your costumer and their problems. Then engage with you audience for long lasting relation.


The use of social media marketing is on top because it helps the marketer in appealing to broad audience at once. You should have to develop a simple and interesting messages and content that a single individual can easily  share with their friends and family.Its a major strategy of a successful brand promoter.

Some important skills for social media marketers are excellent communication, their way of talking, their behaviour, their creativity level, their project management etc.  Its all about your ability of building your relations with audience that is very important. Your creativity level must be high to get the attention of peoples. You must have to know your targeted audience’s interests. The conclusion of the discussion is that in upcoming days social media marketing will be the biggest revolution in the field of marketing.

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