Now applying for the SNGPL new connection online is not a big deal at all. The SNGPL has made it possible for applicants to apply for a new residential gas connection by visiting the website at the following link.

You no longer need to go to the SNGPL office to request gas delivery to your house. Simply click the above link, fill out the needed information, and submit your application online. After you’ve double-checked your information, you may print a receipt and share it using the same link. Please keep in mind that in order to make an order for a gas connection, you must be a current customer of the SNGPL gas distribution network and that all information provided must be complete and accurate. Your application may be refused or terminated if any information is missing or contradictory to the facts

Types of SNGPL New Connection

SNGPL connections are of various types. There is the list of SNGPL’s connection

  • Domestic Connection
  • Special Domestic Connection
  • Commercial Connection
  • Commercial General
  • Special Commercial (Standalone Tandoor)
  • Industrial Connection
  • RLNG Based Domestic Gas Connection For Housing Societies
  • Extension of Gas Mains
  • Advance Payment Plan


The Domestic Connection Procedure

Applicant must Wait for the merits (issuance of IT program) after submitting his application. After releasing the IT package SNGPL staff will perform a site assessment. The consumer will get a notice of non-feasibility If the Company considers the site to be non-feasible; otherwise, the customer will receive a demand notice.

After that, the candidate will sign a contract. The applicant will deposit the security and service fees into a bank account. In a computer system, the start of a service agreement (SA). After meeting the merit criteria user will get his new connection.

A flow chart is also given below in addition to the procedure for your convenience.

Flow chart for SNGPL Domestic Connection

Flow chart for SNGPL domestic connection


Application for SNGPL New Domestic Gas Connection

Please keep the following points in mind when submitting your application for a new domestic gas connection:

  • Domestic candidates have the option of submitting their applications through the website.
  • Users can only apply for properties that are connected to SNGPL’s gas network. Otherwise, your application may be canceled/rejected during or before the survey.
  • Kindly provide your complete and precise address. Please indicate the nearby landmark if the address is not specified.
  • Provide your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number as well as your cell phone number.
  • Please scan or photograph any essential property paperwork. Please create a PDF of all pages if your property documents are more than one page long and submit it.
  • The company can reject or terminate your application if you provide incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate information.

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