You are currently viewing SEPCO Online Bill of November 2022– Check & Download Duplicate Bill

SEPCO Online Bill of November 2022– Check & Download Duplicate Bill

Check and Print your SEPCO Online Bill of November 2022 and pay it online from here. You can check your Bill for free. Here you can see the amount of your SEPCO Wapda bill and the due date right here. You may also see the full account, printed, or save the picture of the bill. Sukkur Electric Power Company Pakistan (SEPCO Pakistan) is a Pakistani utility company that supplies electricity in the region around Sukkur. It was formerly part of the WAPDA organization but has been unbundled and privatized. SEPCO is monitored by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and generates, transmits, and distributes electricity.

It serves an area of 9125 square kilometers with a population of 4.49 million. The company has a workforce of 5461 employees.

SEPCO Online Bill of November 2022

SEPCO Duplicate bill is now very easy to download. You can get your SEPCO Online Bill by entering your 14 digits reference number. To find your SEPCO bill enter the reference number below.

SEPCO Online Bill

How to Check Your SEPCO Online Bill of November

To check your SEPCO bill online, follow the steps below

  • To begin, click the button to the right.
  • The button will direct you to a webpage where you can print a duplicate copy of your SEPCO bill.
  • Put your 14-digit reference number in the box on this page. It’s important to note that you must type the reference number in whole without gaps. Because certain Reference Numbers have been altered, you must input your most recent Reference Number (the Reference Number on your most recent/newest SEPCO Electricity Bill).
  • Submit the form.

SEPCO Online Bill 2022 – Enter SEPCO Reference Number

 To check, download, and print your SEPCO duplicate bill, click on the given button.

Reference # is required.

How you can print your SEPCO Online Bill

  • To print your SEPCO September Bill Online, complete the instructions below:
  • To begin, click the button to the right.
  • The button will direct you to a webpage where you can print a duplicate copy of your SEPCO bill.
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number on this page. It’s important to note that you must type the Reference Number without spaces. Because certain Reference Numbers have been updated, you must input your most recent Reference Number (the Reference Number on your most recent SEPCO Electricity Bill).
  • In Internet Explorer, go to the File menu and select Page Setup.
  • Then, under “Header” and “Footer,” erase all the values.
  • Then choose a paper size that relates to the size of the SEPCO electricity bill you want to print.
  •  After that, choose Alignment. When printing bills, “Portrait” is usually preferred.
  • Select “Ok” 
  • From the File menu, select “Print.”
  • Select a suitable printer.
  • Finally, select “Print.”
  • A copy of your SEPCO Electricity Bill will be printed.

SEPCO Online Bill Calculator

For your convenience, we bring to you the SEPCO Bill Calculator.  Using this calculator you can easily estimate your monthly bill.  People who can’t do math or don’t know how to calculate the bill will appreciate SEPCO’s electricity bill calculator. They have to enter the necessary data, after which the calculator will calculate the bill. It takes very little work and saves a lot of time. Click the button below to calculate your SEPCO Bill of September.

SEPCO New Connection

Now you can easily apply for SEPCO New Connection online. It’s a massive facility. If you want to apply for a connection online, you must specify whether you want a residential or commercial connection. If you want to employ offline methods, you can do so. To apply for sepco new connection click the button below.

SEPCO Management Information System

You may go to the SEPCO Management information system by going to their official website, heading to the home page, selecting Staff, and then selecting Staff.


The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of SEPCO Company’s message clearly explains the company’s vision and objective.

He clearly states in this message that, despite all of the environmental and social problems, they are working hard to build SEPCO’s foundation on strong core values. And he expects the same from its customers when it comes to the timely payment of Electricity Bills and co-operating with them to maintain a healthy business relationship. SEPCO also offers people the chance to work in their power plant and create a career with them.

SEPCO Customer Services

Customer service at SEPCO is the process of supporting and helping customers as they know about, use, change, and solve a product or service. They are also methods that assist teams in providing excellent customer service. Customer service aims to promote long-term connections with clients.

SEPCO has introduced new methods for meeting consumer demands. Online Complaints, Smart meters, New Connection, Online Duplicate Bill, Power Saving Tips, Electricity Online Bill, and Theft Reporting are all available through SEPCO. SEPCO’s first aim is to give all of its customers the services they require.

To Download Your SEPCO online Bill of September 2022 follow the above mentioned descriptions.

Aims of SEPCO

SEPCO’s main goal is to increase Pakistan’s income by offering energy and other high-quality services to its consumers.

Its main goal is to supply power to the citizens of the country.

What districts are serviced by SEPCO?

  • Ghotki
  • Khairpur
  • Rahimyar Khan
  • Jacobabad
  • Shikarpur
  • Larkana Kamber
  • Shahdadkot Dadu
  • Jamshoro
  • Shaheed Benazir Abad

SEPCO Complaint

You can register your SEPCO complaint on the following helpline numbers or you can click the link for further details.

SEPCO head Quarter: Head Office Thermal Power Station Old Sukkur

Telephone: 071-9310795, 071-5621633

Fax: 071-5621633 / 071-9310797

What is FPA in SEPCO

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. Even the FPA price in SEPCO‘s monthly payment is decided by the gas prices of leased power companies that produce electricity from oil. Whenever there is a fuel expense to be paid, that number will show on your monthly bill.

Tips to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill Sukkur Electric Power Company

It is one of Pakistan’s leading electric suppliers. It has branches throughout the country and provides electricity to several homes and businesses in Pakistan, along with providing its customers with competitive pricing, reliable service, and good customer care.

Savings on your monthly electricity bill can make a huge difference in your overall budget. You need to find ways to save money when you are living within your means. The Sukker electric power company (SEPCO) offers customers many ways to save money on their monthly bills by offering discounts or incentives for saving energy.Here are some tips from the SEPCO

The easier way to reduce your monthly electric bill is by using fewer electrical appliances while they are turn off at least once a week. Turning off these devices specifically offers great savings because other than turning them back on again if there is a problem with them using more electricity would require an engineer to help you fix that particular appliance. Using heavy-duty appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines tend to use more energy than normal household appliances


Q: Can I check the SEPCO Online Bill of November by mobile number or CNIC?

No, you just check it by the reference number that has been placed in your bill.

Q: What is the process for changing the name on my SEPCO Wapda bill?

You can make an application for a change in the title by going to the nearest office. The process for changing the title is the same as for creating a new connection.

How do I apply for invoice correction?

If you think that your bill amount is incorrect, visit your local SEPCO office and explain your problem.

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