SEPCO Bill Calculator 2022-Enter units to check your bill

If you live in the Sukhar region and are worried about your electric bill price. We provide the method to calculate the bill price, the SEPCO Bill Calculator.
The Online Sepco billing calculator is the best tool to estimate your bills. To find your electric bills, you must know about your used units. SEPCO bill estimator provides accurate prices of upcoming bills. This is an online process, and you can find your bill free of cost.

SEPCO Bill Calculator

You can find the Sepco bill with the manual method. Before trying to find the bill price, you must know about the Per unit price of the current time, year, and all the governmental charges like

  • General Sales Tax (GST)
  • Electric duty
  • NJ Surcharge
  • Television fee
  • FPA

The above taxes must be paid by every Pakistani who uses electricity. All taxes vary depending on the type of connection.



How to use the SEPCO Bill Calculator 2022

To verify the bill’s pricing, click the above button, which will take you to a page where you may choose your company name, such as SEPCO. With the completion of the company name, you will be asked to enter the unit’s details, such as. After that, you’ll get the estimated bills from the peak and off-peak hours. You can also print your SEPCO Online Bill for free

You must follow the steps given below to calculate your SEPCO bill online:

  • To continue, click the above button.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose SEPCO.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Now, from the Drop-Down Menu, select your connection type.
  • Then, from the Drop-Down Menu, select your phase.
  • Next, enter the number of units you’ve consumed for which you’d like to estimate your electric bill.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the number of TV sets you want.
  • Now, click or uncheck the ED exempt box, depending on whether you want your bill to be exempt from ED.
  • Similarly, select or uncheck the GST exempt checkbox depending on whether you want your bill to be GST exempt.
  • Enter the meter rental amount
  • After that, fill in the Service Rent.
  • To compute your SEPCO bill, click “Submit.”
  • Alternatively, select “Reset” to restore the default settings to all fields.
  • Alternatively, click “Back” to return to the previous page.

What are SEPCO FPA bills?

The Sepco FPA is the Fuel Price Adjustment, not always included. Sukhar Electric Company includes electric bills when Nepra issues orders to power companies. Include high rates if the price is high. As a result, we may state that it is dependent on the current fuel price. The table below shows the Sepco unit tariffs for electricity in 2021.

SEPCO Unit Price 2022

Every electricity company charges the same price. It is under the supervision of Nepra, which sets the electricity pricing for the year.

SEPCO Per Unit Price 2022 Sheet

UnitsPrice in Rupees
Above 70022.65

Benefits of SEPCO Bill Calculator

People who can’t do math or don’t know how to calculate the bill will appreciate SEPCO’s electricity bill calculator. They have to enter the necessary data, after which the calculator will calculate the bill. It takes very little work and saves a lot of time

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