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QESCO Online Bill Payment Methods 2022

Quetta electric supply company is the full name of QESCO. The residents of Quetta have access to power as a result of this. The consumer receives the energy bill for each unit that they consumed at the end of the month. If you are unable to get your bill, you can print QESCO Online Bill from our website. The users can now check and download QESCO duplicate bills from our website. Furthermore, you can also check the best ways for QESCO Online Bill Payment.

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QESCO Online Bill Payment

People used to go to the Pakistan post office or a government bank like the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). In several Baluchistan cities, there is just one national bank and one Pakistan post office. When consumers go to submit bills at the end of the month, they encounter a lot of problems since there are so many people around. Especially, in old age people face many issues. They have to wait for their number for 2 to 3 hours. People’s issues were monitored by Quetta Electric Company, which then introduced a new technique for online bill payment. This service is also accessible if you wish to submit your bill to the bank. However, life has become far too busy. No one has time to go to the bank to pay their power payment. The users can check QESCO’s payment history.

Some Convenient Ways to Pay your QESCO Bills Online

QESCO Bill Payment

1. Jazz Cash App for Online Bill Payment:
To pay your QESCO Electricity bill online using the Jazz Cash App, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Start the app.
  • Choose Pay Bills from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, choose your bill type.
  • After that, pick a company.
  • Please enter your Reference Number here.
  • You may now check the status of your transaction.
  • Finally, you must confirm your MPIN.

2. Jazz Cash Retailer for Online Bill Payment:
To pay your QESCO Electricity bill online using the Jazz Cash Retailer, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Bring your Utility Bill and the Due Cash Amount to Jazz Cash Retailer.
  • Request that the individual use the Jazz Cash Utility Account Payment Service to pay your bill.
  • Please provide them with your cell phone number so that they may send you a confirmation message.
  • The shop will stamp your bill after it has been paid.

How to Pay QESCO Bill Online?

  • You should double-check the power costs on your paper electricity statement before going to pay your QESCO bill online.
  • Go to QESCO’s Web Billing Page to do so.
  • After that, in the ‘Search for Your Electricity Bill’ box, insert the bill’s reference number. It’s worth noting that each user is given a unique reference number, which appears on each statement.
  • The current month’s WAPDA bill would be displayed. The power bill for the previous month would display if QESCO has not yet published bills for the next month.
  • You may now check the costs on the paper statement with the QESCO online bill to see if they are the same.

You should be aware that paying power bills via a bank’s website/app, EasyPaisa, or JazzCash apps is essentially the same. The steps are as follows:
1) Log in to your account after opening the app.
2) Click on the ‘Bill Payments’ or ‘Pay Bills.’
3) Choose Electricity as your payment method.
4) Select QESCO as billing company.
5) Enter the customer’s ID or phone number (written on your bill).
6) Check your bill for accuracy.
7) Select ‘Next.’
8) An OTP would be provided to you by the bank. Once you’ve given it to them. Select ‘Pay.’

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