You are currently viewing QESCO Online Bill of November 2022 – Check & Download Bill

QESCO Online Bill of November 2022 – Check & Download Bill

QESCO You can check your QESCO Online Bill of November 2022(Bijli bill) without paying a single penny. All thanks to our QESCO online service that enables consumers to access their billing information. Just drop down your reference number on our site, and it’s there for you. In place of the original paper bill, you will have your duplicate QESCO November bill  in less than no time. This article will show you how to get a QESCO September bill online.

The Qesco online bill is a simple and secure way to pay your gas, water, and electricity bills. You can also view your bills online and make payments at any time.

How to Find 14 Digit Reference number

To check your QESCO online Bill, get your reference number on your account. It will be a 14-digit number written in a box at the top corner of the bill.

QESCO Online Bill

How to check your QESCO Online Bill of November 2022

Each month, you may now examine your QESCO bill online. Check e-bill is an entirely free service that allows you to view your QESCO bill online.
You may view your most current bill and the entire bill in the sections below, including any due charges. This bill may be downloaded or printed, and paid from our website. Just enter your 14-digit reference number below.

Reference #

Reference # is required.

How to Pay QESCO Online Bill?

You can pay using a hard copy of the bill, and if you didn’t receive your document, you can print a duplicate invoice using the above procedure and then pay QESCO at your nearest commercial bank branch, post office, or most Easy Paisa shops.


The main website of QESCO offers great invoice SMS support. Sign up for a monthly bill by providing your SMS and reference number, and you will get your invoice through SMS monthly ahead of the scheduled date. If you’re looking for invoice SMS, we recommend visiting the QESCO official website.

QESCO Bill Details

On our website, you can immediately check the bill number and date and then examine the entire invoice to see the meter reading date, invoice issuance date, the amount due after the due date, any additional fees, etc. If you want to see whether your bill has been paid or not, look at the history of the previous month’s bills. For this purpose, you may examine the entire bill and check with the bill payment history, where you can get a listing of the previous 12 months and decide on the paid sums.
Check the status of the previous month’s invoices to discover if your invoice has been paid or not. You may do this by opening the complete invoice and consulting the bill payment history, listing the preceding 12 months and the amounts paid.

QESCO New Connection

For the sake of its consumers, QESCO has now introduced an online method to apply for QESCO New Connection. Like the way they introduced the method to Download your QESCO bill of September 2022. Now the people don’t have to visit the Head Office or wait in long lines to apply for a new connection. They can easily apply for a new connection online by using their mobile phone or laptops. If you are looking to apply for QESCO’s new connection click the button below

History Of QESCO

QESCO stands for Quetta Electric Supply Company, and it is in charge of delivering electricity to Quetta and the rest of Baluchistan, except for the administrative district of Labella. It is undoubtedly the largest electric power provider globally, covering 43 percent of its general geographical area. However, it is unlikely to be the most popular among customers. Qesco is a leading energy company in Ireland, supplying gas, water, electricity, and renewable energy to over 500,000 households.

After changing WAPDA’S law in 1981, the firm began servicing the country. With 2100 MW peak demand, QESCO serves around 0.6 million people. Its goal is to grow and offer clients the service they deserve.

QESCO Complaints

You can quickly get the necessary information about QESCO ComplaintS, helpline, phone number; you can quickly get it from the post QESCO Complaint
Head Office Address: Block 1 Satellite Town, Quetta, Balochistan
Phone No: 011 44 1992 632222
Web address:

Sections for Complaints and Contact

Finally, the bill includes a section related to service providers’ and relevant authorities’ contact information. You can call the authorities listed below if there are any billing mistakes, power outages, or power theft.

QESCO complaint section

QESCO Consumers

This organization’s national division has a large number of customers. Most of QESCO’s customers are residents of Quetta and the surrounding areas.

QESCO’s mission

QESCO is an online bill service that allows users to pay their bills from any device. The service has been designed to be as simple and easy as possible. QESCO is a company that provides a bill-paying service for consumers.

The company’s goal is to help users manage their finances by making it easier for them to pay their bills and keep track of them at the same time.

QESCO offers a wide range of payment methods, which include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and more. In addition, the company offers an app that can be downloaded on any device which makes it even easier for people to manage their finances since they can do so from anywhere they want.

The primary purpose of QESCO is to increase Pakistan’s revenues by providing power and other high-quality services to its consumers.
Its main goal is to supply power to the citizens of the country.

FPA In QESCO Online Bill

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. Even the FPA price tag on QESCO’s monthly payment is set by the gas prices of lease power companies that produce electricity from oil. Whenever there is a fuel expense to be paid, that figure will show on your monthly bill.

T.R Surcharge

T.R stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. This is NEPRA and the GOP tariff gap. If the gap is favorable, GOP can pay a “subsidy.” However, owing to the “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR),” the Distribution Business will cover GOP in the case of an adverse gap.


Can I check my QESCO Online Bill of November?

Yes, you can easily check your QESCO Online Bill from this website.

Can I evaluate the QESCO invoice by mobile number or CNIC?

No, you may use the reference number to test it.

What’s Helpline for QESCO?

You can reach the QESCO help desk at the following number: 011 44 1992 632222

Is it possible for me to cover my QESCO Online Bill?

Your current bill isn’t suitable for payments, but if you have the due amount (arrears) on your invoice, you can make payments for that amount, but you’ll have to pay interest at current bank rates.

How can I submit a request for bill correction?

If you think your bill amount is incorrect, please visit your local QESCO office and explain your problem.

Where can a consumer deposit QESCO Online Bill?

The consumer can deposit its QESCO Online Bill of September 2022 from bank’s official websites and Bank apps. The consumer can also pay your bill through Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa.

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