QESCO has now simplified and made everything more accessible to its consumers. Consumers no longer need to go to the customer service center or the main office to receive a duplicate copy of their bills, get application forms, submit application forms, apply for a QESCO new connection, register complaints, and check the progress of their complaints, or check their complaint history.
They can now do everything online, including paying their QESCO bills. Consumers can also quickly apply for a new connection over the internet.


QESCO New Connection

Consumers have two options for applying for a new connection online. They can either print the application forms from the internet or visit the customer care center to submit them. They may complete the entire process online, including filling out and submitting application forms. These methods are far less time-consuming than the previous procedure, which needed at least two visits to the customer care center, one to obtain the application form and the other to submit the completed application form.

QESCO New Connection

QESCO provides dependable services to its customers to reduce their efforts in their busy daily schedules. People can use their online services instead of going to a QESCO facility for basic tasks and waiting for hours. As a result, QESCO has created a mobile system that allows you to send soft copies of necessary documents for new connections.
To apply for QESCO’s new connection, go to the nearest office and fill out an application. The second alternative is to download and fill out the online form, which you can submit online. For ordinary consumers of Domestic and Commercial Tariffs, QESCO made this process very simple. In addition to English, the form is now available in Urdu.



Methods to Apply for New Connection

There are two ways to apply for a new QESCO connection. Both procedures are simple, but they are not the same. Download the application form from the website and submit it to the customer service center; this may take two trips. You may have to wait for hours; alternatively, you may complete the entire process online, downloading and submitting the form.
Both ways are more straightforward, and you may choose which you want. You may submit your form in two ways if you have an online connection:

1. Visit QESCO’s official site:

As previously stated, the QESCO portal system provides all services to consumers, including the ability to apply for a new connection. To use this option, go to their official website and follow the steps to set up a new connection.

  • Visit the official QESCO website.
  • From the menu bar, select “Downloads.”
  • Choose “new connection form” from the drop-down menu.
  • A new window will appear. You may save this form to your computer or smartphone.
  • Select a coverage area.
  • Choose your area’s corporate name.
  • While filling out the form, every piece of information must be accurate and original.
  • Must provide a working phone number.
  • As needed, attach your required neighbor’s details.
  • Attach a copy of the applicant’s and witness’s CNICs.
  • Copy your neighbor’s power bill and paste it here.
  • Accept the terms and conditions as written.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button.

You may also check your QESCO online bill and all of your QESCO payment records for a month or year using their online services. Furthermore, if you have any questions while applying online for a QESCO connection, please call QESCO’s contact lines or hotline. Without hesitation, they will help you.

2. Visit ENC’s official website:

Visit the official site of ENC, which is linked to the Pakistani government, at http://enc.com.pk/. This website supports QESCO’s new online connection and other new connection providers such as MEPCO, IESCO, LESCO, PESCO, and others. To apply for a new connection, follow these steps:

  • Visit the ENC’s official website.
  • From the left menu, select New Connection.
  • In front of you, an online form will display.
  • Fill out all essential fields, such as the applicant’s name, address, and connection type.
  • It’s critical to get a demand notice for an online new connection application.
  • A copy of your neighbor’s e-bill must be attached.
  • All essential documents should be original ones that have been scanned.
  • Every piece of information should be accurate.
  • It has been informed that the corporation has complete Authority to approve or reject your application, so ensure that all of your papers are original.
  • Submit your application online once you’ve completed the form.

Domestic Single-Phase Connection:

To make domestic customers’ lives easier, the Authority made the following decisions:
For single-phase meters, new residential connection rates of Rs. 3000/- (Rupees three thousand only) would be divided into two parts: – Rs. 300/- (Rupees 300 only) must be recovered at connection time.
In subsequent bills, the remaining amount of Rs. 2700/- (Rupees two thousand seven hundred only) would be recovered in nine equal installments of Rs. 300/- (Rupees three hundred only).
Consumers who opt-in and submit a formal request for the service will be provided with it.

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