PTCL New Connection 2022- Apply for PTCL Landline Connection

You can also apply online for a new PTCL connection in addition to checking your PTCL Duplicate Bill. The application form and other data are provided on this website, and after reading this post, you will be able to obtain a new PTCL connection. We also provide fresh PTCL landline connection options on this website that are beneficial to you. PTCL is the company with the most copper infrastructure. PTCL provides telecom services in every city, whether a ruler of a city. Millions of people utilize PTCL landlines, and the network has over 6 million PSTN lines placed across Pakistan, with over 3 million of them operational. Furthermore, around 1.4 million broadband ports are deployed across the country’s cities and towns.

Lowest international call prices, designer telephone sets, Unlimited freedom Package, international packages, Mobile Bucket Package, PTCL Double up Unlimited Package, 5 Reasons to Have a Landline, Super Sunday are just a few of the unique features that come with a PTCL landline connection. These packages are available, and a unique feature provides the greatest affordable services at low costs.

How to apply for PTCL New Connection

The following documents must be included in your application. Then you can apply for a new connection.

  • Authenticate a copy of your CNIC.
  • Attested copy of the company’s registration or incorporation certificate.
  • At least two references.
  •  The specific type of PTCL Connection you applying for.
  • It’s also necessary to provide your permanent address.
  • Please enter your registration number (if you have then provided it, as it is optional).
  • Your national tax identification number (if you want to give it, it is also not compulsory).

Using the PTCL website to order a PTCL Landline connection

Go to to order a PTCL Landline connection. Customers who wanted to get a new connection first had to pay the installation fees. The installation of new connection will start after the payment.

PTCL’s new connection fees are as follows: Rs. 5000/- for a new connection Rs. 3500/- for copper to GPON
Installation fees for a new internet connection (over an existing phone line): Rs.2,499/- (tax included).

Installing a new Double Play (Telephone+Internet) or Triple Play (Telephone + Internet + Smart TV) costs Rs.5,000/- plus tax.

Installation Fees for GPON

You have to pay fees for the installation of a new connection for the new Fiber to the Home (GPON) in advance. In some regions, GPON is accessible for Rs.15,000/-. For further information, call the helpdesk.
The aforementioned bundles are also available for DSL/VDSL in a few additional recently redesigned exchanges.
The cost of converting an existing copper connection to GPON is Rs.7,500/-.
Refer to this to determine how much it costs to set up a phone line and an internet connection.
If you wish to acquire a new PTCL landline connection or subscribe to a landline connection, you may go to a PTCL branch near you and fill out an application form, or you can call 0800-8-0800 and follow the voice instructions to get a new PTCL landline connection. PTCL came up with an enticing discount offer for new customers to grow its landline connections. All you have to do is call the number provided to apply for a new landline connection.`

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