Some residential customers with excessive electricity use will now pay Rs. 41.21 per unit of electricity due to an increase in the base power tariff. According to information that the government provided to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, the cost of energy per unit is now, but Power Tariff Hike to Increase in Electricity Rates Up to Rs. 41.21 Per Unit following the increase in the base price (NEPRA).


For some residential customers with excessive electricity use, the federal government sought a hike in the base power rate of up to Rs. 13 per unit, bringing the cost per unit to Rs. 41.21 (35.22 per unit + 5.9874 GST).

According to the statistics, there won’t be any changes for lifeline customers who use up to 50 units per month and 100 units per month, respectively; their rates will stay at Rs. 3.95 per unit and Rs. 7.74 per unit. Similar to this, the price would stay at Rs. 7.74 per unit for the protected category of consumption between 1 and 100 units and Rs. 10.06 per unit for consumption between 101 and 200 units.

The basic pricing will increase from the current Rs. 10.36 per unit to Rs. 18.95 per unit for the slab consuming 101-200 units, costing end users Rs. 22.17 per unit (Rs. 18.95 per unit plus 3.22 GST). This hike will be implemented starting in January 2019. For 200-300 units, the price will increase by Rs. 9.52 per unit, from Rs. 12.62 per unit to Rs. 22.14 per unit, and the final price would be Rs. 25.88 for the customer (after applying 3.74 GST). For 301–400 units, the price per unit will increase by Rs. 9.80, from Rs. 15.73 to Rs. 25.53, and after adding Rs. 4.34 in GST, it would cost Rs. 29.87 to end users.

Increase in Electricity Price for Units More than 200

The proposed rate increase is Rs. 10.55 per unit, from the current Rs. 17.29 per unit to Rs. 27.74 per unit, and would cost the end user Rs. 32.45 per unit with the application of Rs. 4.71 GST. This increase is for use of 401–500 units. A proposed increase of Rs. 11.05 per unit, which would bring the price per unit from Rs. 18.11 to Rs. 29.16, has been made for customers utilizing 501–600 units.

After adding Rs. 4.95 in GST, the price per unit for this slab’s final customers will be Rs. 34.11. For customers utilizing 601–700 units, a price increase of Rs. 11.55 per unit has been suggested. This would raise the price per unit for this slab from the current Rs. 18.76 per unit to Rs. 30.30 per unit and will cost customers Rs. 35.45 per unit after the application of Rs. 5.15 GST. Consumers who use more than 700 units would pay Rs. 35.22 per unit instead of the current Rs. 22.22 per unit, and end users will pay Rs. 41.21 per unit once the 17 percent GST is included.

NEPRA regarding DISCOs & K-E

The federal government requested that the baseline power cost for all DISCOs, including Karachi Electric (K-E), be hiked in three phases: by Rs3.50 per unit starting in July, another Rs3.50 starting in August, and a further Rs0.91 per unit increase starting in October. On July 20, 2022, Nepra convened a public hearing on the petition filed with the federal government. The Authority has granted the federal government’s request. For the Life Line and Protected category of customers, no increase has been suggested. Once the federal government issues a notification, the aforementioned decision will become effective.

Some residential clients with excessive electricity consumption would now pay Rs 41.21/unit for electricity as a result of the basic power pricing hike. According to statistics that the government supplied with NEPRA, the cost of energy per unit is now more than Rs 27/unit, taxes included, and would rise to more than Rs 41.21/unit with an increase in the base price.

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