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PESCO Vision and Mission are to create a comprehensive power distribution network that grows with our consumers. We are dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of our employees, as well as to our communities. Individual norms, morals, and ethics are maintained.


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PESCO Vision

  1. As a public service company, achieve and maintain a high level of efficiency, dependability, and responsiveness for many clients.
  2. The general public’s safety and company employees will be our priority.
  3. Maintaining and growing your company, staff, and client base will be critical.
  4. Building modern business ties both within and outside our local distributor will be critical to our success.

PESCO Objectives

  • Maintain, extend, and grow a cost-effective and efficient distribution infrastructure as needed to satisfy the electrical needs of our consumers.
  • To meet NEPRA performance standards for voltage and frequency fluctuations, tripping, breakdown, line loss, and other factors.
  • To maintain certain public service requirements, such as the following:
  • Main switchgear installation
  • Keep service dependability.
  • The general public’s safety and company employees will be our priority.
  • Create instant contacts for new users to guarantee that everyone has equal access.
  • Digitize and automate your business.
  • Leading an organization through significant cultural change in terms of
  • Improve the service quality.
  • Reduce theft while increasing business performance.
  • Updated in response to consumer feedback.
  • To achieve a sustainable return on investment, tariffs should be higher than the cost of delivery.
  • Improve staff morale and professionalism.

How to Download PESCO Online Bill?

PESCO is offering most of its services online now. Like you can register your PESCO Complaint, request for PESCO New Connection Online. But in addition to all of this now you can Download and Pay your PESCO Online Bill from home. This is one of the best features as you no longer have to stand and wait in long rows to pay your bill. Now you can easily download your bill from home. All you need is a decent internet connection and a laptop. This gives you an overview of PESCO Vision and Mission to help and comfort people.

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