You are currently viewing PESCO Online Bill of September 2022- Check & Download Bill

PESCO Online Bill of September 2022- Check & Download Bill

Now you can check, download and print your PESCO Online Bill of September 2022 without going out physically. It is a free site where you can easily check and download your PESCO duplicate bill. By putting a 14-digit reference number, you can immediately check the bill amount, due date, and bill from here. PESCO is an administration-claimed organization in Peshawar, Pakistan. It gives power to the occupants and organizations of Peshawar and close-by regions.

PESCO Online Bill of September 2022

Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) is one of the main power dissemination organizations in Pakistan. The organization gives the power supply to the clients of Peshawar under the PESCO Distribution License. PESCO online bill permits clients to see their power charges on the web and pay them whenever the timing is ideal.

How you can find PESCO Reference Number?

Find your reference number on your bill to check your PESCO bijli bill online. It will be a 14-digit number written in a box on the bill, generally at the bottom corner. If you’re still having trouble locating your bill’s reference number, look at the highlighted arrow in the image below:


PESCO Online Bill

Requirements for Checking PESCO Online Bill of September 2022

You’ll need the reference number to check your PESCO Online bill (Bijli bill). The only need for getting a PESCO duplicate bill is the reference number. There is no method to check it using a name or a national identification card (NIC/CNIC). If you want to check your PESCO Bijli bill by CNIC or meter number, you’ll need to go to the local customer care center, where you may get assistance from relevant professionals.

Way to check your Duplicate PESCO Online Bill of September

  • To check your PESCO Bill, you must follow the below steps.
  • Scroll down and click on the button “Check your Bill.”
  • Enter your PESCO Reference Number there
  • Click on Submit
  • A duplicate copy of your bill will appear on the screen

Reference #

Reference # is required.

PESCO Bill Payment Methods

Offline Methods

Of course, you may pay your PESCO September bill at any bank by bringing a physical copy of the bill with you. If you didn’t get a copy of your bill or misplaced it, you could get a duplicate copy from here. Here are the options for making a payment offline:

  • Commercial Banks
  • Easy Paisa Shops
  • Post Offices
  • NADRA Collection Points

Online Methods

PESCO Online Bill Payment:-The PESCO Online Bill is an office that has been acquainted by PESCO with giving an internet-based bill installment choice to its customers. It is a straightforward and helpful way for purchasers to take care of their bills, as they can now do it from the solace of their homes.

If you have a bank account, you can download a bank app for your smartphone and check if it supports PESCO online bill payment. There are the following online methods.

  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  • Habib Bank Ltd (HBL)
  • Bank al Habib (BAH)
  • Meezan Bank (MBL)
  • Allied Bank (ABL)
  • United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • Easy Paisa
  • Jazz Cash
  • ATM

PESCO Bill Calculator

Now you can easily estimate your monthly PESCO electricity bill by using the PESCO Bill Calculator. It is a very convenient tool, especially for people not good at maths. They can easily estimate their PESCO monthly electricity bill by just entering their consumed units in the PESCO September bill (Bijli Bill) estimator. To use the PESCO bill Calculator click the button below

PESCO New Connection

Applying for a new connection with Peshawar Electric Supply Company is no longer a difficult task.  PESCO has launched a very easy method to apply for a new connection online.  Many people are unaware of Pesco’s online connection strategy until they visit offices to access the internet. If anybody is nearby, they will walk you through the right procedure.
People used to go to regional offices or subdivision offices for manual applications. Pesco now allows customers to apply to use its services online. It is the most efficient method since people waste time going to head office. But from now on, you can easily apply for a new connection online. To apply now, click the button below


PESCO shorts for Peshawar Electric Supply Company. It offers power distribution services for business and ultimate commercialization to over 2.6 million customers in Pakistan’s metropolitan regions. PESCO Networks has a KPK power distribution system that includes 132, 66, and 33 kV substation lines and 11 kV and 440 V low voltage substations and lines that bring electricity to your home or company. Now PESCO Users can easily Download their PESCO Bill of September by above method.

PESCO Consumers

This organization’s national branch serves a large number of customers. In terms of constituencies, it comprises a vast number of Pakistani national meetings and 50 Punjab Assembly seats.

Aim of PESCO

PESCO’s main goal is to increase Pakistan’s revenues by providing electricity and other high-quality services to its consumers.
It is Pakistan’s only power supply company that benefits from many different states.

PESCO Circles


PESCO Peak Hours

PESCO advises that you reduce your power use during peak hours to lower your electricity cost and assist in stabilizing the region’s electric supply. The PESCO peak hours are as follows:

From April to OctoberFrom November to March
6:30 PM-10:30 PM6 PM -10 PM

PESCO Bill Taxes

The following is a list of frequent taxes included on PESCO energy bills:


Fuel Price Adjustment is abbreviated as FPA. The FPA price in the PESCO bill refers to the fuel pricing of rental power companies that produce electricity from crude oil and other fossil fuels. When the price of gasoline fluctuates, you might see this amount on your account.

T.R. Overcharge

T.R. stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. The distinction between NEPRA and GOP tariffs is this. If the difference is positive, the GOP will pay it as a “Subsidy.” The Distribution Company will pay GOP an “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR)” if the disparity is negative.

QTR Tariff Adj

It’s the amount of the tariff adjustment for the current quarter. Every three months, this amount will show up in your account.
You may use the PESCO bill calculator to calculate an estimated bill amount.

PESCO Complaints & Helpline

You can register your complaint by calling or emailing the following address. Instead of a simple consumer complaint, also report about electricity theft. As a nation, we have to report the theft to higher authorities. Please feel free to contact the following numbers if you have any complaints:
UAN: 111-000-128, 9212010, 9212028, 9212037
Complaints can also be sent to the following addresses through email:
Billing Complaints:
Theft Reporting:
Other Complaints:

For more detail check the link PESCO Complaint


PESCO is a well-known organization. It offers jobs in various departments, therefore anyone who wants to pursue his career in this field must not miss this golden opportunity. PESCO is an organization that is very supportive to its Employees. It also offers healthy salaries to its workers. If you want information regarding the latest PESCO jobs, how to apply for these jobs, and the Vacancies in them, you can find it by clicking the link PESCO jobs.


Q: Can I check my PESCO Online Bill of September (Bijli bill) by mobile number or CNIC?

A: No, you can use the reference number to check it.

Q: How can I make a name change on my PESCO WAPDA bill?

A: You can make an application for a change of name by going to the nearest office. The process for changing the title is the same as creating a new connection.

Q: How can I Download my PESCO Online Bill?

A: Visit, input your reference number to get a quick bill, then open the entire bill to get a free PESCO WAPDA bill.

Q: What’s Helpline for PESCO?

A: The PESCO helpdesk can be contacted at the following number: 111-000-128

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