Pay SNGPL Bill Online | Sui Gas Bill Payment Options

Want to know how to pay your SNGPL Bill online? yes, you are at the right place. To provide free services, SNGPL has made it possible for all-important gas customers to pay their bills online 24 hours a day through these channels.

  1. Internet
  1. Mobile banking
  1. Mobile application for SNGPL
  1. Using mobile apps such as Easy Pay, Jazz Cash, U Account, and others, as well as traditional channels 
  1. ATM
  1. Rare booth
  1. All banks that are mentioned
  1. Non-profit organizations / public facilities

Methods to Pay SNGPL Bill Online

We will discuss some of the simplest methods to pay your gas bills for your facility. 

Internet Banking and Payment on your Mobile

All of the central commercial banks have introduced online bill payment facilities for their registered clients.

Online banking and mobile banking are the simplest and most common ways to pay gas bills over the Internet. Almost all commercial banks in Pakistan, including HBL, UBL, and Standard Chartered Bank, offer their customers online and mobile banking services.

If you’ve already set up Internet banking, log in and choose the Pay Bill option. You can do this by downloading the bank’s mobile app, where you may find your account. Open the app on your smartphone and choose the payment method you want to use. Enter the Customer ID, Transaction Code, and Reference Number to finish the online payment.

Jazz Cash

Jazz Cash Mobile Account is one of Pakistan’s most popular online payment methods, allowing you to pay bills and make e-wallet transactions.

  Follow these easy steps to pay your gas bills online using Mobilink.

  •  To begin, dial *786#.
  •  Click the Bill Payment option.
  •  Select an account type.
  •  Select the company you want to pay the bill. 
  •  Put in your reference number.
  •  Go through the transaction.
  •  For verification, enter your MPIN.


If you do not have a Mobilink account, you can easily download the Jazz Cash mobile app and register. Then, before adding your consumer I.D, generate an MPIN and choose the bill type you wish to pay with the firm (SSGC or SNGPL). Double-check your information before clicking on the screen to make the online payment. Please keep in mind that Jazz Cash offers free online payments for the first three months. However, you would be charged Rs 20 for each fourth transaction. Furthermore, no more than 50,000 rupees in utility bills can be paid using this service.


Easy Paisa

Easy Paisa is another well-known digital service provider app in Pakistan, allowing users to pay their bills quickly.

Download the Easy Paisa app on your smartphone and create a new account to pay bills online. After completing the registration process, enter the 5-digit code, choose to create a new menu, and then click “Pay bill.” Choose Gas and then your distribution company before entering the reference number. Before completing the transaction, double-check all of your data, including the due date and amount, by clicking the “Pay Now” option.

Other Gas Bills Payment Methods

Other than these methods, there are also some other methods to pay your SNGPL Online bill. These methods are listed below.

Bank websites

Bank call centers

Credit and Debit Card


Post Office

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