Unique has unveiled the latest bike Unique UD 125cc model for 2022. This is the Unique UD 125cc’s price in Pakistan 2022, as it comes from D.S motors established in 2004. The factory was created to manufacture and assemble bikes under “UNIQUE”. The company manufactures 70cc and 125cc CDI system bikes and four-stroke engine bikes. Its Unique UD 125 is giving an uphill battle to the top-selling bikes in the 125cc category. It is built in the traditional design of 125cc bikes, with a similar headlight design, seat bar, handlebar and taillight. Honda differs from other bikes of the same size in its distinctive colours and logo designs. It is a great performer on the roads and offers an efficient fuel efficiency that is not over the budget you have set. The brand new look for the Unique UD 125 is stunning, which gives you an exciting riding experience.

Unique UD 125cc

Unique UD 125cc price in Pakistan

The cost of this exquisitely built bike is 75,500 Pakistani rupees. It boasts a chic appearance and a refined design. New graphics make the distinctive UD 125 fuel tank’s elegant look even more appealing. Unique 125 is a well-liked motorcycle due to its high level of performance, elegance, and fuel efficiency.

Amazing UD 125cc Price in Pakistan

75,500 PKR

A powerful air-cooled 4-stroke engine powers the unusual UD 125cc. The unusual UD 125cc has a 12 litre fuel capacity and excellent fuel economy. Dry weight for UD 125cc is 120kg. For people who wish to change their way of life, it is the best option. The comfy seat on the distinctive UD 125cc lessens road vibration, as does its powerful shock. Its headlight resembles a large bicycle.

The exterior of Unique UD 125cc

Unique UD 125cc exterior

 The exterior style featured in Unique 125’s exterior design United 125 is elegant enough, and the body has an aerodynamic design. The body of the bike can be used with Honda 125, which makes it on the list of the top motorcycles. Alongside the body’s exterior, it also features a luxurious and soft pillion for a comfortable journey. To ensure that the rider is safe, the safety guard on this motorcycle is beneficial and can transport luggage, as well as a helmet that can be placed on the bike.

Features of Unique 125

 From the very beginning, you are all aware of the spacious style and the sleek design of the United 125. The engine performance of this motorcycle is described in the preceding section. Furthermore, the other features of the vehicle’s interior and exterior characteristics are explained to give you the basic details about the motorcycle. In addition, the car is also equipped with other attractive features that distinguish it from other automobiles in the same category.

  • Price very affordable
  • Available in black and red colour and featuring new tank graphics
  • Wet multi-type clutch
  • Four-speed Mash transmission
  • Start immediately.
  • Four-stroke SOHC one-cylinder air-cooled motor
  • Good mileage
  • Tank for Petrol and fuel-efficient with the capacity of 9 litres
  • Kick start system
  • Front disc brakes with discs
  • Drum brakes rare
  • Diamond Type Steel frame
  • Cheaper spare parts



4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled


125 cc

Bore & Stroke

56.5 x 49.5 mm

Compression Ratio



Wet Type Multi-Plate




Kick & Electric Start


Diamond Type Steel

Dimension (lxwxh)


Ground Clearance

140 mm

Petrol Capacity

12 L

Tyre at Front

2.50 – 18

Tyre at Back

3.00 – 17

Dry Weight

120 KG

 Mileage & Speed

You can easily reach the speed of 110 to 120 kilometres per hour according to your driving style; however, with a lower rate and low fuel efficiency and high efficiency in fuel consumption. The range of mileage offered by Unique UD 125 is expected to be high. However, it provides an average real-time speed of 34 km/litre up to 37 km per Liter.

Performance & Ride

The 2022 Unique UD 125 uses a 4-stroke, single-cylinder air-cooled 125cc engine with five speeds. The gear changes are soft and provide a smooth ride without disrupting the rider’s comfort. It is equipped with a wet-type multi-plate clutch that has an air clearance of 140 millimetres, meaning you’ll be able to easily traverse over breaks and bumps. It is equipped with Euro II technology, which makes it a bike that is fuel efficient. Unique has upgraded shock absorption, which is better in terms of performance and also takes care of any irregularities on the road, particularly when crossing breakers. You don’t feel the road as if you’re moving over breakers due to their strong shock absorbers.


 It is the United bike is more affordable than the other bikes. But the engine displacement capacity, as well as work hours, are similar. According to a report by the official company, the majority of United bike buyers appreciate the design and fuel consumption that is offered by their United US 125 company. The United bikes are highly efficient in terms of mileage. However, unfortunately, they offer less mileage than what is stated by the manufacturer.

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