Netflix to start charging for password sharing from Next Year with individuals they don’t live with, Netflix started its campaign against password sharing four months ago. With the intention of evaluating the rollout before making modifications in other nations, Netflix introduced the additional $2–$3 per month membership price in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

This week’s Monday saw Netflix make an announcement on a new sort of price it will impose on users who share accounts. Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras will begin charging for the new one on August 22. Customers must pay for “additional houses” in order to use it.


“As of August 22, 2022, you will have to pay an additional $2 per month for each house if your Netflix account is being used on a TV that is located outside of your residence. This amount won’t be deducted automatically; you’ll only be paid when you or someone else using your account decides to add an additional home “On its pricing page for Honduras, Netflix states.

Additionally, in Guatemala, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic, there is a $2.99 monthly charge for each additional house. The cost is 219 pesos ($1.70 USD) each month in Argentina. By the end of the year, Netflix is reportedly seeking to push out an account-sharing charge or tariffs more broadly.

Joint-CEO Reed Hastings’s Views About Netflix to start charging for password sharing

Joint-CEO Reed Hastings announced that the business planned to take action to prevent password sharing and investigate a subscription model backed by advertising. According to the corporation, millions of families may be using Netflix for free.

Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and the rollout of its new “add a house” function. One house will include with each account, allowing customers to watch Netflix on any device.

Argentines will have to pay an extra 219 Pesos (about $1.70) per home per month and $2.99 per month in other countries to use that account in other residences.

With the new “manage house” option, customers will have more control over how they can use accounts and will be able to delete homes at any moment via their account settings.

Users will still be able to access Netflix on their tablets, computers, or mobile devices while away from home.

We’ve been carefully investigating various ways for people who want to share their accounts to pay a little bit more, according to Chengyi Long, director of product innovation at Netflix. “We’re working hard to make great TV shows and films, and to be as thoughtful as possible about how we charge for use across multiple homes,” she added.

Netflix has not said whether it would standardize on a single charge, give consumers the option of the extra home or extra member payments, or come up with another alternative for the planned global rollout. According to the company’s release yesterday, Netflix wants to “be as cautious as possible about how we charge for use across multiple residences” and “will not make adjustments in other countries until we better understand what’s simplest for our customers.”


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