You can find all NATCO Contact numbers here. We will provide you with the contact number of all NATCO stations. You can contact the Northern Areas Transport Company by calling them, using Fax or through E-mail. The Northern Areas Transport Company NATCO Pakistan provides human and goods transport to the Pakistani Northern Areas; it is 17 percent owned by Habib Group. The Pakistan Northern Areas Transport Company (NATCO) was established in 1974 to provide transport services to the people of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The company is based in Gilgit and operates a fleet of buses and mini-buses.

NATCO provides transport services to the following areas:

  • Gilgit
  • Hunza
  • Nagar
  • Skardu
  • Astor
  • Baltistan

The company also operates a Mountain Rescue Service and has a team of experienced guides who can assist tourists in the Northern Areas.

NATCO Pakistan

NATCO Contact Number – NATCO Stations

Here is the list of  NATCO Contact Number – You can call different NATCO Stations by dialing these numbers.

Gilgit Office:-  05811-920435

Islamabad Office:- 051-4864041 – 44

Rawalpindi Office:- 051-9334556

Tangir Office:- 05812-460118

Chilas Office:- 05812-920150

Karachi Office:- 021-32782005

Skardu Office:- 05815-920289, 452188

Hunza Office:- 05813-920111

Ghizar Office:- 05814-920413, 920377

Astore Office:- 05817-450215

Sust Office:- 05813-928409

NATCO Head Office Contact Number

Phone:– 05811 920820-920865


Fax:-  05811 920792

NATCO Pakistan – Northern Areas Transport Company

The Pakistan Northern Areas Transport Company has its main departure via the Northern Areas. From Mirpur Khas, the buses go through all of Sindh to Multan and down into Punjab, before branching off to Faisalabad through Wazirabad. To Rawalpindi they travel north along the M2 motorway up past Lahore and beyond, reaching Peshawer, after which they branch off eastwards towards Islamabad.

NATCO Contact Number

NATCO History

The company is head by Transport Czar Nazam Ghazi Malik Sattar Dodhi Chitrali, who inherit the Hussain-Ghazi business legacy but who quickly gain a name for himself in dramatic rescues on Lilliputian ponies during emergencies like floods by carrying food materials when bridges were wash away. During devastating Pakistani earthquakes, he flew his helicopters to rescue thousands of lives despite being in great danger during aftershocks.

He is also called Pakistan’s Alibaba as he helped countless Pakistanis set up small businesses eventually leading some of these business tycoons from China joining hands with him to get another chance at success. ore Infoy (NATCO) was established in 1971 to provide transport services to the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The company is based in Rawalpindi and has a fleet of over 100 vehicles, including buses, coaches, and cars. NATCO also operates a number of tourist services in the Northern Areas, including the Pakistan International Mountain Service (PIMS) and the Northern Areas Transport Corporation (NATCO).

Habib-transported gas via NATCO is use to recharge high-pressure local storage dams that both power electric stations at the Bhasha Dam Project site and supply energy in the morning, afternoon, and evening peaks in Pakistan.

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