MG 6 2022 Pro is the optically altered variant that is optically modified MG 6 which, was first launched in China. It’s a little more imposing in appearance than the standard MG 6. This MG 6 was introduced by British automobile manufacturer MG Motors in 2010, and the second generation of the MG 6 hit the market in the year 2016. The new facelifted MG 6 was launched in July 2020 in China and in 2021 will bring a new trim-level to MG 6, MG 6 Pro.


The new trim-level has been announced in China however, the folks living in China are eagerly awaiting the official debut of MG 6 Pro, promised by the company in the near future. Fans of MG are eager to learn about MG 6 2022 prices in Pakistan and other countries. Interior and exterior as well as other information. This article will explain everything we know regarding MG 6. Additionally, the information that has leaked suggests that it’s comfortable and a great sporty vehicle in Pakistan.

MG 6 Price in Pakistan 2022

The MG 6 price in Pakistan is expected to begin at 5 million PKR. The price quoted is ex-factory and excludes the cost of freight, taxes, or other costs for documentation.



MG 6

PKR 5,000,000

Exterior Design & Features of MG 6


The MG 6 Pro looks more athletic and aggressive than the normal MG 6. The new model will sport a revamped front, with a prominent grille and standard headlamps. The logo of the brand is printed more elegantly and catches the eye of every person. This MG logo is encased in tiny pieces, which are placed between the grille on the front and the hood. The hood also has been revamped with the rear spoiler aligned to the bumper at the rear. The rear end has two chutes as well as diffusers, while the black-colored trim catches the brake calipers in red.

Interior of MG 6 2022

MG 6 has a luxurious appearance due to its fabric-wrapped interior. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in six directions while the seat for the front passengers can be adjusted in four different directions. The steering wheel and the seats are upholstered in premium leather. A basic sun visor, as well as two cups, are common. The dashboard’s center is a 10.1-inches touchscreen screen that gives access to all the multimedia options. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity as well as integrated Apple CarPlay. Two USB slots and six speakers offer a full multimedia experience.


The benefits of keyless entry and the start/push-button ease of driving. The electronic air conditioning system keeps the car’s temperature within a comfortable range. The standard version includes auto-close windows, the airbags on front windows that are powered, as well as a reminder for your seatbelt are available to drivers. Numerous safety features, including ABS, EBD, and the ability to control corning brakes are included as standard in MG 6 which makes an enjoyable driving experience. Other features of MG 6 are central door locking and the auto door unlocks that impact remote control doors locking and immobilizing the vehicle tires pressure-monitoring system dual-zone climate control, and a start-push switch.

Mg 6 2022 Specs & Features

MSRP PKR 5,000,000
Engine 1498 cc
Horsepower 169 HP
Fuel Economy 12 Km
Transmission Automatic
Seating 5
Drive Front-wheel
Wheelbase 15 inches

Performance and Drive

The turbocharged 1498 cc engine can give you a comfortable drive. The dual-clutch seven-speed automatic shifts the gears with ease, letting you enjoy your vehicle with ease, and can reach a top speed of 210 km per hour quickly. Overall, you’ll enjoy the safety and security of a vehicle that accelerates every moment you take to the wheel. The best part is that the engine with a small displacement isn’t sluggish or fast and strikes the right balance between power and fuel efficiency. It’s not just the ideal car for city trips and chores but also similarly well on highways when you need to accelerate your vehicle when you’re driving on smooth roads. It takes around 7 seconds to get between 0 and 100 kilometers in an hour. That’s extremely speedy.

MG 6 2022 Engine

A 1.5L turbo engine that can produce a maximum of 250 Nm of torque at 440 rpm and 160 hp at 5600 rpm powers the MG 6 2022. It features the DCT automatic gearbox system with seven speeds. A more pleasant and balanced ride is also provided by upgraded dampers and springs in the automobile.

During abrupt twists and turns, electronic steering offers a smooth and pleasant ride. Furthermore, the MG 6 has superb handling characteristics.

Fuel Economy

The MG 6 2022 has excellent fuel efficiency. It offers 16.7 kilometers per liter of fuel. It has a 0 to 100 kph acceleration time of fewer than seven seconds. 50 liters of gasoline may be stored in it.

Safety Features

The following are some of the fundamental safety features anticipated for the MG 6 Pro:

  • Airbags
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Automatic Braking
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Traction Control system
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Auto-hold feature
  • Reverse camera


MG 6 is available in the following colors

  • Obsidian Black
  • Pearl White
  • Racing Red
  • Carbon Grey


The MG 6 competes with Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic in the Pakistani market.

The Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have a long-standing and extremely loyal customer base in Pakistan because of the fact that MG 6 might face some opposition.

Toyota Corolla is already a very popular car on the Pakistani market, and it is packed with the most modern features. Because of its reliability and features, it is a strong rivalry against MG 6.

Honda Civic is also a popular and well-known brand within Pakistan. Pakistani market. While it may be slightly more costly than GT, it’s still a good choice. GT due to its superior performance, value-for-money and huge fan base, and strong competition to GT.


We will discuss the diverse aspects and specs of MG 6 with its customers. The information provided is all-encompassing regarding MG 6 2022. MG is referred to as the best sedan car. It’s a fast and aggressive vehicle that appears distinct from other vehicles. It also consists of the MG emblem. MG 6 provides a more relaxed and well-balanced riding experience. You can find it in every major city in Pakistan It will also be accessible on the Pakistani market following its launch.

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