MG 5 is ready to be introduced to the Pakistan Market since the company has announced that starting the beginning of next month, this vehicle will be now available for purchase in Pakistan. In contrast, MG 5 2022 will come in three standard variants that include the petrol engine, but diesel engines don’t exist. Furthermore, the engine power of this vehicle is 1.5cc and the specifications for the motor are far above Honda City and civic.


MG GT is the name of the premium Sedan that is set to arrive in Pakistan It comes in a variety of variations, but in Pakistan, the expectation is to be the first to see MG GT with a 1.5L engine. It is interesting to know that the manufacturer has pledged that it will launch MG GT its all features and prices based on the preferences of consumers. There isn’t a date confirmed for the release of MG GT in Pakistan it is anticipated to launch on the Pakistani market in the year 2022.

Price of MG 5 in Pakistan

The price of MG 5 in Pakistan is expected to begin at PKR 4,300,000. This price is based on the factory and excludes transportation, taxes, or other charges for documentation.



MG 5

PKR 4,300,000

MG 5 2022 Exterior


The exterior of the MG GT gives a stylish appearance and is a high-end Sedan. The front design is stylishly made with a chrome-plated grille that slants towards the ground, and beautiful Diamond cut LED headlights. The daytime running light adds an elegant look. Additional amazing features are available such as rear and front aero wipers as well as 16-inch alloy wheels. fog lamps in the rear, and Bi-function headlights. Other options include power-adjusted and folding side mirrors that fold up as well as desisting rear windows.

The Interior Design and Features

There is elegance and style as soon as you step inside the MG 5. It is a stylish and classy vehicle. MG 5 has a forward-thinking cabin that has everything in the driver’s center which means that the driver has total control over all options within the cabin. You can get leather upholstery with higher-end trims to provide a luxurious feel to the interior, and the seating is comfortable to help make travels unforgettable. It can accommodate five people, and the passenger space is large enough to allow them to sit comfortably. It has an interior space of more than 512 liters for carrying your luggage or other items.


MG 5 will have the 10.1 inches touch screen that will be mounted on the dashboard in order for infotainment and it will come complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interface. Additionally, it will offer a 360-degree camera view which will allow you to see any possible risks that might cause damage to your vehicle. The car will also come with the ability to charge your phones. charging your phone wherever you’d like.

Mg 5 2022 Specs & Features

MSRP PKR 4,300,000
Horsepower (hp) 113 Hp
Max speed 180 Km per hour
Transmission Automatic
Average mileage 12 Km to 14 Km per liter
Type of wheel Alloy
Type of tyre Alloy
Size of tyre and wheel 16-inch

The Availability of Mg 5 2022 in Pakistan

The spare parts are able to be purchased at various automotive stores in Pakistan. Information can also be obtained at Mg 5’s Mg 5 store in Pakistan for more information.

Performance & Drive

Both engine choices come with 150Nm of torque which is quite impressive for travel. It provides smooth performance and will make your trip unforgettable. It offers smooth transmissions and both work very well. The continuous varying one is more efficient and gives the driver a maximum speed of 180 kph. The power steering system is electronic and is a great way to steer your car with the least effort. You are given the speed sensing steering system to aid you in maintaining the car in a controlled manner. It gives you more control than other models and allows you to drive effortlessly on motorways, in addition to the city roads.

The suspension in MG 5 is well-tuned, which means it can withstand all obstacles and gets through potholes with ease. The handling abilities that are offered by MG 5 are so well and more efficient than its sister MG ZS and it hardly is able to turn around corners when driving or turning. The engine makes minimal noise when compared to other sedans in Pakistan and the sound of the wind is lower when driving the vehicle on highways. The engine will not cause any discomfort for passengers, and they are able to relax and enjoy their journeys in peace.


MG GT comes with a 16-valve engine as well as a 1.5L naturally aspirated four-cylinder that generates 150Nm torque as well as 118 horsepower. It is also mated to an auto-shifting CVT.

MG GT is very responsive and easy to control. The traction control is much less time to set, and the car is equipped with the finest suspension control. It’s suitable to drive on the highway and in towns too. The steering is responsive making it simple to drive the car at speeds of high speeds.

Fuel Average

Because there is only one other car in its class, the Civic, this car’s mileage is incredibly good when compared to other cars. Therefore, individuals who are interested in this car’s mileage should know that it gets 12 to 14 KM per liter of gasoline.

Safety & Features

The MG 5 has received a 5-star certification from C-NCAP, indicating that it is outfitted with all necessary safety measures to give you a safe journey. The following are a few of the safety measures it will offer:

  • Airbags
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Hill-Start Assist
  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
  • ISOFIX anchor points.

MG 5 2022 Colors in Pakistan

MG is now available for its first car in Pakistan and pre-booking of the vehicle is now also underway. the vehicle is offered in a variety of colors due to the fact that black and white color are in stock, but many people wish to choose different colors. The colors are all listed below. Interested customers are able to check the colors before booking the car.

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Golden
  • Blue


In Pakistan, in the Pakistani marketplace, MG GT will compete against Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and Hyundai Elantra.

Toyota Corolla is already a very popular car on the Pakistani market, and it is packed with the most modern features. Because of its reliability and the same features, it is a strong rivalry against MG GT.

Honda Civic is also a popular and well-liked brand in Pakistan. Pakistani market. Even though it is higher priced than GT, it is a great alternative. GT due to its superior performance, value-for-money, and huge fan base is a strong competitor to GT.

Hyundai Elantra, despite its 1999cc engine, does not fall within the same price range as MG GT. Due to its price and its fuel efficiency, it’s an excellent competitor for MG GT.

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