MG Motors Pakistan has already been able to gain a spot in the hearts of Pakistan thanks to its impressive collection of brand new vehicles. It’s now time to wait for MG 3 2022 to be launched in Pakistan. In Pakistan the CEO of MG Motors, Javed Afridi tweeted some of the MG cars that could be available in Pakistan and MG3 is among the models. In the beginning, cars were imported to the country and then exported to other countries.

However, MG Motors has now taken the initiative of building the very first Assembly factory in Pakistan with the assistance of Pakistani along with Chinese experts. The vehicles will be produced locally here in the near future. MG3 could be the company’s first car made locally and will launch in the first quarter of 2022. They will import the car and begin to sell it on the Pakistani automotive market. The latest post on social media published by Javed Afridi asks users to share their ideas on the cost of the MG 3. The price of the car is not set yet, and discussions are on the table.


Mg 3 2022 price in Pakistan

The price of MG3 in Pakistan is expected to begin at PKR 2500,000. This price is based on the factory and excludes transportation, taxes, or other charges for documentation.



MG 3

PKR 2,500,000

MG 3 2022 Car Exterior Details

MGs come with a lengthy tradition of designing unique and elegant vehicles that are both enjoyable and affordable. MG3 is no exception. It’s among the most valuable hatchbacks on the market and comes with numerous options that will make sure your experience will be unforgettable. The Mg 3 2022’s style and exterior are sturdy due to the upgraded design and construction quality. The car overall is an appealing design and appearance.

After the announcements made regarding Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson following the announcements regarding Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson, the MG Motor company has decided to announce that they will be delivery of the MG 3 motors in Pakistan shortly, and many have already reserved. Furthermore, the vehicles will be managed by Javeed Afridi, who is the manager and the manager of both the Orient and Peshawer Zalimi Team.

Interior Design and Features

The interior of MG3 is sleek and elegant, with an appealing design. The various versions of MG3 come with electronic windows, Bluetooth connectivity, and audio streaming. Additionally, the basic trims are equipped with cloth upholstery. The more expensive edges come with leather upholstery which provides a more attractive appearance. It comes with a sports steering wheel that looks stunning which adds interest to the cabin. Also, the dashboard’s style is lovely. The quality of the materials used in the cabin is good, with soft retract grab handles as well as the trim piece made of cloth.


The touchscreen is mounted on the dashboard. It offers infotainment, as well as compatibility with Apple Carplay. It’s a great car for families. MG3 is a tiny car, but it has plenty of rear legroom to allow for five adults. Its compact size makes it simple to get parking spots. The car’s boot space is spacious and provides 285 liters of the room that will allow you to fit the luggage you need on a weekend getaway. The rear seat folds to expand the boot space and the vehicle can haul up to 200 kg. The options it provides include satellite navigation, an air cooling system and cruise control, height-adjustable driver’s seats as well as electric mirrors, and an entertainment system.

Specifications of MG 3 2022

MG 3 is an item from Morris Garages (MG) Motor. It is owned by China British automotive firm. It is the plan of MG to launch its first Hatchback of MG in Pakistan. MG launched worldwide with MG 3 Excite and MG 3 Core versions. Because of its price, which is affordable and affordable price, it has become the most popular.MG 3 car sports a sporty and stylish design. MG 3 Car has superfinely created to entice. It is a powerful petrol engine. Further details are provided below.









Engine capacity

1500 cc


15 inches


110 horsepower







Seating capacity

5 person

    Body type


Fuel mileage

12-14 km/ liter Power(PS) 106

Transmission Number

 5 speed

Fuel consumption combined



The MG 3 comes in only one variant of a 1.5L NA petrol inline engine. The 1498cc engine is capable of producing the power of 82 kW at 6500 rpm, and a max torque of 150 Nm at 4500 rpm. The engine has a four-speed auto transmission. The engine is fuel-efficient with a capacity of around 45 liters.

Parts for spares are easily accessible on the market, and maintenance will be affordable and simple.

MG 3 has poor reviews in regards to its performance and ride. Its ride is characterized by a harsh and irritating vibration. The engine’s buzz creates discomfort and, at high speeds, gets extremely loud. The inaccurate gearbox and slow clutch can cause poor performance. The suspension is also stiff and the ride can become unstable and difficult to control on rough roads. The only place it can deliver high-quality performance is in the control of your body and grip.

Safety & Features

Euro NCAP has given the MG3 a rating of three stars, which isn’t great but is still better than all of its Pakistani market rivals. To ensure the protection and safety of its passengers, it has basic safety measures. For the security of the drivers and passengers, it has six airbags. The following are some of the safety measures that MG3 provides:

  • Remote locking
  • Child locks
  • Cruise control
  • Rearview camera
  • Traction control
  • Parking sensors
  • Airbags
  • Anti-Lock Braking System

MG 3 2022 Car Colors

 MG 3 is available in the following colors

  • Pitch black
  • Arctic white
  • Ruby blacktop in red
  • Ruby top with white and red
  • Thames blue
  • Tudor yellow
  • Tudor yellow white top


MG 3 has some major rivals in the Pakistani market like Suzuki Swift, Kia Picanto along with Toyota Vitz.

Suzuki Swift although has a 1.3L engine, is stronger and offers more fuel efficiency as compared to MG 3. It also offers more ride control and performance over the MG 3.

Toyota Vitz is another strong competitor because of its popularity within its home market of the Pakistani market. The availability of its components and its smooth-riding are among the most prominent features.

Kia Picanto also provides a powerful rival against MG 3 due to its fuel efficiency and its numerous useful and practical driver-assist features.

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