MEPCO Online Bill FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can read FAQs about MEPCO Online Bill


How can I check my bill CNIC?

The methods below will allow you to check your MEPCO bill CNIC:
MEPCO’s official website can be accessed by clicking here.
Put your reference number in this box.
A copy of your most recent bill will show up.
Please take a look at your bill and save it to your computer.

What is the reference number of your MEPCO Online bill?

A reference number is a 14-digit code used in all financial transactions, including debit and credit card transactions. The company uses this number to find your electronic database and track the financial status of your card.

What are the other methods to pay online bills?

MEPCO bills can be paid online using any mobile banking app. On the other hand, the most trusted ones have already been mentioned.

How to check MEPCO bills by SMS?

The complaint or helpline number for MEPCO is (800) 397-6767. You can file a complaint by calling the number provided. MEPCO’s bill SMS service is also available to help consumers stay in touch with them. MEPCO bill by SMS is a new service that MEPCO has created to make it easier for clients to check their electricity bills. Go to and enter your reference number and mobile number in 92XXXXXXX. The best part? It’s completely free!

How to check the previous bill?

MEPCO has developed a new resource to help users and customers to maintain track of their past bills. Customers can now use the service online, text SMS, or call a phone number. All you have to do now is go to the MEPCO website and enter your information to check your prior MEPCO bill. After that, you’ll get an email summarising your past bills.

Can I pay the Mepco bill in installments?

The installment bill does not bind the current account. On the other hand, you can pay for your electricity bill in installments which could work out rather well if allowed for a period and interest charged at current bank rates!

Why is the Complaints Office constantly busy?

When the electricity goes out in a specific area, many individuals attempt to contact the complaint department, but the phone line is busy. You can also call the local complaint center by dialing 9220317 or 920314 or file a complaint at the company headquarters.

What are the guidelines and procedures regarding electricity in local areas and villages?

The main difference is that the province or municipal government funds it. Inquire with your representative regarding the return of electricity in the area. The sponsor or residents pay the cost of power used in housing projects.

How long will it take to reconnect the MEPCO connection they cut off?

You can inquire about how to restore your internet connection at the nearest subdivision office or contact its helpline at 0800-63726. To view Multan bills, here is the link MEPCO Multan 2022.

Can I pay the bill after the due date?

Yes, you could pay the bill after the due date. But you may pay an additional amount as a penalty.

Can I pay the bill with the MEPCO Duplicate bill?

You don’t have to be concerned about paying the bill. You can pay your MEPCO Duplicate bill in every bank and collection center.

How to read the meter myself?

You can also determine your electricity consumption by reading the meter manually. Please take note of the meter’s reading and compare it to the meter picture on your previous month’s bill. The date on which the MEPCO agent read the meter will be visible in that image. By subtracting the last reading from the current task, you may determine how many more units you’ve consumed.

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