MEPCO MIS is a well-organized online information management system that can only be used and handled by MEPCO employees such as line managers and the administrative team. Every authorized MEPCO user has his own login credentials, which include a username and password.

MEPCO MIS management can see and manage all customer records in the online portal using this system, including court cases, pending recoveries, consumer bill rectification, new connection tracking, pending queries, and much more. Furthermore, the system tracks and effectively handles client concerns via its online system. Let’s have a peek at the MEPCO Management Information System in action!

How Does Mepco Mis Work?

MEPCO provides this online information management panel to assist its line managers in maintaining and saving critical company data and files in a well-coordinated manner. The system also maintains real-time data from MEPCO electricity customers to help manage and track information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing for faster and more effective resolution of customer concerns.

In addition to this, the MEPCO Management Information System saves archived or old data that MEPCO administrators can view at any time. In this approach, MIS improves the customer experience, saves time, and manages crucial data.

How to Access MEPCO MIS?

If you are an authorized MEPCO manager or staff member, you can log in to your MEPCO MIS online account by doing the following steps:

  • Go to the MEPCO website and select ‘Employee Corner.’
  • To access your MIS account, go to and select MEPCO MIS.
  • Enter your User Name and Password to access your account.
  • If you are a new MEPCO employee, ask your officer for login credentials because you cannot access your account without your unique member credentials.

Why is MEPCO required to implement an online management information system?

Multan Electric Power business (MEPCO) was founded on May 14, 1998 as a public limited business. MEPCO, Pakistan’s main power distribution company, is responsible for providing high-quality energy throughout 13 administrative districts of South Punjab in a well-managed manner. Furthermore, MEPCO has around 35 million registered electrical consumers whose data must be carefully controlled and saved.

As a result, the company created a cutting-edge, completely functioning, and dependable online Management Information System where MEPCO staff can keep consumer records in an organized manner. The portal, however, is only available to MEPCO employees or officials who need to keep track of vital documents and records.

MEPCO MIS Advantages

For a better understanding, the key elements of the MEPCO MIS system are outlined below. A person with legitimate web portal access can verify these facts and resolve consumer issues.

  • Billing Specifics
  • Account Specifics
  • System for Managing Complaints
  • Access to the MEPCO Web Portal
  • Online Transactions
  • 24 Hour Service

MEPCO MIS’s Key Responsibilities

MEPCO managers oversee and operate the MEPCO Information Management site, which is responsible for the following essential services:

Resolves Customer Complaints Made Online

MEPCO’s MIS unit is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to investigate and handle online customer complaints such as new connection installation and application tracking, inaccurate bill, incorrect meter reading, electricity theft, and so on. The MIS administrative staff keeps a record of all pending and resolved complaints in its database.

MIS MEPCO Regulates New Connection Requests

MEPCO has expanded its electricity supply and distribution system to meet rising demand. As a result, many energy consumers are applying for a new meter connection installation to fulfill their families’ expanding electricity consumption.

As a result, MEPCO created an online MIS system to give ongoing support to its customers for new meter application tracking as well as pertinent complaints and enquiries. Online MIS keeps track of all new, pending, and installed connection applications and works hard to resolve client complaints as soon as possible.


MEPCO APP is one of the best aspects of the MEPCO Multan MIS portal login that acts as frosting on the cake. It is the most convenient way for clients to pay their bills online, examine their billing history, use a compliant management system, and easily resolve their queries.

The MEPCO mobile software enables efficient connection management, saving customers important time. You can use this app to swiftly pay your bills and prevent the stress of having your electricity disconnected due to unpaid or delayed invoices.

Mepco Mis Bill

Some Mepco Errors Bill difficulties include not paying your mepco bill. If a Mepco bill is not paying within five days, the consumer will be consider in default. Otherwise, the mepco meter will be disconnect and the meter will be collect at the mepco office. Mepco mis Bill has some severe meter problems.

Manage Issues of Corte Case

Mepco workers will collect all data, manage it in court, and process consumer cases.Mepco has a good case in court.

Defaulters Recovery

Mepco Online Bills check in balance recovery of due payment in online payment will be transferred or not transferred. It will be transferred, and that will be Pay. All previous paperwork in company payment will be accepted by Mepco staff. And the case will be closed.


The MEPCO MIS is a well-manage and effective information system network that helps the firm and its customers have a positive experience. This sophisticate system maintains all MEPCO user data and credentials, protecting the company from fraudulent consumer activity.

MEPCO administration and line managers have access to the system and may quickly resolve consumer complaints. As a customer, you can also use the MIS to check your account details, pay bills, file complaints, and access other functions via the MEPCO website or the MEPCO App.


What is Mepco Mis?

Mis Mepco, This area is under the authority of the Mepco team. The online management of the mepco system updates and edits this web portal. Only mepco employees have access.

How do I check my bill without reference number?

In the mobile, enter the text massage.
Enter ‘MEBP’ followed by a space. space>”STMT NUMBER” space>”Meter Number” “Last Meter Reading Date”
Send an SMS to 46040.
Receive a detailed SMS with your bill information from Mepco.

How do I check my Mepco bill status?

At any time Mobile net banking to applications (Easypaisa, Jazzcash, UBL, ABL) to pay the mepco bill, enter the reffrance number, and the screen will reveal your status.

How can I check my Mepco bill with meter number?

  • Know your STMT and Meter number, as well as the most recent Meter Reading Date.
  • In the following sequence, send an SMS from your phone:
  • Enter ‘MEPB’ followed by a space. space>’STMT Number’ space>’Meter Number’ ‘Date of Meter Reading’.

How do I check my Mepco commercial electricity bill?

Visit and enter your 14-digit reference number in the input area without any spaces. The ref. # can be find in the top columns of the previous month’s duplicate bill copy. Choose MEPCO as your Distribution Company (electricity provider).

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