MEPCO Complaint 2022 – Register MEPCO Complaints Online

MEPCO runs its operations like a business that can only charge fees verified by NEPRA. However, if you hear anything wrong with the meter condition, wiring, or anything else related to your MEPCO department, you can address your complaint directly to the MEPCO office.

MEPCO  made it easy for its users to contact the customer support center and register their complaints. These struggles strengthen MEPCO’s relationship with its consumers and provide them with the right information. This information includes knowledge of their public service activities, programs, and services.

However, for your convenience, you have an easy way to register your complaint online while staying at home. You can file your complaints online regarding your problem with your electricity.

Further, if you want to check your MEPCO Online Bill click the link.


MEPCO Complaint


MEPCO Complaint Online

If you want to file a MEPCO complaint, you can do so online by going to MEPCO’s official website and filling out the Online complaint application form. You can use this page to talk about your issues.

You can use this application form to discuss insufficient power supply, load shedding, meter reading or billing issues, obtaining a new connection, and any other MEPCO-regulated concerns. Its customer care center would do its utmost to respond to you as soon as possible and begin working on it as quickly as possible according to the time given to its users. Further, if you have any queries regarding your MEPCO New Connection you can deal with them by clicking the link.

MEPCO Complain Via Call or Email

If you don’t want to register your complaint online or talk to the customer service provider directly for any reason, you can call their office directly. The following are the phone numbers for Multan’s Power Control Center:

  • 061-9210334
  • 061-9210389
  • 061-6784815

On the other hand, you can email MEPCO officials directly from your valid and registered email account. You can contact them via email at to discuss your problem and have it resolved as soon as possible.


MEPCO Complaint Numbers

OfficePhone Number
MEPCO Multan0619220198
MEPCO DG Khan0649239229
MEPCO Muzafar Garh0669200065
MEPCO Bahawalpur0629250102
MEPCO Rhim Yar Khan0689230160
MEPCO Sahiwal0409200305
MEPCO Bahawal Nagar0639239031
MEPCO Vihari0673360282


MEPCO Toll-Free Number

You can file a complaint about electricity theft by calling MEPCO’s toll-free number. Theft of electric power is one of the most serious crimes in Pakistan; thus, if you see somebody engaging in suspicious activities involving electricity, please call and report your suspicions. To do so, you’ll need to:

  • Call 0800-63726.
  • Pay close attention to the recording.
  • Then press 1 to begin.
  • You will be requested to make a written record of your complaint.
  • Provide all relevant data, including the event’s location.
  • You can disconnect the call once you’ve finished recording.
  • Your complaint has been filed.

MEPCO responds quickly to all complaints about power theft, new connections, insufficient supply, load shedding, etc. Customer care centers are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any electricity-related issues. You have the right to file a complaint at any time.

MEPCO Electricity Theft

MEPCO is providing electricity to many villages where there is no official team or head office. Some people illegally use electricity by using illegal means. So if you find anyone using Electricity illegally complain about it on the given phone numbers as it is our national asset.

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