MEPCO Bill Calculator 2022-Enter units to check your bill

If you live in Multan or the neighboring areas, you must be utilizing MEPCO Electric’s energy. Like routine-wise, you’ll get a bill for the used units at the end of the month. If you wish to check the amount of your bill before getting the actual bill, use the Mepco bill calculator.
Many people prefer to do their bill calculations by hand. They’ll need to know the 2022 Mepco per-unit pricing in this situation. Because it changes at different times, you must be aware of it.

  • General sales tax
  • FPA
  • Tv
  • NJ surcharge
  • Electric duty
  • Service Rent

FPA surcharges are not always included in bills. When Nepra places an order for all Wapda companies when included, these fees are paid by all Wapda users’ companies and are deposited in the government’s account.



How to use the MEPCO Bill Calculator?

Mepco bill calculation is simple; enter the relevant information, and your estimated bill will show. To calculate your Mepco Online Bill, you must complete a few steps procedure.

  • To calculate your bill online, go to this page and click the Mepco bill calculator button.
  • After pressing the button,  a page will appear where you can choose the billing company.
  • Choose a billing company.
  • After that, you’ll be taken to the Mepco bill estimator website.
  • Choose your bill’s phase and connection.
  • According to the meter, add the consumed units.
  • Add the requested information.
  • Submit the form.

Let’s have a look at a sample bill for 15 units now!

15 x 3.95 = 59.25

Cost of Electricity59.25
F.C Surcharge4.30
Electricity Duty0.59
T.V Fee35
N.J Surcharge1
Total Estimated Bill107.69

MEPCO Bill Unit Rates

The MEPCO tariff includes per-unit prices for both peak and off-peak hours. It should be noted that peak timings have a higher cost per unit than off-peak timings.

The unit rate for peak timing is 22.65 per unit, whereas the unit rate for off-peak timing is 16.33.

The monthly charge for a single-phase per consumer is 175, and the monthly rate for a three-phase connection is 350.

The industrial tariff has a unit rate of 19.51, whereas the commercial tariff has a unit rate of 19.95. A table for home connection types has been introduced, showing various unit charges for various units.

Per Unit PricePrice
1-50 UnitsRS 3.95
50-100 UnitsRS 7.74
101-200 UnitsRS 10.06
201-300 UnitsRS 12.15
301-700 UnitsRS 19.55
More than 700 UnitsRS 22.65


Total Bill Units

Total units heavily influence total bill cost. These are the units you consumed in a complete month. These units become important when calculating your bill, and they impact the entire bill amount.

You can look at your electricity meter to see how many units you’ve used. Deduct the amount of all past units (Get from the Previous Month’s Bill) from your current units to predict the upcoming bill units.

A simple way to calculate MEPCO Bill

Another easy method for calculating your electricity bill available. All you need is a little bit of effort. The only difficult task you’ll have is getting up and checking your meter reading before returning to me so we can get started.

If you’ve already checked the reading, let’s get started.

  • To begin, you must know the kilowatt-hour (KW/H) as the unit of electricity.
  • Assume you measured 34 watts CLF on the meter.
  • And it takes 19 hours to consume.
  • 608 CFL per hour Equals 32-watt CFL multiplied by 19 hours.
  • When divided by 1000, 608 KW/H Equals 0.608 KW/H.
  • By calculating 0.608 by the number of days in the month, we get 18.24 KW/H for monthly usage.
  • What does this mean to you?
  • It shows that you consumed 18.24 KW/H of energy over a month while using electricity for 19 hours every day.


Keep in mind that MEPCO has various usage phases for different usage levels before you compute your consumption. The cost of units in the 101-300 PKR range is around 8 PKR.

So, when you calculate your bill usage, please pay attention to these processes and keep my statements in mind.

Meter Connection

The type of connection also determines the cost of an electrical bill. Make sure you select the correct connection when calculating the bill.


The final stage in determining the actual amount of your bill is the selection procedure. You can choose between a single-phase and a three-phase system. After choosing a phase, click the submit button to see the results.


Rather than wasting time thinking about your bill, use our online calculator to discover the exact amount. You can control your energy usage and eliminate every waste. MEPCO’s online bill calculator will help you save money and energy by factoring in all taxes and service payments

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