How can you make money with NFTs? Let’s find out anything you need to know about the NFT world. First of all, we are going to talk about the full form of NFTs, which are Non-fungible tokens. They are totally different from cryptocurrencies because NFT is unique and they cannot be exchanged like crypto-currencies. Crypto-currencies are identical and can easily be exchanged for other crypto-currencies. The interesting fact is that nowadays NFTs are selling very quickly. Even in India, NFTs are launched by the famous and biggest celebrities like Paris Hilton, etc. we can say that it is a Digital asset. Real-world objects like music, art, and online game items are represented by this digital asset. We can buy these things online and also can easily sell them.


NFTs market place

Let us discuss NFTs marketplaces. There are many marketplaces that are rising quickly day by day. As we know that now the new asset class is NFTs. The main and simple purpose of NFT marketplace is providing a market place for all things like buying and selling. It is also useful for trading of NFT tokens. If you are a creator then we are going to discuss some of the best NFT marketplaces. As a creator, You can easily create and sell NFTs. No matter if you are buyer or a seller , these marketplaces will be helpful for you. The best and oldest market places are given bellow:

1: Open Sea

  • The most used market place is Open Sea. From art to music every kind of NFT is hosted by it. This market place is very easy to use and simple. Let me tell you that this is free marketplace where you can easily make your account. After setting up your account you can start selling, buying and minting in few minutes.

2: Nifty Gateway

  • The other most eye-catching NFT marketplace is Nifty Gateway. The two most expensive NFTs were sold by Beeple’s CROSSROAD and Pak’s the Merge from this marketplace. On twitter, a lot of love is given to this platform.

3: Rarible

  • Art and collections single pieces are sold out by an NFT marketplace named as RARIBLE. Gaming, sports and media brands are attracted by this marketplace. It is community-owned. Rarible has its own tokens which it uses. Some big brands have a partnership with Rarible for securing artists work and also for creating unique NFTs. It also includes Adobe.

4: Binance 

  • One of the best and largest NFT market places is BINANCE NFT. BINANCE NFT’s block chain also supports it. Due to this, we can see that it is one of the best NFT marketplaces. If you want to sell then you can also deposit ETH or BSC NFTs.

5: Super Rare

  • The art-first NFT market place is Super Rare. It is not filled with the celebrity NFTs.

NFTs In Pakistan

As we all know that technology is stepping fast day by day. Now we can easily earn from NFT. You can easily invest in this online business. Its growing speed is very fast and it also gave us many opportunities. We always prefer to work online because it saves a lot of our time and it is not very difficult. NFT is not just a name it’s all about buying and selling to earn and to make proper money. There are some people who like to make NFT art. They live in NFT world. There are many people who really wants to invest in this unique artworks. But unfortunately, in Pakistan, there is unawareness of NFT art and NFT marketplaces.

  • First of all, to sell out your NFT art you must have to know about this platform. There are many websites but this is one of the best in market. You can easily earn from this platform by selling your NFT art.
  • You must have to   check out the platforms for buying or selling NFTs which are OPENSEA, RARIBLE and SUPERRARE etc.

NFTs price

Now we are going to discuss about NFTs price.  Many NFTs sell for Less than $200. There is also a number of NFTs which have sold for millions of dollars. But the fact is that the overall selling price of NFTs is much less. NFTs are not very expensive, we can easily afford it because it is a big investment tool. Let me tell you some most expensive NFTs which are given bellow:

  • The first most expensive NFT sold for $532 million.
  • The other most expensive NFT sold for $92 million.
  • The first physical work of BEEPLE’s sold for $30 million.
  • The most expensive NFT video sold for $7 million.

NFTs account

NFTs account

Let me tell you how to make an NFT account. Firstly you need to pick your item and then choose your block chain. After doing this, you just need to setup your digital wallet and then select your NFT marketplace. Now you must have to upload your file and setup the sales process. I am also going to tell you How to create NFTs for free? i will guide you step by step about creating NFTs for free on which are given bellow:

  1. Visit and connect your wallet there.
  2. Now you have to click “create” button and then write all the information about your future NFT.
  3. Now for free you have to choose “free minting” option
  4. After choosing this , you just need to click on “create item” button and then sign free authorizations with your wallet

NFTs Apps

Now I am going to tell you some best NFTs apps for I-phone and android. These best NFTs apps are given bellow:

  1. The overall best NFT App for 2022 is
  2. The top NFT app with low fees is Binance
  3. the most used NFT app with huge asset selection is Open Sea
  4. The best NFT app for Metaverse items is Axie Marketplace
  5. The best NFT app for minting is Rarible
  6. Amazing  NFT app for sports collectibles is NBA Top Shot
  7. Great NFT app for exclusive drops is Nifty Gateway
  8. The most popular NFT app with celebrity backing is Autograph

5 ways to make money with NFTs

So now lets us discuss how to make money with NFTs? I am going to tell you 5 easy ways to make money with NFTs, you can easily understand this and also you can easily earn with NTFs. Now a days, everyone is on social media and trying to make money without wasting time. Everyone is working hard in this digital world. People don’t want to lose this opportunity. If you want to sell you NFT then you must have to put your work on internet where people can see your work. You need to be patience and consistency are the key to be successful in this platform and earn money. The 5 ways to make money are given bellow:

  1. Create and Sell your NFT

Let’s suppose you are a creator and you want to monetize your creation then you can sell your artwork on NFT and by selling you earn a lot of money. If you are a creator and you have anything digital then you can sell it as NFTs. you can also create your original digital art and then sell it as NFTs. You can create your own music, memes, videos or audio clips etc and then sell it. You can do this easily now a days because technology is very fast.

  1. Trade NFTs

Simply the meaning of trading is buying and then selling it with profit. So here trade NFTs means that you can easily start with investing in NFTs to buy them and after buying you can sell it with profit. Let me tell you one more thing that all NFTs are not created equally. Some creations are  not worthy but some are expensive and worth millions.

  1. NFT gaming

As you all know that today’s world is full of fun and there is nothing wrong with playing for money. For NFT gaming you must have to buy in-game items as NFTs and then trade these in-game items which is allowed by block chain based games. In the market there is already some highly collectibles are available like in the crypto kitties game. We can get more than $300,000 from a single crypto kitty.

  1. Staking NFTs

Let me tell you about staking NFTs. first of all, if you want to earn passive income then NFT staking is the new and the best way in the crypto world. NFT holders can easily get reward in staking without even selling their creations or collections. The most easiest way to earn money is NFT staking.

  1. Invest in NFTs startups

Investing in NFTs startups is one of the best and easiest way to earn money indirectly with non-fungible tokens. One more thing I want to tell that NFTs is not a quick passing crypto trend which is also proved by NFTs. they also have many application from which we can change the world in various industries. In the first step of NFTs , you can invest in them and secure your future for lifetime.

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