LESCO Bill Calculator 2022-Enter units to Calculate your bill

You can now estimate your LESCO bill before it arrives using the LESCO bill calculator. If you know how many units you’ve used, you can calculate your account cost with the help of the LESCO bill estimator. It is the most recent tool with the most current unit pricing. You can also use cash or a credit card to pay your LESCO bill online.
Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a company that provides electricity to the city of Lahore. Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, and Kasur are the areas covered by the LESCO company. LESCO supplies energy to around 20 million people in more than 100 housing estates.


LESCO Bill calculator


How to Calculate the LESCO bill

Calculating a LESCO bill is simple, but you must understand some words such as connection type, phase, etc. The remaining figures include taxes on various unit ranges and per unit rates, among other things. Use the LESCO bill calculator to determine the estimated bill amount. Here’s how to figure up how much your LESCO bill will be.

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Connection type

You must know your connection type to estimate your LescoLesco bill. Because most people are unaware of their connection, your connection type can be found on prior Lesco bills. In your bill, the connection type is referred to as tariff.

Total Unit consumed

The total Unit consumed is the second and most essential factor to consider when calculating the bill. To figure out how much your bill will cost, you’ll need to know how many total units you’ve consumed. You may view your total units and subtract the units from your initial charge on your meter. The teams you finished in the new month will be the result. It would be best to understand peak and off-peak units to receive an exact bill cost.

Phase Type

If you’re using the LESC bill calculator, this is the last item you should know. Single-phase single-phase and three-phase three-phase are the two types of phases. To get results, select the phase and then press the submit button.

LESCO Consumer Bill Calculator

The internet has made life much easier. Your bill can now be calculated, viewed, and paid online. We’ve put together a tool to help you figure out how much your LescoLesco bill will be. You can also look at and download a copy of your bills.
Using this tool before the arrival of bills will provide you with an estimate of your bill amount. You can also use this tool to double-check whether the amount on your statement is correct or not. However, you will need to be familiar with a few terminologies listed above.

LESCO Bill Calculation Formula

There is no formula for calculating the Lesco bill. You only need to enter the number of spent units, which will be multiplied by the per-unit per-unit pricing. Then, to get the result, add tax, meter amount, service rent, etc. This tool will automatically add the most current unit rate and multiply it with the total units, so you won’t have to. The residential, domestic, and industrial unit rates differ, and the rate rises at various rates for different ranges. However, after selecting the connection and phase, this program will handle it and provide you with a result.

LESCO Bill Unit rates

The LESCO tariff provides the unit rates for peak and off-peak times. The various tariffs are listed here. The official LESCO website also has the most up-to-date LESCO unit rates and tariffs for residential, industrial, and domestic use.


UnitsPrice in Rupees
Above 70022.65

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