On this website, you can find out how to pay a KWSB Bill- Generate Consumer Bill Copy for 2023 online. People who want to get their KWSB bills online can do so by entering their consumer number or a reference number from an old bill. KWSB is the company that is in charge of making, selling, and sending Karachi’s drinking water to its residents. This page is where you can get a copy of the Karachi Water bill. The goal of the company is to get water to towns every week through underground pipes or water tanks. It gives its users many services, like paying their KWSB bills. Customers can now look at and print KWSB Duplicate Bill 2023 online.

How to look up KWSB Duplicate Bill 2023 online?

You can use the steps below to check your Karachi Water and Sewerage Board bill (KWSB) online:

  • Look for the “Enter Your Consumer No” box on the page. Your 11-digit customer number is a unique number for your KWSB account. If you don’t know your KWSB customer number, you can find it on an old bill. It will be next to your name at the top of the bill.
  • Once you know your 11-digit KWSB customer number, you can put it in the field above.
  • Fill in the captcha code to prove you’re not a robot.
  • The “Submit” button should be clicked.
  • Your duplicate KWSB bill will be on the same page as your current bill. It will show your current amount and other important information.
    Don’t worry if you can’t find your customer number on your Karachi water and sewerage board (KWSB) bill. We’ll help you out. Check out the image of the water bill below. We’ve put a red square around the number of people who use the water. Find your customer number on your KWSB bill by looking for the red spot.

How to Look Online for KWSB Duplicate Bill 2023

To check your Karachi water and sewerage board bill online, you must enter your user number/reference number. And don’t worry if you don’t know the reference number or how to find it. We want to help you. Its simple KWSB system gives each customer a unique customer/reference number. It’s easy to find on your copy of the bill. Also, we give you a copy of the KWSB identical bill and put a red circle around it. Please make sure,

Karachi Water Bill Check Online for a Duplicate Bill.

Here, you can look at the details of the Karachi Water and Sewerage bill from KWSB, which is the same as the online bill for 2023. We’ve now told you a simple way to use the KWSB Water and Sanitation Board’s online copy to evaluate it. Here, we also check that the bill for hot water and waste is up to date. So, continue reading.

Check online for a duplicate WASA bill in Lahore

Here you can see the contents of the LAHORE Water and Sewerage bill of WASA, which is the same as the online bill for 2023. Now you know about a simple way to use the WASA Lahore copy of the WASA Water and Sanitation Board online to analyze it. We changed the hot water and sewage WASA duplicate bill Lahore check here. So, continue reading.

KWSB’s history

Karachi’s past of getting and distributing water is quite complicated, as it has involved many different groups and organizations over the years. Karachi’s water supply system was expanded for the first time in a big way in 1953, when the Karachi Joint Water Board was set up. In 1957, the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) took over. But Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and other independent bodies were still in charge of getting treated water to people and selling it in stores.

In 1981, the Karachi Water Management Board (KWMB) was set up in response to the problems caused by having different groups produce and distribute water. KWMB was given the job of getting water to everyone in the urban area and the ability to get its money back. But KWMB didn’t have its own way to make money, so KMC was in charge of getting the water rate.

The Sindh Local Government (Amendment) Ordinance of February 1983 made the Karachi Water & sewage Board (KWSB) a part of KMC. This was done to meet the need for a single organization to handle water supply and sewage services. The goal of this move was also to get help from foreign lending agencies.

Why does Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) exist?

The Karachi Water and sewage Board (KWSB) is there to help the people of Karachi get the water and sewage services they need. KWSB is a customer-focused organization that is in charge of making, transporting, and distributing clean and safe drinking water, as well as managing the city’s sewage system to keep it clean and healthy. KWSB is also in charge of coming up with plans to make up for any gaps in services and collecting money to keep the organization’s finances stable. By doing what it’s supposed to do, KWSB is very important to the growth and health of the city of Karachi as a whole.


Q. How can I view my KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023?

Log in to KWSB and select “View and Pay” to view your Duplicate Bill Online 2023. You can then examine and pay your water bills online.

Q. How can I pay my KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023?

KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023 can be paid by credit, debit, or bank transfer. Easy paisa and Jazz Cash are payment gateways.

Q. Is it safe to pay my KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023?

Yes, it’s safe to Pay the KWSB bill online.

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