KESC Honors Women Breaking the Bias in Pakistan’s Energy Sector

In honor of women’s valuable contributions to the workplace, KESC held a mega-event to celebrate their efforts to improve Pakistan’s energy sector.┬áIn addition to honoring nearly 100 Women on Wheels (WoW), the event served as a graduation ceremony for women who had received motorcycle operation and maintenance training.
“Salman Sufi Foundation and K-Electric have the same objective of establishing an enabling environment that allows women to be independent. Thus both organizations are great partners,” said Afia Salam, member of the board of Salman Sufi Foundation and Chief Guest at the event. It’s encouraging to see that the utility recognizes the value of empowering women to improve society and the economy.”
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KESC Honors Women

KE business has actively participated in pushing the Inclusion agenda and Variety. It is an essential component of the Objectives, through various activities. Today, the country employs five women as its first female grid operators. Also by ensuring that KE’s power plants consistently supply electricity to its users.

Each day, 27 female Meter Data Maintenance Officers cover 8000 consumers as part of KE’s meter reading staff. Women are also invited to join the company’s management and technical teams. There their experience in driving efficient and intelligent decision-making would be beneficial.
As part of the NEPRA goal of empowerment and prosperity, there is the KE Roshni Baji program. It began in February 2021, and was created to solve the sticky problem of community safety. As for safety ambassadors, the company appointed 40 female ambassadors from Karachi’s most crowded regions.

In addition, the ladies underwent training in motorcycle operation riding, and self-defense. It took 8000 hours of training to become Pakistan’s first licensed female electricians.

The program links diversity, safety, and inclusion with empowerment and has achieved domestic and international success. The program received the S&P Global Platts Energy Award in December 2021. The second cohort of 60 women is also active in the field, having provided knowledge to approximately 150,000 households on how to use power safely in their homes and avoid harm to themselves and others.

According to World Economic Forums, Pakistan ranks seventh out of eight South Asian countries in the Gender Gap Index Report 2021, with only 22.6 percent of its female residents working. K-Electric is happy to be a leader in assisting in reducing this figure.

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