Here we will provide you with the easiest way for JazzCash Money Transfer to Easy Paisa. We also going to provide you with the JazzCash helpline details. It is nearly hard to transfer money to others while waiting in long lines and waiting for your time to get your work done in this day of tremendous hustle and bustle and expanding population. Nowadays, you can send money from JazzCash to Easypaisa with a single click from anywhere in the world, and you may do it in a variety of ways. To transfer money from JazzCash to Easypaisa, download the JazzCash app on your phone and follow the instructions to have the money transferred. There is no option on the app to transfer money directly from JazzCash to Easypaisa.

JazzCash Money Transfer to Easy Paisa

Jazz Cash Money Transfer to EasyPaisa

All you have to do is follow these simple steps to transfer money between your Jazz and Easypaisa accounts!
Step 1:
Open the Jazz Cash app on your smartphone.
Step 2:
Select Send Money from the application window.
Step 3:
Select Bank as the Transfer Type in the Send Money options. The remaining two alternatives do not include inter-bank transfers between Easypaisa and JazzCash.
Step 4:
Find Telenor Microfinance Bank by scrolling through the Banking choices menu.
Step 5:
Enter the essential information in the fields provided to transfer money. To move to the next window, click the arrow in the bottom right corner.
Step 6:
Confirm details and double-check that you’ve entered everything correctly.
Step 7:
Enter MPIN and click on the bottom-right corner’s double-tick bubble.

This completes the transaction and money transfer from Jazz to Easypaisa. Refer to the electronic receipt that looks like the one below.
So, there you have it! Follow these procedures to make the Jazz to Easypaisa transition happen. Don’t forget to give us your essential feedback once you’ve tried out our service!

Money Transfer With JazzCash App

  • Download the JazzCash app.
  • Select “Money Transfer” from the app’s menu.
  • Select “Bank Transfer” as the transaction type.
  • Select Telenor Microfinance Bank
  • Enter your account number here.
  • For transaction confirmation, enter your MPIN.
  • You’ll get an electronic receipt and a text message on your phone when the transaction is complete.

Money Transfer Without JazzCash App

  • Dial code *786#
  • Select “Send Money”
  • Then, select “Mobile Account”
  • Enter “Receiver’s Mobile Number”
  • Provide “Receiver’s Account Number”
  • Enter “Amount” to be transferred
  • To confirm your transaction, enter your MPIN.
  • Your money will be sent and you will receive an SMS confirmation.

Through JazzCash Agent

A Jazz cash agent can help you transfer money from JazzCash to Easy paisa. If you don’t remember your CNIC number, all you have to do is visit the JazzCash store with it.
To the negotiator, you must submit your CNIC number, the receiver’s CNIC and account number, as well as your cell phone number. Your fingerprint will be taken by a Jazz cash agent, who will then ask you for the amount you wish to transfer. After a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
Is it Possible to Transfer Money from Easypaisa to JazzCash?
If you’re using another network to create an Easypaisa account. As a result, having an Easypaisa application is crucial. You won’t be able to send money unless you install it.

JazzCash to Easypaisa Transfer Charges

  • When you transfer money from jazz cash to Easy paisa using the jazz cash app, there is no cost.
  • If you utilize a code to transfer money from Jazz cash to Easy paisa, you have to pay Rs 0.25 for every transaction, which includes Federal Reverse System (FED) fees.
  • If you use a JazzCash agent, the transaction charge will be calculated according to on the transaction limit.

JazzCash to EasyPaisa Money Transfer Limit

According to SBP regulations, you can send money from jazz cash to Easy paisa for free up to Rs 25,000. If your transaction crosses this limit, you will be charged 0.1 percent of the total amount, or Rs 10. In this scenario, there are two types of transaction costs that apply.
1. If you make three transactions totaling Rs 10,000, you do not have to pay a fee for each transaction because the total amount is less than the sending limit, but you have to pay Rs 10 per transaction for the following transaction.
2. The first transaction up to Rs 30,000 is free, but after that, because your transfer amount has above the minimum sending limit, you will be charged 0.1 percent for every transaction.

JazzCash Helpline

The following are the JazzCash helpline number to register Jazzcash complaint

  1. JazzCash Customer Helpline is 4444
  2. JazzCash Retailers Helpline is 1344
  3. UAN Customer Helpline Number is 021. 111-124-444

Easypaisa Helpline Number

The following are the EasyPaisa Helpline number

  1. Easypaisa Helpline number is 3737
  2.  Telenor users can register their Easypaisa Complaints by contacting at  042-111-003-737

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