We have mentioned techniques to Check Jazz Cash Free Minutes & SMS in this article. Here are two methods for learning about free rewards. Jazz Cash is a well-known mini-banking service for all Pakistani Mobilink customers. If you have a Jazz SIM, you can use Jazz Cash to transfer money in seconds. You simply need to go to your local Mobilink service center or any mobile accessories store.

Jazz Cash Free Minutes

Request Jazz Cash service from the shopkeeper and send up to 80,000 rupees from your account to a friend anywhere in Pakistan at the lowest possible cost.

Moreover, while sending money using Jazz Cash or saving more than PKR 1000 in an account. The customer will get free SMS and On-Net minutes. And the money saved will likewise remain the same.

As a result, it is an exceptional service to the Pakistani people.

Save Balance Minutes SMS
Rs.1,000 – 1,999 30 30
Rs.2,000 – 2,999 60 60
Rs.3,000 and Above 100 100

Create a Jazz Cash account, save your money in a saving account, and enjoy free SMS and minutes every day.

Check Jazz Cash Free Minutes & SMS

“How to check Jazz Cash free minutes & SMS” is a frequently asked question. Apna4G has provided two simple techniques for checking the remaining rewards for free.

To check daily SMS & minutes please follow these steps:

  • Unlock your phone and activate the dial pad.
  • Enter *117*88*2#
  • There will be a flip notification.
  • It will provide information on the remaining incentive (SMS and minutes).
  • The notification will also include the expiration date of the incentives.

Jazz World App

In technique number 2, we offered another valid and completely functional approach to check the remaining incentives allotted by the “Jazz Cash App.” Please follow the steps given to check for free incentives.

  • Please get and install the “Jazz World App.”
  • Open it on your device now.
  • On the home page, you will find the “MB, SMS, and Minute” consumption meters.
  • Refresh the page to see your current free incentives.

As a result, jazz subscribers can utilize these two distinct ways to check their remaining SMS and minutes offered by Jazz Cash for free.

Use Free Incentives

Use the “Jazz Cash” service for all transactions in Pakistan. Instead, you can save money in Jazz Cash and receive free presents in the form of free SMS and free minutes. These free incentives will be given daily based on the amount saved. However, we have already mentioned two methods for checking these free SMS and minutes.

Jazz MBB Packages List – Jazz 4g Device Packages

All Jazz 4G Internet devices, including Jazz MBB, WIFI, MIFI, and all device packages, are detailed and priced here. The Jazz MBB Packages List is shown below.

All networks in Pakistan have been updated with the introduction of 4G technology. As a result, all 3G internet devices have been replaced by fourth-generation (or 4G) devices. As a result, we have explained the rates, packages, and validity of each bundle, as well as their other fundamental information, for all Jazz 4G devices.

With the introduction of 4G, it is now much easier to connect to the internet on Jazz (data devices). There are several devices that are classified based on size, signal range, energy consumption, and user connectivity power.

These promotions apply to all Jazz devices. As a result, these are Jazz 4g Amazing packages. However, we have included a link to each bundle that will take you further.

Jazz MBB Reactivation Offer

Customers can select the Jazz MBB reactivation offer by dialing *6363*8#. After that select the offer.

Jazz MBB Packages

Select the monthly basic package to receive 25 GB of data, 12 GB of which will be usable from 1 AM to 1 PM. This bundle is only available in PKR 888. The subscription and check codes are as follows

Monthly Promotion Basic

  • 25 GB of data
  • Time: 12 GB (1AM-1PM)
  • 30 Day Validity
  • Price: 888 PKR
  • Sub-Code: *117*71#
  • UN-SUB Code: *117*71*4#
  • Status Code: *117*71*2#

Jazz MBB Packages (Regular)

The regular monthly data bundle is now only available for PKR 1850. The customer will receive 60 GB, 30 GB of which will only be available from 1 AM to 1 PM.

Monthly Promotion 60 GB of regular data

  • 30 GB in time (1 AM-1 PM)
  • 30 Day Validity
  • Price: 1850 PKR
  • Sub-Code: *117*73#
  • UN-SUB Code: *117*73*4# Status Code: *117*73*2#

Mega MBB Package

The monthly mega package of 100 GB is only available for PKR 2100. Other information can be found in the description box.

Monthly Mega Promotion

  • 100 GB of data
  • Time: 50 GB (1AM-1PM)
  • 30 Day Validity
  • Price: 2100 PKR
  • Status Code: *117*36*2# UN-SUB Code: *117*36*4#

Heavy MBB Packages

The hefty package is for members who wish to receive the most MBs possible. As a result, this bundle includes 150 GB of storage space for 30 days.

Monthly Heavy Promotion

  • 150 GB of data
  • Time: 75 GB (1AM-1PM)
  • 30 Day Validity
  • Price: 2600 PKR
  • Sub-Code: *117*74#
  • *117*74*2# Status Code

MBB Package (3-Months)

The Jazz 3 months bundle is our first long-term bundle. The package is valid for 90 days and includes 50 GB of data. The bundle costs PKR 5750 in total.

3-Months Promotion

  • 50 GB of data
  • Timing: –
  • 90-day validity
  • Price: 5750 PKR
  • Sub-Code: *117*15#
  • UN-SUB Code: *117*15*4# Status Code: *117*17*2#

MBB Package (6-Months)

The final bundle is a 6-month deal. The offer includes 100 GB of storage space for only PKR 12500. The codes are listed below.

6-Months Promotion

  • 100 GB of data
  • Timing: –
  • 300-Day Validity
  • Price: 12500 PKR
  • Sub-Code: *117*16#
  • UN-SUB Code: *117*16*4# Status Code: *117*18*2#

    Jazz 4g Device Price

    These three well-known Jazz internet devices, together with their official prices, are listed in the box below.

    • Jazz 4G Wingle is priced at PKR 3000.
    • Jazz 4G WIFI costs PKR 4200, while Jazz Home WIFI costs PKR 5500.

    If you want to purchase a new Jazz 4g device, you can do so at your nearest Jazz care facility (franchise) or Jazz point after biometric authentication.

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