Inverex Solar Panels Energy is Pakistan’s largest solar brand. It has been a leading manufacturer of solar products in Pakistan for more than a decade and is a deeply-rooted, success-oriented company. It was founded in 2007 and continues to grow. Inverex was once a major solar energy company. They are now a well-respected manufacturer of high-quality home appliances.

The company sells a variety of solar inverters and solar plates as well as batteries. Inverex, one of the most recognized solar energy brands in Pakistan, has been providing solar energy solutions for domestic households and large and small businesses.

Each year, the company introduces new products to the market that are reliable and top-rated. In a short time, the company has built a large network of suppliers and dealers.

Inverex offers a limited warranty of 05 years and a 25-year life warranty.

Types of solutions Inverex provides

Residential: Inverex provides residential solutions. Their clientele includes ex-cricketers and top celebrities.

Commercial: Inverex not only caters to the average consumer but also leads some of the most important commercial projects in Pakistan

Home Appliances: Inverex offers great solutions for the average household starting at 170 watts.

Inverex Solar Panel Overview

The sun is the source of solar energy. Solar panels, also known as PV panels, are used to convert sunlight from the sun into energy that can be used for driving electrical charges. Inverex solar panel has extensive experience in Pakistan’s solar sector and has provided exceptional leadership and integrity.

Inverex Solar panels capture the smooth, renewable energy of sunlight. They then convert that power into electricity, which can be used to provide electricity for electric loads.

What does Inverex Solar Panel do?

Inverex Solar Panel is one of the most renowned and respected manufacturers in Pakistan. Customer loyalty is their top priority and they will not compromise on it.

Inverex Hybrid Solar Panels were the first panels to combine multi-wire with high-performance N-type cells. They are the strongest and most loved high-end panels.

Inverex 170 Watts Solar Panel


Inverex is well-known for its high-quality solar panels. You can choose from different packages depending on your home’s needs. Below are some of the Inverex 170 Watts panel features.

The company offers a guarantee of the highest-in-class module power output. The panel is compliant with international quality standards and provides safe and efficient performance.

Its charming appearance enhances the home’s look. It’s designed to be durable and compact. You can also create custom designs according to your requirements.


Below are the specifications for Inverex’s solar panel.

Max Power 170
Max Power Voltage 19.84 Volts
Max Power Current 8.73 Ampere
Module Efficiency 17.13%
Cell Efficiency 19.22%
Open Current Voltage 23.44 Volts
Cell Type 156.75 * 156.75 polycrystalline
Cell Numbers 4 * 9 (36)
Dimension 1485 x 668 x 35
Frame Anodized Aluminum alloy
Front Glass Tempered glass, low iron, and 3.2 mm high transmission
Weight 11.0 Kg
Junction Box IP65 / IP67
Max Voltage of System 1000-1500 Volts
Max Fuse rating of series 15 Ampere
Operating and Storage temperature -40 to +85 ‘C
Power Tolerance 0 to approximately +3%

Inverex offers three installation methods

1.  Hybrid 5 KW System

A 5kW solar energy system should be sufficient to offset the average home’s electrical use. Based on your location, and other factors, the Inverex 5kW Solar System will produce approximately 20kWh per Day

A 5kw Solar System can power many household appliances. You should reduce your energy consumption at night by using electrical appliances during the day. Due to their high power, they are best used at peak times.

  • Washing Machine
  • Hot water heaters
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner

Solar energy can be stored for future use. Especially during peak times, not all of the Inverex 5kw Solar System’s energy will be utilized.

2. Inverex 60 KW on-Grid System

Inverex Solar Solution makes solar properties simple and anyone can still generate electricity. Installing Inverex Ongrid System has many benefits

    a) Contribute to The Powerful Sunshine

Inverex On-Grid solar panels often produce more energy than you can use. Distributed generation allows homeowners to store excess power on the grid instead of using batteries.

    b) The utility power system is a virtual capacitor

The electrical power grid can be described as a capacitor in many ways. It doesn’t need to be maintained or backed up and has much higher efficiency. With conventional battery packs, more electricity is wasted.

    c) Higher efficiency

The most powerful 72-cell standard unit is ideal for maximizing rooftop area output with a power class up to 325 Wp, and performance up to 16.5 Percent

3. Inverex 100 kW on-Grid System

Our daily lives are influenced by energy. The energy demand is growing day by day. This leads to an increase in the labor force and the industrial revolution. Inverex 100kW solar system has tighter tolerances. It is made up of solar panels, and a solar converter.

Inverex 100kW solar system is on-grid and works with government electricity power. The first priority will be solar power and the second priority will remain overall government electric power through a net-metering program.

Inverex Offgrid 100kW solar system offers two ways to charge your electric battery. First, solar power, and second, solar power charged batteries.

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