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Do you have any issues regarding your IESCO Online Bill November 2022? Don’t worry. You can check, print, download, and pay your IESCO online bill from our website. Just enter your 14 digits reference number to check your IESCO October bill 2022. Not only you can check your current bill, but also you can download your previous IESCO bill from here. Unlikely other websites you can easily download your duplicate bills from here.

IESCO represents the Islamabad Electricity supply organization. IESCO supplies power to the Capital of Pakistan and its encompassing regions. Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan. There are more than 3.2 million IESCO buyers. IESCO supplies power to both the country and metropolitan areas of Islamabad and its adjoining regions. Likewise, it supplies power to 6 Divisions. IESCO as one of the main Electricity supply organizations in Pakistan intends to offer quality types of assistance to its customer.

IESCO Online Bill November 2022

To check your IESCO bill 2022, you have to follow the only short steps given below.

  • Enter your 14 digits reference number in the box.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • A copy of your IESCO November bill will open in front of you.
  • You can download and print your bill from there.

You can check any bill from our website.

Reference # is required.

You can check the latest WAPDA (IESCO, LESCO, SEPCO, PESCO, QESCO, GEPCO, TESCO), K-Electric, WASA, Sui Gas (SNPL, SSGC), or CDA bills on this website in less than a minute on your mobile. Phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. All you need is a 14-digit reference number (in the case of K-Electric account number 13, in case of WASA customer code 8-digit, and in case of CDA customer number 10. digits).

How to Check IESCO Reference Number

To download IESCO online Bill you need to put your 14 Digits reference number by visiting the website What is an IESCO reference number? A reference number is a code that contains 14 Digits. You can find this code effectively on your past IESCO bill. It is available on the left half of your month-to-month bill. You can place it in the pursuit box and your Electricity bill will appear before you. The reference number is present on the left side of your IESCO bill. Once you acquire the reference number, you can check your duplicate bill from the aforementioned procedure. It’s a very easy way to check your bill.

IESCO Online Bill reference number

How to calculate your IESCO Online bill of November 2022

You can calculate your electricity bill by visiting the official IESCO website. Just put the estimated amount of the total units consumed then the website will show you the amount of your estimated bill.

IESCO Online Bill Payment Methods

You can download your IESCO Online Bill from any spot from any place. This is an exceptionally simple and efficient interaction. You don’t have to visit any shop to cover your IESCO October Bill. There are a few techniques by which you can take care of your month-to-month power bill.

You can pay your bill physically as well as through internet banking in different banks, including

  • Mezan Bank
  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Allied Bank
  • Askari Bank (AKBL)
  • Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
  • Faysal Bank (FBL)
  • Bank Al Falah (BAF)
  • Soneri Bank
  • United Bank Limited (UBL)

Online Bill Payment

Have any issues in paying your bill physically? You don’t have to worry as there are several different ways of online bill payment. You can easily pay your IESCO online bill using Easy Paisa or the Jazz Cash app.

The Simplest Way to Pay your IESCO Online bill

The easiest way to pay your IESCO bill 2022 is by using the Jazz Cash app. Moreover, if you can not pay your bill through internet banking, Jazz Cash is the best way to pay your bill then. It is a very easy process above all very time-friendly that requires only a few minutes. Just dial *786# from your mobile and follow different steps to activate your Jazz Cash account. Once your account is activated, you can pass on money from your bank account to the Jazz Cash account. The whole process is going to take 15 to 20 minutes.

Calculating the rates of the units manually is indeed challenging for the average consumer. However, you can immediately estimate your total usage using our IESCO Bill Calculator 2022.

You may now instantly obtain an exact estimate of your Electricity usage by selecting your connection type and providing the number of units for that connection, whether you are a domestic, commercial, or industrial consumer.

IESCO New Connection

Now, you don’t have to visit the IESCO head office or wait in long lines to apply for  New Connection. This is all because IESCO has now launched a method to apply for new connections online. You can easily apply for IESCO’s new connection online from your home. All you need is just a laptop and a good internet connection. If you want to apply for IESCO’s new connection now click the button below


IESCO stands for Islamabad Electric Supply Company which started working in 1998. It was established to take charge of the functions and responsibilities of the old Islamabad Area Electricity Board. It is one of Pakistan’s largest electricity companies. WAPDA owns and operates IESCO.

IESCO provides and manages electricity in Federal Capital Islamabad, Chakwal, Attock, Jhelum, and Rawalpindi. It has five circles, 19 divisions, and 107 subdivisions under it.

IESCO Circles

  • Attock circle
  • Islamabad circle
  • Rawalpindi circle
  • Jhelum circle
  • Chakwal circle

Sub-Divisions under these Circles

There are the following sub-divisions under IESCO circles.

Islamabad CircleAttock CircleRawalpindi CircleJhelum CircleChakwal Circle
Islamabad Division 1Texilla DivisionRawat DivisionGujar Khan DivisionTalagang Division
Barakaho DivisionPindigheb DivisionCantt DivisionJhelum Division 1Pind Dadan Khan Division
Islamabad Division 2Attock DivisionTariqabad DivisionJhelum Division 2Dhudial Division
Satellite DivisionChakwal Division
Westbridge Division

How to reduce your IESCO bill

There are some tips to reduce your IESCO bill

  • Switch-off unnecessary lights to reduce the bill
  • Use LED bulbs and energy savers instead of ordinary lights
  • Keep your AC at a low thermostat (26)
  • Use Dc-inverter Air conditions instead of commonly used ACs
  • Keep your AC commissar in the shade to keep it cool
  • Do not use iron during the hours of maximum usage 6 pm to 10 pm
  • Use energy-saving ceiling fans instead of the ordinary one
  • Always use good quality wiring
  • Insulate your ceiling

IESCO Head Office

IESCO’s head office address is Street 40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad

How to contact IESCO Head Office

IESCO Complaints:
If you have any type of criticism about your bill or IESCO bill unit rates, you could call the hotline to give brief assistance.
Address: 7/4 Islamabad Sector G Street 40.
Facebook Page:

Telephone number: 051-9252937, 051-9252937, 051-9252939

Fax: 051-9252927

Email: customer [email protected]


IESCO Complaints

If you have any queries regarding IESCO, like power breakdown or any complaints, you can click the button below.

It will guide you to the IESCO complaint numbers.

IESCO jobs

As you know, IESCO is one of the most reputed organizations in Pakistan. So, one must avail the chance to apply for IESCO jobs. IESCO posts its jobs for the number of positions off and on. It includes the jobs from Chief Financial officer to Assistant lineman. The other IESCO-related jobs are

  • Company Secretary
  • Chief internal auditor
  • Chief executive officer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Audit Assistant
  • Electrical engineer
  • Bill distributor

You can apply for all the jobs if you meet their requirements.

IESCO Internship Programs

IESCO also offers an internship program in addition to the jobs. You can enhance your experience from this opportunity. It helps you to gain immense experience as well as academic credit.

How to APPLY for IESCO jobs

You can easily apply for the IESCO jobs. All you need to do is open their official website,

  1. First, open the job posting.
  2. Second, read the advertisement to check whether you meet the criteria or not.
  3. Third, apply online for the desired position.
  4. IESCO will review your job application to check whether the applicant is qualified whereas reviewing is based on education, skills, qualification, and experience.
  5. If you pass the demand, IESCO will send you a notification letter to call for the interview. The interview will be your last but not the least step.


How can I get a duplicate IESCO November Bill 2022?

You could get it here if you did not receive a duplicate copy of your IESCO WAPDA bill. Enter the reference number, check the most recent tab, and download and print an identical bill copy.

What is the detection bill?

A detection bill is given for illegal consumption of direct energy hooking and on account of slowness. The detection bill is judged strictly following section 26-A of the electricity act, 1910. In the case of direct hooking, whoever is found to be connected to his home or commercial appliance. He is doing an offense.

In addition to direct hooking, it is also served for meter slowness. Later is checked with the Check meter. Charging on meter slowness is continued until you replace your meter.

What to do if you suddenly receive a heavy bill?

You have to point out how many watts are used by an electrical device.

How can I apply for bill installments?

Installments are not accepted on current bills; however, if you have a pending bill amount (arrears) on your account, you can request installments for that amount, including interest at bank rates

Is it possible to view my IESCO October bill online using my CNIC or meter number?

You cannot check your bill by CNIC, name, or meter number because this feature is not available online. However, you may receive your reference number from your nearest subdivision and use it to print duplicate bills online. You can also find the reference number of any old bill copy.

Can I pay my IESCO bill through internet banking?
 by logging into the myABL mobile banking app or internet banking you can pay your IESCO bill online without any hassle.

Can I pay my IESCO bill via ABL ATM?
 you can pay your IESCO bill at any time at any ABL ATM conveniently and securely. Once your invoice is paid, you will automatically receive a receipt.

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