IESCO Bill Calculator 2022-Enter units to calculate your bill

We’ve designed a simple IESCO bill online calculator for you if you want to calculate an approximate IESCO bill amount online based on units consumed for your home connection. We used IESCO’s most recent pricing for the year 2022 to calculate an estimated electricity bill for you. This calculator is exclusively for ‘Residential’ connections; if you are a Commercial or Industry customer, we suggest you look at the IESCO tariff and calculate your bill using the unit rates for your customer type.


IESCO Bill Calculator


What is the IESCO Bill Calculator?

The IESCO bill calculator is a free tool for calculating and estimating the amount of your bill. Using this calculator, you can determine the precise amount of your bill, including tax deductions. Furthermore, this tool gives you the option of selecting a connection type, such as business, residential, or industrial. You can choose between single-phase and triple-phase power. Shortly, this tool calculates the best bill estimate while updating the unit.
The IESCO calculation tool is extremely simple to use and is completely free. Whatever the case may be, you need to know how many rates of units you’ve spent. However, by entering these used units, the calculator will automatically estimate your cost and display the results.

Procedure to calculate your bill

  • To calculate your bill, click the ‘calculate your bill’ button.
  • You will be sent to a page where you can choose from various bill options.
  • Choose IESCO. After that, you’ll be sent to the estimation page.
  • You must enter the essential information here, such as the number of units, phases, and kinds, among other things.
  • When you’ve finished filling out all the forms, click ‘Submit.’
  • A preview of your estimated cost will be shown before you.

IESCO Bill Calculation Formula

The IESCO bill calculator does not have a particular formula. All you need to know is how many total units you have utilized. To start, multiply the bill units by the current unit rate. For example, if the current unit rate is two and you have spent 21 units, the multiplication value will be 42. After that, add F.C. surcharges, power duty, T.V. fee, GST, and N.J. surcharges to obtain the total amount of your bill.
This is the straightforward formula for calculating the IESCO Online bill. When it comes to residential connection types, the rate per unit varies depending on the number of units; for example, there are various charges for 50 units and different rates for more than 50 units. If you use the bill calculator, you won’t have to worry about anything; all you have to do is enter the units and some additional information, and your bill amount will be calculated.

IESCO Unit Rates for Residential Connection

Because the Tariff Guide specifies the units and price per unit for each connection type separately, various unit rates apply to different Connection Types. You’ll find the number of units in the table below and the price per unit for Residential Connection. The W.E. F 01-01-2019 Applicable Variable Charges are shown in this table. Additionally, the IESCO Official Tariff Guide may calculate unit prices for commercial and industrial connection types.

UnitsPrice in Rupees
Above 70022.65

IESCO Unit Rates for Other Connection Types

Because the IESCO Official Tariff Guide expressly states the units and price per unit for each connection type separately, IESCO charges each connection type differently.
The unit charges for commercial and industrial connections are vastly different from residential connections.
General Services, Single Point Supply, Agriculture Tariff, Temporary Supply Tariff, Seasonal Industrial Supply Tariff, Public Lighting, Residential Colonies attached to Industrial Premises, Special Contracts under NEPRA (Supply of Power) Regulations 2015, and Special Contracts are all subject to different unit rates at IESCO.

You can get an estimate of your IESCO bill by entering the consumed units. This tool is simple, free to use, and gives you the most accurate estimate for your next bill. You may calculate the entire amount of your IESCO bill by checking units from your power meter and entering them into the calculator. You can also look into MEPCO’s 2022 Duplicate Bill.

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