Everyone enters the Cryptocurrency industry with the intention of making money, but not everyone succeeds. With the increase in crypto scams, many people either give up along the way or fall victim to some sort of trap. In this article, we will tell you about 7 different ways how to make money with cryptocurrency in 2022.

Actually, aside from the apparent method of trading, there are also a few additional ways to use cryptocurrencies to earn genuine income. We thus decided to look at some of the tried-and-true strategies for employing cryptocurrencies to make money. We found quite a few, and we’re convinced that you’ll think they’re wonderful.

Do not be intimidated by the fact that cryptocurrency involves both money and computer science. You don’t need to be an expert to get started, and it’s straightforward.

Even in 2022, you may still make money online with some careful investment and a little luck.

Although many individuals use cryptocurrencies to pay for their purchases, they are more frequently discussed as a sort of investment, inspiring whole websites that track the value of a single Bitcoin.


What is Crypto and How does it Work?

A cryptocurrency is a type of decentralized payment system that may be used for online trading. However, there are a lot of the best cryptocurrencies on the market, such as the well-known Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin meme currency.

The blockchain that records cryptocurrency transactions prohibits the same coin from using more than once. Transactions are processed on a blockchain network made up of thousands of devices, and the owners of these machines can get bitcoin in return for their effort.

As computers decipher intricate mathematical puzzles to determine the validity of a transaction on the blockchain, new coins are “mined” (that is, minted or generated).

While many individuals use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for their purchases, it is more often used as an investment vehicle that powers whole websites that track the value of one Bitcoin.

Users convert cash into cryptocurrencies and rely on a gain in the value of their investment, exactly like stocks, using exchange or bitcoin wallet programmes like Crypto.com, Coinbase, Coinmarketcap, and BlockFi.

Depending on your income for that tax year, you may or may not have to pay capital gains tax on revenue from Bitcoin Cash or other cryptocurrencies. You won’t have to pay taxes on your cryptocurrency income if you make less than $40,000 annually. According to regulations, income up to $441,150 is taxed at a rate of 15%, while income over that is taxed at a rate of 20%.

When major businesses declare that they would take cryptocurrencies as payment, when mining procedures change, or when well-known individuals like Elon Musk support certain crypto assets, cryptocurrencies can increase in value. Additionally, when supply is constrained and demand is high, it might appreciate in value. For instance, mining stops if there are 21 million bitcoins in use.

Cryptocurrencies may lose value if businesses stop accepting them as a form of payment or if many individuals try to sell them at once.

Is It Possible to Make Money with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can earn money with cryptocurrencies. The majority of crypto assets come with a high level of risk because of their inherent volatility, whilst some call for specific knowledge or skill.

One way to earn money with cryptocurrencies is via trading them. There is a lot of volatility in the cryptocurrency market even though the average daily volume of trading in cryptocurrencies is just 1% of the foreign exchange market. Thus, it is possible to engage in short-term trading.

You have a wide range of alternatives when it comes to generating money with cryptocurrency because there are several sites for buying cryptocurrencies including Binance, Coinbase, and Robinhood.

In essence, aside from the apparent trading approach, there are several ways for you to earn genuine income using cryptocurrency.

Experts’ Advice on Safely Investing in Cryptocurrency

Investing is never without danger. One of the riskier investment options on the market, according to experts, is cryptocurrencies. However, the trendiest asset right now is digital money.

The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is currently $2.66T, and it is predicted to climb remarkably. The following advice can aid in your decision-making if you decide to invest in digital currencies.

1. Understand How to Store Your Virtual Currency

When you buy cryptocurrency, you must keep it. You may decide whether to store your bitcoin in a digital “wallet” or on an exchange (one of the cryptocurrency wallets described in the blog). There are many different sorts of wallets, and each has its own benefits and technical and security needs. Before engaging in trading, you should investigate your hosting alternatives.

2. Make a variety of investments

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, diversification is the backbone of any sound investment plan. For instance, just because you are familiar with the name of the network, you shouldn’t put all of your money into it. There are countless possibilities, thus it is preferable to diversify your investment over several digital currencies.

3. Research Exchange

Before making a single investment, educate yourself about cryptocurrency exchanges. These sites offer a means for buying and selling cryptocurrency. There are more than 500 exchanges to select from, claims Bitcoin.com. Before moving further, do your homework, study reviews, and consult an expert investor. Numerous Telegram communities are there offering advice and sharing their own experiences. One of them is called Crypto Gaming Bulls.

4. Get ready for volatility

Be ready for some ups and downs because the cryptocurrency market is always erratic. The cost will change drastically. Cryptocurrencies might not be your best option if your financial situation or mental health are beyond your control.

Although it is now popular, cryptocurrency is still in its early stages. Be ready since investing in anything new might be challenging. If you’re thinking about joining, start by conducting research and developing a cautious investment plan.


1. Investing:

Investing is one of the most often used methods of earning money using cryptocurrencies. It functions much in the same manner that you would invest in a business, but there is a slight variation. It is far preferable to employ the buy-and-hold method than to invest your money in the company in hopes that it would grow and pay you back on its own.

Like any investment, this is somewhat hazardous since you would be putting your money into something that is currently worthless in order to sell it when others are in need.

When we analyze history, we can see that whoever employed this strategy actually made quite an amount of money, particularly if they had been collecting Bitcoin from the time it was only valued a few cents to the present, when it is worth thousands.

Investing is undoubtedly the best course of action if you’re searching for a long-term method of generating income from cryptocurrencies. This is especially true if you comprehend the industry and are able to foresee its upcoming changes.

2. Mining


You have most likely heard the word “mine” a hundred times previously. Not only is it by far the most popular way to earn money using cryptocurrencies, but because of its popularity, getting PC components became very challenging, so you may have frequently heard about it in the news.

The alternative that has the least risk is mining a cryptocurrency because you are producing the coin into your wallet using mining equipment. The only risk that is greater is deciding whether to keep mining more of the money when its value lowers.

You don’t need to work as hard to become a very profitable cryptocurrency miner as you would to use the other techniques. However, you will need to spend money on mining rigs, which are essentially PCs that will only be used to run a programme that mines the cryptocurrency. Of course, you could also have trouble finding the parts for such rigs.

If you are a risk taker, mining might provide you with the highest profit boost if you decide to mine a cryptocurrency that is simple to produce and is also appreciated over time. Be cautious while using this strategy since, although you won’t really lose any more money by mining a cryptocurrency that could turn out to be useless, you will still waste valuable time that might be put to better use.

3. Trading

Trading, in contrast to investing, is more of a short-term technique where you will gain money in spurts. To achieve this, you must first possess a cryptocurrency of some type and exchange it for another currency on one of the various platforms available. Trading carries a little bit more risk due to the crypto market’s potential for volatility.

You need strong technical and analytical abilities for this technique because prices can change drastically in a matter of minutes. Due to this, we would argue that individuals with greater knowledge of cryptocurrencies should choose this choice, whilst beginners should invest in something much safer, especially if they are interested in more well-known cryptocurrencies.

You may even employ a trading bot to handle all of your tradings if you want to gain a leg up on the competition and trade around the clock. Even though setting up a trading bot is not easy, once it is operating and the AI has learned enough about the characters and trade patterns, it will be able to perform the task at least as effectively as you can.

4. Buy & HODL

This is the most typical method of using cryptocurrency to make money. Most investors buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others and wait for their values to increase. They sell for a profit once their market values increase.

Finding more stable and volatile assets that may change in value quickly and produce consistent returns is necessary for this investing approach. Assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have a history of maintaining consistent price variations; as a result, they may be viewed as secure investments in this sense. However, you are free to exchange any item you believe will increase in value; all you have to do is research every asset you buy before deciding to hold onto it.

Additionally, investing in pricey assets is not necessary in order to benefit. Consider having a mix of all currencies that have a promising future worth and are not simply well-liked in the exchanges. There are hundreds of minor altcoins that have reasonable price movements.

5. Staking Crypto

Staking cryptocurrency is analogous to locking up your assets in a bank and receiving income, much like a certificate of deposit (CD). Your cryptocurrency holdings are “locked up” in return for benefits or interest from the site where you have staked the assets.

Staking is available on a large number of exchanges and platforms, including centralized and decentralized solutions. Some hardware wallets even allow you to stake cryptocurrency. Staking stablecoins is the choice with the lowest risk. The majority of the risk related to the swings in cryptocurrency prices is removed when you stake stablecoins. Additionally, when staking, try to stay away from lockup times.

6. Work for Cryptocurrency Companies

This is a typical technique for people in the industry to make money. Anyone may work for a cryptocurrency firm in any position; you might, for example, be a site designer, a digital marketer, or a content developer. All you need to do is determine their requirements and demonstrate how your abilities may be used to address those demands.

The nicest part about working with crypto platforms is that you’re probably going to work remotely, giving you the convenience of working from home.

Other than that, most legitimate crypto businesses provide quite appealing packages, so if you have the chance to work with one, don’t be hesitant to accept it.

Here are a few examples of platforms that compensate users for their services with digital assets:

  • Angle.co
  • XBTFreelancer
  • Coinworker
  • Coinality
  • bitWAGE
  • JobsforBitcoin

7. Airdrops

Through airdrops, which are the riskiest way to get free bitcoin. It’s more than you feel to be beneficial for the majority of investors. For the purpose of promoting fresh currencies, developers conduct airdrops. In order to promote adoption, they essentially give away free money.

It is possible to check online to see if the airdrop project is still operational. User endorsements for them are common on the company website, social media, and other crypto news channels.

Any new crypto project must be approached carefully. Hackers frequently utilize the frauds of fake airdrops and ICOs (initial coin offerings). In actuality, many coins that were produced in the shape of air bubbles were not particularly good investment shops. The more well-known cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are what experts advise beginners to stay with. Change to airdrops if you adhere to this advice.

Taxable income also applies to any cryptocurrencies acquired through airdrops. You must report based on the fair market value as of the distributed ledger’s date of registration, according to the IRS (in most cases when receiving airdrops from digital wallets).

Which Is Better for Investment: Long-Term or Short-Term?

Short-term investment in crypto

Investments that are frequently held for less than a year are referred to as short-term investments. Frequently used names to characterize short-term investors include active traders and active investors. You buy and sell far more frequently than long-term investors. Several times a year, several times a month, or even several times a day, this may take place. In general, short-term investors seek to turn a quick profit and don’t intend to stick to their investments, preferring instead to bet on the market.

These short-term investors also maintain long-term investment portfolios abroad. You’re probably using it to pay for your retirement or long-term stock investments in other companies.

Tips for short-term investment

Short-term investors want to buy and sell their shares as soon as possible in order to profit. The common short-term investing methods are as follows:

  • Scalping: Buying and selling at regular intervals during the trading day.
  • Day Trading: Investing to get the little returns that build up to a lot of money.
  • Swing trading: Investing for a short period of time, such as a few days, weeks, or even months.

Long-term investment in crypto

When employing the long-term investing technique, an investment is frequently kept for longer than a year. Passive investing is also widely practiced by long-term investors. Or, to put it another way, you don’t buy or sell much more quickly. Long-term investors have two choices: they can purchase rising-value stocks or funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, long-term investment is typically more of a set-and-forget approach.

Tips for long-term investment

“Buy and Hold” is the key idea, despite the existence of a few unique techniques. Consider the following strategies for long-term investing.

  • Value Investing: A tactic when a buyer attempts to purchase a coin at a price below its inherent worth.
  • Growth Investing: Investing in businesses you think will outperform the market cap.
  • Dividend Investing: Putting money into companies that issue dividends.

How to pick cryptocurrencies for both short and long-term investments

  • First, a basic examination needs to be done. How precisely is a fundamental analysis performed? We must also be conscious of the magnitude of our bitcoin investment. Currently, the top cryptocurrencies for both long- and short-term investments are accessible.
  • Fundamental growth study every quarter. For daily or short-term trading, it is important to be aware of test support and resistance levels.

Is it too late to start using cryptocurrencies to make money?

Certainly not. This asset class still has a long way to go. Unimaginable advancements will surely take place in the crypto realm. There will probably be even more opportunities to make money with cryptocurrency thanks to these new developments.

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