Make money on is one of the leading websites that connect freelancers with potential employers who want to pay them for their services. High-tech professionals can use the internet portal to get short-term contracts by directly interacting with prospective employers. A network of more than 1.5 million gurus from across the world provides their talents for technical, artistic, or commercial initiatives. It is easy to use and calls for freelancers to set up an online profile to highlight the abilities they can offer potential employers.

How to make money on

We will describe how to begin working at, a fantastic freelancing platform, in this article. The steps are very similar yet there are a few variances in the website’s appearance and parts. Take these actions.

1. Create your account

  • Visit A signup button may be found at the upper right of the page, as seen in figure 1. Just click there.
  • You will be sent to a new page where you can choose to join up using a Google ID, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, or email address.
  • You are prompt to choose the type of account you desire in the following stage. Choosing an option and inputting a password should allow you to continue, whether you are an “employer” or a “freelancer.”
  • You are required to enter security questions and confirm your email with a 4-digit code in the following step.

Complete Your Profile

Following the initial phases of registration. You are now being sent to your profile page, where you may add your services, upload your portfolio, modify your information, and access additional tools that will become increasingly helpful as you use the website. It will be a wonderful idea to finish your profile and brand yourself properly since this will be the only method clients can determine whether you are a good fit since there aren’t any reviews or feedback on your account yet. A filled profile will create a favorable impression on a future employer.
After signing up, you will be redirect to this page. The goal is to enable immediate profile modification for you. Click the photo icon at the top to get to it. Make money on is so easy but on a condition that u must have a skill to do.

You must fill out various textboxes and pages, including those for your tagline, biography, and working conditions. Try to fill out every single field on your profile and the portfolio page. You may even post a photo to make yourself seem more approachable. A thorough profile demonstrates your level of competence. The Portfolio and Services sections, which highlight your prior work and expertise, should receive significant attention.

How can I get a job?

You select the “Find Work” option at the top of your website to search for employment. Your chances of receiving a response increase with the completeness of your profile. When you’re on this page, you may use the search box to locate the specific position you’re looking for.
There is an opportunity to submit a bid after you locate a job that appeals to you. All of the websites offer nearly identical bidding advice. Bid less initially until you gain momentum from favorable reviews and ratings. Additionally, only submit bids for jobs that you can actually do. A positive is always having the task finished within the predetermined timeline. has received mixed reviews, but it has been successful for some, so it could be worth a go.

10 Easy Steps to make money on

1. Applying to Guru

You create an account at Guru instead of applying to be a writer. You must finish a profile after visiting and creating an account. Take care to fill it out as completely as you can and add the finest samples you have. On the fundamental account, you will reach 80% completion. Make money on is the best way to earn online.
In contrast to many websites, Guru offers both a free basic account and a premium Guru account. The fact that premium accounts are require to access the best jobs should go without saying, but it doesn’t mean that free accounts are worthless. Many people I know receive regular payments of $300 to $500 for every 1,000 words of an article, yet they just possess a basic education.

2. Your Profile

You can look at the numerous jobs that are available after completing your profile. They offer a fantastic search engine that enables you to filter the jobs so that you are only shown ones that you could be qualify for and are interest in taking. The ability to view what is accessible if you upgrade your account is a truly fantastic feature of the Guru search. That is a mystery on many websites.
When creating your profile, it’s critical to include your expertise. From lists inside categories, you may choose. Later, the search options will become more streamline as a result.
Guru is also not just a website for writers. A freelancing website, they are. This implies that there are several freelancing positions accessible locally. This is also another benefit of using the search option. On this website, you may apply for jobs in website design, coding, and just about any other form of freelance work.

3. Using Guru to Find Jobs

The salary range is one of the first things you’ll notice because it’s so inconsistent. This is due to Guru’s lack of predetermine pricing. Every customer specifies their desire price for the project and has a budget. Move on to the next job if you find that unacceptable. There will be low-paying jobs available, just as on any other foreign employment site. Simply let them go and give them to people who find that wage rate tolerable. The markets in Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, and the United States will provide the finest customers seeking excellent writing. They want natural English speakers and would accept nothing less.
You can only apply for a certain number of jobs each month with each basic account. When you locate a position that suits you, apply for it by clicking the button, after which you must finish a proposal. This is not a bidding site; the amount of your charge is predetermine. In the proposal, you are presenting a possible client with your ideas for the task. If they like them then they will hire you. There are presently more than 600 open writing assignments, I discovered when I visited Guru while writing this.

4. Time Tracker

Guru has a peculiar and distinctive quality that I’ll let you decide for yourself. You may get a programme from them call Time Tracker. This is beneficial if you are hired by a customer on an hourly basis, since it enables the client to track how much work you have complete for the project. While you are using the app, it also periodically captures screenshots. Some clients appear to enjoy using this even though it was intend primarily for website design and coding.
Because it penalizes you for being a quick typist, I do not advise getting paid on an hourly basis. Paying per task is preferable. I find it unpleasant that a client would be seeing the procedure. You might not mind, but I’ve turn down a few clients who want to use that strategy. Interestingly, I haven’t lost any clients as a consequence because they all agree to work on a per assignment basis and without the Time Tracker.

5. Skills Evaluation

The talent evaluations are Guru’s other distinctive feature. This is a testing facility that you may use from your accounts section, and the site will “certify” you depending on your results. I urge all writers to use the English ones. It will make numerous writing positions that required passing an English test available. You cannot apply for the job on the website without this. This exclusive clientele seeks only the greatest authors, which swiftly eliminates a large number of applicants.

6. Utilizing Guru

Like any other customer, once you have been hired through Guru, you have a deadline. You won’t get paid unless the client is happy with the work you’ve done for them. Additionally, the customer will rate you and you will rate the client when the service is finish. Future applications and clients will benefit from knowing the type of person they are working with. No matter what else occurs, maintain your composure.
There are a few things you should make clear to your customer right away. Things like length, any keywords or specifications they want stated, what word processing tool you should use, etc. Guru doesn’t offer a writing platform; instead, you upload the finished document to the client’s workspace. To guarantee that your work is safe, Guru keeps control over it.

7. Editing

Guru does not support editing. Your customer will see your final findings as soon as you submit them, and they may request modifications. This is not rare, and unless the demands are ridiculous, they should be granted. Even then, you won’t be paid unless the client is satisfiy. Self-editing is advantageous in this situation.

8. Guru Dashboard

There is a Guru Dashboard, but I didn’t mention it earlier since using it effectively requires that you already be a Guru employee. You will need some experience to make money The Dashboard serves as your home screen and displays all of your active projects along with those that have been finish and are awaiting customer approval. Additionally, it will display information such as your most recent ratings. It is made to show a lot of information quickly, and it achieves this quite effectively. Although you may access the search feature from there as well, your Dashboard really contains nothing else until you begin using Guru.

9. Communication

Through Guru, there is an excellent connection between the writer and the customer, and you can get in touch with each other if you have questions or suggestions. This is crucial since so many websites make it tough to interact with customers, making it challenging to deliver exactly what they want.

10. Receiving Payment

With Guru, payment methods differ slightly from those on other websites. Until the transaction is finish, Guru keeps the client’s money. You have a number of payment choices, including PayPal and direct bank deposit. Payment often occurs within 24 hours.
Paying isn’t as simple as it first appears. You will complete and send the client’s invoice from within your account. Here you receive the remaining funds once Guru deducts transaction costs from your payment. You may specify where the money is move to as it posts to your account so that you can access it.
Make money on is a fantastic resource for locating very lucrative writing gigs. Once you master the search, you might have to slog through a few low-paying positions, but soon you’ll be skimming the list and applying for high-paying positions. Pay notice to the positions that you can’t apply for because your account is too basic; if there are several of them that catch your eye, you might want to consider upgrading.

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