How to Calculate Electricity Bill? That is the question most people their minds. Calculating a bill is a simple activity, but it might be challenging for those who do not have a technical background. So, we’ll show you how to calculate electricity bills straightforwardly with an example.

How To Calculate Electricity Bill

You’ll need to determine how much energy each of your appliances and electronic gadgets uses to calculate your electricity bill. Estimating your power use would be as simple as checking an itemized supermarket ticket in an ideal world. You’d be able to see just how much you spend on the dishwasher, laundry, TV, and a month’s hot water supply. That technology is growing closer every day, but for now, you’ll have to perform some mathematics or spend some money to obtain an appliance-by-appliance analysis.

How to Calculate Electricity Bill from Meter Reading

Electric meter readings are taken manually in Pakistan, as we all know. It may eventually contain human mistakes and other issues. You should be capable of calculating your meter reading to prevent this problem. You may do it quickly by following the steps outlined.

Meter Type

There are three types of meters,

  • Analogue Meters
  • Digital Meters
  • Smart Meters

Analogue Meter

Reading an analog meter is a difficult task that requires much care. On the analog meter, there are five dials. Begin recording the readings by following the steps below:

  • Peruse a dial on the left first.
  • Whenever the cursor is between two numbers, consistently pick the most reduced one.
  • Observe if you see a pointer overlaying a number.
  • If it is between two figures, for example, 9 and 0, you should pick nine and afterward bring down the left meter’s perusing by 1. (Try not to be baffled; you’ve proactively taken the perusing from this meter on the left; assuming that it was 5, lower it to 4 at this point.)
  • Disregard the last meter. You are not expected to take the perusing.

Digital Meters

This meter has a column of numbers, some of which are surrounded by red. You should record the numbers in the queue from left to right, disregarding the numbers set apart in red.

Smart Meters:

You can bring one more perusing by recording the numerals as they go from left to right. A few red digits on smart meters are after the point. These red digits should be overlooked.

Cost of Units

Presently it would help if you sorted out how much every unit costs. With the expansion or utilization of units, the cost of units changes.

  • It will cost 5.79 rupees per unit, assuming that the meter perusing is not exactly or equivalent to 100 units.
  • A meter perusing of 101 to 200 units would cost 8.11 per unit.
  • It will cost 10.20 per unit if the meter perusing is between 201 and 300 units.
  • The expense of a meter perusing somewhere between 301 and 700 is 17.60 per unit.
  • If the meter perusing is more critical than 700, the expense per unit is 20.70.

How to Calculate Electricity Bill? (Physically)

1. Compute Your Electricity Consumption:
To begin with, decide how much energy your gadgets utilize day today. For instance, assume you consistently utilize a 3,000-watt electric engine for 5 hours. Then you can sort out the amount it will cost:
Everyday Consumption= (Wattage of Electric Motor) x (Hours utilized)
3,000 x 5 = 15,000Wh (watts hour)
You may now increase the month-to-month utilization of a specific machine by 30 to get the month-to-month utilization.
15,000Wh x 30 = 450,000Wh or 450kWh
You can change over it into kWh by isolating it by 1000.
2. Increase by Tariff Rate:
In Pakistan, the managed tax rate is $0.060 per kWh (refreshed March 2020). Increase your power use by the speed of a collected tax.
450kWh x 9.406 = 4,232.7 PKR.
Working out your power bill by freely computing each piece of hardware may time-consume. Thus, you can calculate your sum utilizing our bill mini-computer.


Working out your bill from meter readings may challenge interestingly. Notwithstanding, you’ll become accustomed to it whenever you’ve finished it. Moreover, assuming that you experience issues paying your month to monthly consumptions, this is helpful. By assessing the utilization of a particular thing, you might appraise your expense and deal with your energy use. This will likewise help you evaluate your utilization and guarantee SAVINGS on your electric bijli bill.

For your convenience, we have designed Electricity Bill Calculators that provide the estimated value of your Monthly Electricity Bill. To access these tools Click

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