Honda Vezel is a very popular Honda car. The Honda Vezel 2022 price in Pakistan is very popular. All information about the Honda Vezel 2022 can be found here. Due to all the extra features that are included in imported cars, Pakistani cars can be more expensive than their local counterparts. . This page contains information on Honda Vezel 2022 Pakistan price, new model specifications, mileage information, and features photos. Many prefer to buy a car from a showroom. Many cities in Pakistan have Honda Vezel 2022 dealerships. They offer both sales and support services to their customers. A used Honda Vezel can help you save money.


Honda Vezel 2022 Variants and prices

The hybrid Honda Vezel is now available in Pakistan. People searching for Honda Vezel 2022 prices in Pakistan indicated that they are within the 40-50 Lacks price range. A small crossover SUV has been created using the third-generation Honda Vezel. Although the SUV’s strength can be seen in the coupe it also offers van-like convenience and multi-faceted value that goes beyond the limits of fuel efficiency.

Honda Vezel car price

PKR 4,200,000/-

Honda Vezel 2022 Exterior

The Honda Vezel 2022’s exterior is extremely durable due to its superior build quality. It has a beautiful design. It is a pleasant-looking car.

The exterior design of the Honda Vezel is more appealing. Contrary to Honda Cross tour’s distinctive design the four-door Vezel is more like Honda vehicles and subcompact 2022 which are the underlying platforms for this Vezel. Vezel 2022 has a low-slung design and high-mounted rear doors. The front ends have slim, sleek, side-swept headlights with the tube-designed LED daytime running light fixtures. A tiny chrome grille is also available with a trapezium intake and 2 fog lamps. The rear is where you will find the roof spoiler. It features an integrated brake lamp, standard tailgate, and side-swept taillights. Honda Vezel Honda Vezel has identical styling.

Honda Vezel Interior

The 2022 Honda Vezel interior features black plastic trim pieces. Vezel Vezel E-HEV X, e–HEV Z and e–HEV Z cover the front and back seats with black fabric. Vezel Vezel Play covers them with beige fabric. The interior is spacious and modern with a clean design. The leather-wrapped steering wheel has tilt and telescopic adjustment. On the left are the controls for cruise control and radar control as well as multimedia. Drivers can customize the digital 7-inch meter with a speedometer. Vezel’s push-start technology is what sets it apart from the rest.


The dashboard features hard and soft plastic tops. The dashboard contains a 9-inch infotainment display that is wirelessly compatible with Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto. The most recent feature is a dual-zone automatic climate control system. Ten speakers are strategically placed throughout the vehicle to ensure excellent sound quality. Vezel has four charging ports. There are two ports for front passengers and one for the rear. Wireless charging is an option.

Vezel 2022 offers plenty of storage space. You can store your luggage in the trunk with infinitely flat storage. The rear seats can be folded to make more space. Vezel is excellent for outdoor adventures. The tailgate can be operated hands-free. The Honda smart key can be used to open the tailgate. To open the tailgate automatically, hold your foot up to the sensor.


These are the Honda Vezel specifications

  • 1496cc DOHC16 Valve, which produces 130HP
  • 1496cc DOHC 16 Valve With Hybrid Assist And 160HP
  • Gearbox: CVT
  • 7-Speed dual-clutch automatic
  • Capacity for 5 People

Electronic Power Steering

The exterior design of the Honda Vezel is more appealing. Contrary to the Honda Cross tour’s distinctive design the four-door Vezel is more like Honda vehicles and its 2022 subcompact hatchback platform. The Honda Vezel has low-slung rear doors and high-mounted rear ones.

Vezel Engine

The new Vezel has two engines that are connected to a 1.5L engine. It has three driving modes thanks to the e: HEV hybrid technology it is equipped with.

When in EV mode, the vehicle only uses the motor and battery power. When in hybrid mode, the engine produces electricity that powers the motor. The third mode, known as engine mode, allows the vehicle to run entirely on energy produced by the engine.

Vezel Ride & Handling

The brand-new Honda Vezel offers a relaxing driving experience. Its driver assistance technologies make driving incredibly simple. The anti-lock braking system avoids skidding while the Hill descent control function maintains the vehicle going forward on a steeply ascending terrain. On lengthy rides, cruise control is helpful to the driver.

Vezel Mileage

The 40Liter fuel tank of the tiny SUV, which is powered by a Honda Vezel 2nd Generation engine, can achieve an average fuel economy of up to 15-22 KM/L, giving it an estimated range of 600 to 1080 KM.

Vezel Safety Features

The new Honda Vezel 2021 comes standard with six airbags, anti-collision, lane keeping, lane keep assist, automated emergency stop, Automated Brake Distributor system (EBD) with ABS, hill-start assist, and other safety features.

Honda Vezel e-HEV X Colors

There are five color options available for the Honda Vezel e–HEV Play: Silver, Metroid Gray Metallic (Black), Midnight Blue Beam Metallic (Silver), and Midnight Blue Beam Metallic (Silver). Premiums in black and sunlight pearl, Sand Khaki Pearl & Black.

Honda Vezel 2022 Competitors

Honda Vezel 2022 is dominated by the BMW IX, Audi Q3, Nissan Juke, and Nissan Juke.

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