Honda Jazz is the recently introduced car from Honda Japan. Its Price in Pakistan 2022 is available here. Honda Jazz 2022 is referred to for its Fit in the world of Japan, China, and America. It’s elegant and enthralling with its modern and sleek design, top-of-the-line space, and updated features – re-imagined on the inside. It is also a blend of global design principles which appears youthful and athletic. One thing appealing concerning them will be their top condition. They have been in a good state for decades with no malfunction of their components. It is not a mistake to say this: the Honda 2000 model is still expensive and is significantly more expensive to Pakistan drivers. Even the older models prior to 2000 are still worth 7laks in PKR this is accurate and can be confirmed by talking with a dealer.


Price of Honda Jazz in Pakistan

The latest model from Honda known as the Honda Jazz is not costly for those who are wealthy. However, some customers may find the price to be too high because of the significant decline in the value of PKR. If we were to look at the cost that one dollar would cost in PKR last year then it was 160PKR. That is a bargain compared to the current price of USD, 195PKR. Because of the significant variation in USD to PKR, the cost of cars is greatly affected. PKR to USD cost, the prices of the vehicles are significantly affected.

So, not just Honda Jazz but all other imports’ prices are much higher than their respective prices. If we look at the price for 2021, we would see that it had increased from 38 LAKHS Pakistani rupees.

Price of Honda Jazz in PKR

  • 4.3 Million PKR

Price of Honda Jazz in USD

  • 21300 USD

Consider how much it has changed with the recent volatility of PKR. However, it didn’t always affect its price in a certain manner, but it also brought about changes in fuel prices which resulted in the cost of imports increasing, and buyers had to pay higher prices. At present, as we are writing this report, the value of the price of a dollar has increased to 200 PKR, which is the highest price for the entirety of the existence of the country. This means it is certain that automobile prices will rise yet.

Honda Jazz 2022 Exterior in Pakistan

Its Exterior appearance for the Honda Jazz is extremely Sleek and elegant, which is more beautiful and designed using a variety of shades. The door stands out with its sleek design on the bottom and the high glass quality. Additionally, the alloy wheels that come with this car are extremely light and feature a distinctive design that is stunning and appealing when the wheels race in the roadway. The car comes with absolute parking sensors to help you place it the closest to the ground. Furthermore, the electronic door locks for cars are extremely safe when you place them in the garage.

Interior Design of Honda Jazz


The Interior of Honda Jazz is fascinating. The interior of Honda Jazz is fascinating and unique because of the inclusion of multi-features. It comes with a top quality touchscreen with an integrated navigation system that can be used while driving to find your way around. Additionally, the car comes with an Ac panel that is touch-sensitive and is quite easy to operate. Additionally, the seats for passengers are extremely comfortable, reliable, and soft. They are also the most luxurious hue, enhancing the beauty of the interior. It is also very comfortable and reliable. Honda Jazz has ample boot space as well as a huge amount of storage for utility items that can be helpful on long journeys.

Honda Jazz 2022 Features

The main features of this vehicle are as the following

  • A powerful engine that is automatic as well as manual transmission
  • Bluetooth hands-free system
  • Good Steering Adjustment
  • Parking sensors for the front and rear
  • A cruise control system, with speed limited
  • Bluetooth hands-free system with Bluetooth inserted
  • Active city brake control system
  • Driver Assist Safety Pac
  • Five-door function Driver airbag
  • Passenger air Bags availability
  • CD Player
  • AM/FM Radio Plugin
  • Power Windows
  • The seats are comfortable and have rear grips.

Because of the features mentioned above, the car will be secure and comfortable in this vehicle.


Fuel Type


Transmission Type

Automatic (CVT)

Body Type




Seating Capacity


Wheel type


Spare wheel type

Space saver

Ventilated disc


Body construction


Drum rear



3946 mm


1694 mm


1524 mm


2530 mm

Front Track

1492 mm

Rear Track

1481 mm

Ground Clearance

135 mm-Unladen



Fuel Tank Capacity

40 L

Tyre size

175/65R15 84T

Wheel size

15 x 5.5

Spare wheel

Space saver type

Final words

In the end, in short, it is clear that the Honda Jazz is a very sturdy car that offers additional comfort and is efficient in its fuel consumption. Additionally, it is a model that offers perfect security and safety features; consequently, it has become a preferred option for a lot of customers. If you’re in search of the kind of car that both the exterior and interior look stunning and will bring more attention to your family, then this is your car. One aspect that is notable about this vehicle is that it is expected to last for a long duration than other models by Honda.

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