You are currently viewing HESCO Online Bill of November 2022-Check Download Duplicate Bill

HESCO Online Bill of November 2022-Check Download Duplicate Bill

Now you can check, download and print your HESCO Online Bill of November (Bijli bill) 2022 without going out physically. You can immediately check the bill amount and due date, and the whole Bill from here. Using the available link, you can find all of the information about the HESCO bill online. It should be noted that the website is not affiliated with HESCO or any of its departments. The purpose of this content is to provide quick access to the HESCO billing platform.

HESCO Online Bill of November 2022

If you’ve misplaced your replica, there’s no need to travel long distances to retrieve it. Going to a physical location is less convenient, faster, and more secure than using our online service.

To visit our website, all you’ll need is an internet connection, a copy of your old bill, and an electronic device. Then, to obtain billing information, follow these steps.

To check your HESCO September Bill, you must follow the below steps.

  • Scroll down and click on the button “Check your Bill.”
  • Enter your HESCO Reference Number there
  • Click on Submit
  • A duplicate copy of your bill will appear on the screen

Reference #

Reference # is required.

How you can find HESCO Reference Number

For checking your HESCO Online Bill of November 2022, you must know a 14-digit reference number. Enter a 14-digit reference number in the entry area to receive your HESCO bill (Bijli bill). You can check it from your Bill. If you still don’t know where to find your HESCO Reference number, look at the highlighted area in the image below.

HESCO Online Bill


HESCO Bill Online Payment Method:

You may now pay your HESCO bills rather than going to a bank and waiting in line for hours. You can pay your HESCO September bill through the given ways.

  • Easy Paisa
  • Jazz Cash
  • ATM
  • Bank’s Official Apps
  • Bank’s Websites

HESCO New Connection

You don’t have to visit the Head Office to apply for your HESCO new Connection because Hesco has now introduced the method for online application of Hesco new connection. This online method is easy, quick, and time-saving. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps to apply for a new connection. If you want to apply for a new connection now click the button below

Hesco Demand Notice Tracking

For the new connection, an online application is also used; the online technique is simple and quick. The majority of clients did not need to visit the Wapda offices because everything about the organization is available online. Go to the official website and follow the online application instructions.

Those who live in Hydrabad’s outlying districts or do not have access to public transportation should use the online method.

HESCO Bill Calculator

Calculating your HESCO bill online of September 2022 is straightforward with the HESCO bill calculator. The total number of units consumed for the month must be entered. If you simply input the units you will get an estimated bill amount; however, if you want an actual bill amount, you must complete all of the needed parameters except the units. You must include details such as the kind of connection, phase, peak and off-peak hours, and so on. Click the submit button after entering the data to view the results, which will show in a few seconds.


HESCO shorts for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. HESCO is a public limited corporation established on April 23, 1998. This company is in charge of the distribution of electricity in Hyderabad and the adjacent districts of Sindh, Pakistan.

You can check your HESCO bill of September even if you are not at home. You may check your Bijli bill from anywhere in Pakistan and from anywhere in the globe. HESCO customers do not have to pay for it.

HESCO is an abbreviation for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. It was formed in 1998 to acquire the properties, assets, and liabilities of the Hyderabad Area Electricity Board, which was owned by WAPDA.

On July 1, 1998, the company obtained a certificate from NEPRA under section 146(2) of the Companies Ordinance 1984.

HESCO has administratively divided Sindh Province’s 12 districts into four operational zones. Furthermore, it is divided into 15 operation Divisions and 67 operation Sub-divisions, in addition to 6 construction Divisions and 5 M & T Divisions.

This will ensure a consistent supply of electricity as well as efficient customer service for approximately 1,138,328 customers.

Area of Operations

HESCO is in charge of supplying electricity to 12 districts in Sindh province, Pakistan. To ensure that 1,138,328 clients have access to electricity, HESCO has established four operating circles, 15 operation divisions, and 67 operation sub-divisions, as well as six construction divisions and five M&T divisions. To ensure that its customers have access to power, the company works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Superintending Engineers (SEs) lead the Circle, Divisions are led by Executive Engineers (XENs), and Subdivisions are led by Subdivisional Officers (SDOs). A Customer Service Officer is assigned to each section.

HESCO Bill Tariff

To check HESCO’s official Tariff guide, click the button below.

When you click the button, this will shift you to a web page where you may access HESCO’s newest Tariff Notification. Go to “View” and click on the pdf file icon to view the notification. This document contains the most recent Schedule of Electricity Tariffs, including the A-1 Residential General Supply Tariff, A-2 Commercial General Supply Tariff, A-3 General Services, B Industrial Supply Tariff, and many others.

 HESCO Duplicate bill installment

  • For RS 5000, two to three instalments are available for both personal and business use. The Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) Operation is the authorized officer.
  • Domestic and commercial loans in two to three instalments of RS 15000 are available, but only the Incharge customer service centre is approved.
  • T-well Industrial, Domestic, and Commercial 2 to 3 RS 50000 The operation is overseen by the Executive Engineer (XEN) and the Deputy Director Commercial.
  • T-well Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic 2 to 3 Installations for RS 200000, with the Superintending Engineer (SE) as the authorized person
  • A payment plan is available, and the cost criteria for both operational and severed connections are the same. It was distributed to a large number of officers due to the volume of use.
  • The data presented above is for disconnected connections only. You’ll need the same authorized persona and installments as before if you want installments for running connections.

Complaint and Contact Information

As previously stated, the system is not error-free. So, in case of any miscalculation, you can contact the service provider using the information in the red box below. You may also get help for any connection or meter problem. Moreover, you can also inform them about electricity theft in your neighborhood.

HESCO complaint number


1. What to do if a HESCO bijli bill is incorrect?

If a bill has a mistake, the customer should contact the appropriate Sub-Division or Revenue Office.

2. What is the HESCO customer service number?

The Consumer can access the HESCO helpdesk at this number: (+92)22-9260161

3. How can a potential customer establish a new connection?

The interested customer can obtain an application form for free from the Sub-Division in his region. The completed application form must be sent to the Sub-Division, where the relevant clerk will provide a receipt as confirmation of receipt of the application form. The Sub-Division will process the new connection application, and the consumer will get the connection in 35 to 45 days. If a connection is not possible for any reason, whether technical or otherwise, the prospective consumer will be notified and given grounds for the rejection of the application.

4.  How many days do you get to pay your electricity bills?

The Customer can Deposit electricity bills in a 15-day period.
What is the best place for a customer to deposit their power bills?
WAPDA has established arrangements with all scheduled banks and post offices in Pakistan, which have designated branches in various regions of the nation to make it easier for consumers to pay their payments. The customer can pay his bill at any approved bank branch or post office in the district or city.

5. How can a customer get his load raised or lowered to meet his needs?

The consumer must apply to the SDO or another authorized body, who will arrange for the load and test report to be verified, as well as the decrease or extension of the load.

Connection FAQs

How do you re-establish a lost connection?

If a connection has been terminated for whatever reason, it can be reinstated by submitting an application on the required form, which is accessible free of charge at the appropriate Revenue Office and following the stipulated requirements.

What is the best way to convert the connection into the name of another person?

The Customer can change The name of the connection by submitting an application to the concerned Sub-Division on the specific application form, which must be correctly filled out and accompanied by the appropriate paperwork to prove the reason for the name change. The connection is changed to the desired new name when the applicant has met all of the requirements for a name change.

How may a customer arrange for his supply to be disconnected and his security deposit refunded?

Consumers who do not wish to keep their power connection can appeal to the SDO for permanent disconnection. After receiving permission from the Revenue Office, the SDO would permanently cut the link.

What is the procedure for recording reading?

The meter reader visits the premises from door to door to record the meter reading. Whatever reading he takes, he enters it on the Meter Reading Record and the consumer’s Meter Reading Card at the same time. It will alert the customer to the number of units he has consumed.

Is it possible to access a HESCO bill of September using a mobile phone number or a CNIC?

You can’t, but you can use a reference number to check it.

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