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At, you can check your HESCO bill online. It’s a free website that makes it easy to check your HESCO bill. If you didn’t get your HESCO bill in the mail, you can download the most recent copy or print out your HESCO wapda bill to pay it. So, to check your online HESCO bill, enter your 14-digit reference number below:
To get a copy of your HESCO bill, all you need is your 14-digit reference number. If you don’t know where it is, look at the part of the picture below that is circled in red:

Now, if you are looking for HESCO mis or HESCO gov pk to get a copy of your HESCO bill, just type your reference number into the box above to see how much you owe. is a simple app or website that makes it easy to get energy bills from HESCO .

About HESCO Online Bill

About HESCO Online Bill

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is what HESCO stands for. The goals of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) are to take over the assets, legal rights, and liabilities of the former Area Electricity Board (AEB) Hyderabad in order to be a progressive power distribution company and to continue and grow the business, infrastructure, facilities, and activities in order to make sure that electricity flows smoothly and consistently within the geographical boundaries (Province of Sindh, excluding Karachi).

Aim of HESCO

HESCO’s principal goal is to provide continuous energy to Hyderabad and the neighboring areas for the benefit of people’s progress, prosperity, and growth. HESCO strives to meet high customer expectations and standards by providing careful upkeep of its technical facilities and friendly customer service. It also tries to defend its employees’ rights by providing a safe and secure working environment as well as possibilities for advancement. As a public corporation, HESCO strives to be ethical and to fully comply with all social and corporate laws and regulations.

HESCO Online Bill Payment

HESCO has launched an online bill payment system, making it possible to pay HESCO bills online from any bank in Pakistan. In addition, Fintech solutions such as Jazz Cash App, Easy Paisa App, and Naya pay allow you to pay your bill online.

To make an online payment through your bank, simply go to the utility payment option on your bank app and pick HESCO in the Bill details section. Following the selection of the company name “HESCO,” you must enter the consumer number. The bank will validate the firm name and consumer number and display the billed amount to you. Then you simply follow the standard banking method of OTP to finish the payment.

Bill Payment with Jazz Cash

Paying your HESCO bills using Jazz Cash is simple and convenient. It gives the following three (3) bill payment options:

  • Using the Jazz Cash Account
  • Jazz Cash Retailer
  • Jazz Cash App
    The following are the steps to pay your HESCO bill online using the Jazz Cash application:
  • Dial *786#
  • Select “Pay Bills”
  • Select the Bill Type
  • HESCO is the company to choose.
  • Examine your transaction details and enter your OTP to confirm payment.
  • Your payment will be processed.

Area of Operations

To ensure an uninterrupted supply of power to its 1.1 million customers, the HESCO administration has divided Sindh province’s 12 districts into operation circles, districts, divisions, and subdivisions. As a result, HESCO primarily operates through four operational circles: Hyderabad, Laar, Mirpur khas, and Nawab shah. These four operational circles are divided into 15 Divisions and 69 Subdivisions. Hyderabad Electric also added six construction divisions and five M & T divisions to better serve customers’ demands and to expedite maintenance and construction.

HESCO Circles

HESCO has divided the 12 districts of Sindh Province into 4 operation circles, 15 operation divisions, 69 operation sub-divisions, 6 construction divisions, and 5 M&T divisions in order to make sure that electricity is always on and that customers get the best service possible. The company works hard day and night to make sure the business runs smoothly.

ircleDivisionsSub Divisions

So, if you want to check the Hyderabad electricity bill (bijli bill) or the wapda bill in any of the other cities listed in the table above, you’ve come to the proper site. Simply enter your bill reference number to view the most recent HESCO bill straight immediately. If you need a mobile app, you may get the HESCO bill apk here.

If you did not receive your Multan energy bill, go to to generate a duplicate bill and pay it to avoid a late payment surcharge. So, enter your 14-digit reference number above to obtain your HESCO online bill for the months of August 2023, September 2023, or July 2023.

HESCO Origins

HESCO is an abbreviation for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. It is a subsidiary company of WAPDA that was founded on April 23, 1998, as a result of WAPDA’s rehabilitation by the Government of Pakistan. The restructuring resulted in the establishment of twelve (12) corporate entities, including eight (8) distribution companies (DISCOs), one (1) National Transmission and Distribution Company (NTDC), and three (3) generation companies (GENCOs).

WAPDA was restructured, and eight distribution businesses were founded. One of them was the Area Electricity Board (AEB) of Hyderabad. As a result, the new name for the Area Electricity Board (AEBH) Hyderabad is HESCO – Hyderabad Electric Supply Company.

How To Get a Duplicate HESCO WAPDA Bill?

  • Enter the 14-Digit Reference Number from your old HESCO bill at the top of this page, then
  • press the Green Color Button.
  • In the new Web Window, your duplicate HESCO bill will display.
  • If the previous bill displays, it means that HESCO has not yet sent your electricity bill. After a few days, recheck.

HESCO Online Bill Download and Print

  • Set your printer and press CTRL+P to print your HESCO bill if you are using a laptop or computer.
  • Your HESCO is going to be printed.
  • If you have an Android or iOS device, press three dots to download the bill.
  • Your HESCO Bill Online Check receipt will be saved in the memory of your phone.

Jurisdictional Area

HESCO is in charge of supplying power to 12 districts in Pakistan’s Sindh Province. HESCO has established 6 construction units with 4 operating units, 15 operating units, and 67 operational units, as well as 5 M&T units, to assure uninterrupted power supply to 1,138,328 customers. The organization attempts to give its customers with continuous power supply around the clock.

Important Dates

When you receive your HESCO bill, the first thing you look at is the HESCO Online bill date. However, you should first become acquainted with the other dates on your bill. Let we review them:

  • The date on which the HESCO personnel approved your electric connection was the connection date.
  • Bill Month: The month specified in this parameter is the invoice month.
  • Reading Date: The date the meter reader took the reading from your meter.
  • The issue date is the date HESCO sent your bill invoice for the given month.
  • Due Date: It is the deadline date before which you should pay the bill; else, additional charges will be applied to your billed amount.


The old ways of getting bills and paying them are no longer in use. Take advantage of the fact that you can easily check your HESCO bill online. On a PC or a smartphone, all you have to do is type in your HESCO reference number to get a copy of your HESCO bill.


Q. How can I check my HESCO Online bill?

Here, you can enter your 14-digit reference number to check your HESCO bill.

Q. How to check HESCO bill paid or not?

Your past payments list on your bill. You can see if your HESCO bill is paying or not by looking at the right side.

Q. What is the 14 Digit Reference number and How to Find it?

Your 14-digit reference number is below your customer ID in the left column of your bill. You just need to look for the number on your last bill.

Q. What is consumer ID?

Consumer ID is a unique name that is given to each customer when they get a new connection. This number is needed to pay bills and also to make a complaint.

Q. How to check HESCO bill paid or not?

Your past payments are listed on your bill. You can see if your HESCO bill is paid or not by looking at the right side.

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