HESCO New Connection 2022-Procedure & Demand Notice

HESCO New Connection

The New Connection installation method for Commercial and Domestic Tariffs, General Customers has been significantly simplified by HESCO. Even the New Connection Application Form is now available in Urdu instead of English.


HESCO New Connection

Way to apply for HESCO New Connection

These are the following documents the applicant needs to attach to the application form for a New Connection

  • A copy of your national identification card (NIC).
  • Proof of Ownership if the customer is the legal owner of the property. If the individual requesting a new connection is not the real owner, he has to provide a stamped document with the Owner’s Permission and the Ownership Proof.
  • The applicant signs supply Abridged Condition.



For Downloading your Duplicate HESCO Bill Online click here


To make things easier for domestic customers, the Authority made the following decisions:
• For single-phase meters, new domestic connection rates of Rs. 3000/- (Rupees three thousand only)that is divided into two sections.
• At the time of connection, Rs. 300/- (Rupees three hundred only) would be recovered.
• The remaining Rs. 2700/- (Rupees two thousand seven hundred only) will be repaid in nine equal installments of Rs. 300/- (Rupees three hundred only) in the following bills.
• Consumers who choose the service and submit a written request will be provided with it.
The usage of units of the property will be crucial for customers who have just moved into a new house and wish to set up a new connection or if they already have a meter. The Clients are aware that they can determine the amount of the bill by the number of units used. In most cases, the cost of 1 to 100 units is 19.30 rupees.
If a customer consumes 101 units, the additional one unit costs Rs20.95. As a result, if a user replaces his meter, he will be able to save money. This will transfer load from house to one meter and the new connection to other. Request the installation of a new connection. HESCO representatives will contact the customer to request payment of the HESCO demand notice after your application. The company will install the meter in a few days after completing the required process.

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HESCO Demand Notice

HESCO has now computerized all of its procedures for the convenience of its consumers. Customers who need a duplicate copy of their HESCO bills, pay their bills, register their HESCO complaints, check the status of their previously filed complaints, check their complaint history, calculate bill rates with the HESCO calculator, or apply for a new connection no longer have to travel to a customer service center or the head office and wait in a line for hours.
Because of the complete digitization, they can no longer fill out a paper copy of the new connection application form at the customer service center. They can fill out an e-application form on their laptop or other device and submit it online without leaving their houses.

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