HESCO bill calculator is a tool for calculating bill amounts. You can now use our HESCO bill calculator to verify or estimate the amount of your bill before or after it comes. HESCO users may check their bills online, download duplicate bills, and pay them online using their jazz cash account.

HESCO Bill Calculator

HESCO Consumer Bill Calculator

Using the HESCO bill calculator, calculating your HESCO bill online is simple. You need to enter the total number of units consumed for the month. If you only enter the teams, you will obtain an estimated bill amount; however, you must provide all of the required details except the units if you want an exact bill amount. You must provide information such as connection type, phase, peak and off-peak times, etc. After inputting these numbers, click the submit button to see the results, which will appear in a few seconds.
Calculate your Bill

Total Units

Enter the consumed units into the tool while calculating the HESCO bill. The total number of units consumed in a month is called consumed units. You may calculate consumed units from your electric meter using the HESCO bill calculator to estimate the HESCO bill price. By subtracting past total units from the meter’s current total units. This calculation will give you the month’s consumed units. You may also use this to check if the amount on your bill is correct or incorrect. Enter the units that are already listed on your bill for this reason. As a result, after getting the bill, you will not need to calculate units to validate the bill cost.

Connection type

There are three types of connections discussed here. There are three different types of connections: residential, industrial, and commercial. If you don’t know what kind of connection you have, you can find out by checking the tariff section of your HESCO account. This connection type must be entered to obtain an appropriate bill amount.


Enter your phase-type, either single or three if you want an exact result of your bill amount. HESCO bill unit rates differ for both types of phases, and that is why you must input the correct phase and connection. If you don’t specify the phase-type in the HESCO Online bill estimator, you’ll obtain an estimate of the bill’s total cost.
Peak and off-peak hours:
The hours of the day when unit rates are higher and lower are referred to as peak and off-peak timings. If you use these hours, the tool will estimate the bill in the same amount. However, if you are unaware of peak and off-peak hours, this may have little impact on your bill calculation. For example, the unit rate is high at peak times, at 22.65, and low at off-peak times, around 16.33. Your HESCO bill calculation will be more accurate when you enter these peak and off-peak hours.

How to calculate the HESCO bill

Follow these instructions to calculate your HESCO bill.

  • To start, click the “calculate HESCO  bill” button.
  • You will be sent to a page where you must choose an electricity company.
  • Then, you’ll be at a HESCO bill calculator page.
  • Here, you must enter the required information.
  • You must first enter the consumed units.
  • Then, choose a connection type.
  • After that, choose a phase and, if you know them, enter peak and off-peak times.
  • Press the submit button.
  • The outcome will be available in a couple of moments.

HESCO bill calculation formula

You don’t need formulas or complex calculations to calculate your HESCO bill. If you use an internet calculator tool, this calculation is not complex. However, if you calculate the HESCO bill offline, there is a potential for inaccuracy. Unit rates change depending on the connection type and the number of used units. You have to be concerned about a lot of things.
When calculating a bill by hand, multiply consumed units by the most recent per unit rate while keeping the unit range in mind. Then add GST tax, and service rent, and consider peak and off-peak hours. When calculating a bill using the estimate HESCO bill tool, you don’t need to know the per-unit rate, connection type unit rate, or anything else. Submit your bill information and receive a response in a couple of moments. As a result, the majority of users utilize this tool for calculations.

HESCO bill unit calculator

The amount of your bill is determined by how many units you consumed over a month, referred to as consumed units. These consumed units are then used to calculate the cost of the bill. You can determine how many units you consumed by looking at your power meter reading. Check that the meter’s total consumed units are the total units from the beginning to the present day. Then deduct the units from your previous HESCO bill from these total units to determine the total units you used for the month.
Units are also determined using the power formula. For example, multiply 1000 watts per day by 24 hours and 30 days in a month. You’ll receive total kilowatts per hour; multiplying it by 1000 will give you the total units you’ll need for the month.

HESCO bill unit rates

HESCO bill units differ depending on the connection type and phase. The unit pricing varies depending on the range of units. For instance, the rate for 1-50 units differs from the rate for 50-100 units, and so on.
The following is a list of residential unit rates.

UnitsPrice in Rupees
Above 70022.65

The charge per unit for a commercial connection is 19.95, while the rate per unit for an industrial connection is 19.51. The unit pricing is 22.65 rupees per unit during peak hours and 16.33 rupees per unit during off-peak hours.

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