Every city follows the gold rate set by the Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, and Multan are just a few of the cities with current gold rates.
Since gold is always regarded as the most valuable and precious metal among all metals, its significance and value must not be disregarded. Pakistan uses gold extensively for a number of things, including gold jewelry.
The current 24-karat Gold rate in Pakistan on June 23, 2022, is Rs. 145,000 per tola on the local bullion market. It should be noted that gold rates are often the same across the nation, varying by a few hundred rupees between locations. It should be noted that the post is updated with the most recent prices multiple times a day due to variations in the price of gold in Pakistan.

Gold Rate In Pakistan Today, 23rd June 2022

Current Gold Rate In Pakistan

On June 23, 2022, the price of a tola of 24-karat gold in Pakistan will be 145,000 a tola. This price will be constant throughout the nation, with only slight variations of a few hundred rupees between towns. The gold markets in Multan or Karachi are where these prices for gold in Pakistan were found. The article is updated throughout the day, and the rates are updated at least twice daily.
The bullion market estimates that a tola of 22-karat gold costs Rs. 132,917 in Pakistan.

Gold Rate 24K Gold 22K Gold 21K Gold 18K Gold
per Tola Gold Rs. 135500 Rs. 124207 Rs. 118563 Rs. 101625
per 10 Gram Rs. 116170 Rs. 106488 Rs. 101649 Rs. 87128
per Gram Gold Rs. 11617 Rs. 10649 Rs. 10165 Rs. 8713

This is the current gold rate in Pakistan, which includes the cities of Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Quetta, and Multan. There are just a few hundred rupees between the values in each city.
For more precise gold prices based on the local market in your city, please consult your neighborhood gold dealers or jewellers.
The term “gold” is associated with virtue, refinement, and prosperity. Gold is frequently used as jewellery in our subcontinental culture, and demand for it rises throughout wedding seasons. If you want to make gold jewellery, get the most recent gold prices in Pakistan today by purity, which are either 18, 20, or 24 carats.
Gold prices vary from city to city depending on a number of factors, including supply, interest rates, state taxes, gold merchants, bullion associations, transit costs, production costs, and others. All across the world, but particularly in Pakistan, gold is a well-liked investment strategy.


Various nations use different units of measurement for tola. But in Pakistan, a tola is equivalent to 11.663 grams.
Gold has been widely used in Pakistan for many years; many Pakistani women are likely to wear gold as an adornment, while others will use it as a viable investment. But if we were talking about gold prices, they are solely established by the IMF, which also occasionally accumulates gold prices on the London Bullion Market.
Aside from that, the cost of gold is not constant and changes periodically according to a variety of factors. The gold rate in Pakistan is constantly higher since Pakistani Rupees are often seen as a cheap currency in contrast to other international currencies. Comparably, if we examine the history of the gold price in Pakistan, we can observe that the rate has never been steady and that Pakistan has had both a severe economic crisis and high inflation.


A popular fraction used to determine the price of gold is 22/24 gold which is 22 Karat. 91.67 percent of the 22k gold is made up of gold, compared to 8.33 percent alloy metal. Thus, 9.1666 grams of gold are included in a 22K 10gm gold bar.


The overall worldwide demand for gold is what determines the Pakistani gold rate. Gold is used extensively in the jewellery business. Gold is regarded as riches in Asian cultures and is passed down from one generation to the next.
The following factors explain why the gold rate in Pakistan is now influencing and other international markets.

  • If there is a rise in worldwide demand, gold prices rise.
  • Due to the low opportunity cost associated with precious metals like gold, the price of gold increases when interest rates are low.
  • Creditors begin to lose money during periods of high inflation, which makes them more likely to acquire or keep more gold.
  • The price of gold is directly influenced by USD fluctuations as well.
  • If the USD increases, so does the price of gold.

The price of gold nowadays in Pakistan is never stable since it changes with the global market. The rates shown here were obtained from local gold markets and Sarafa Markets in various places.
City Gold

  • Lahore PKR 145,000
  • Karachi PKR 145,000
  • Islamabad PKR 145,000
  • Peshawar PKR 145,000

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