You are currently viewing GEPCO Online Bill May 2023 – Check Duplicate Bill

GEPCO Online Bill May 2023 – Check Duplicate Bill

Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) is an autonomous and independent organization that takes care of water resources and the Power System Network, which includes the Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Power to the existing districts of Sialkot, Gujranwala, Narowal, Hafizabad, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin.

Freely look at your most recent GEPCO Online Bill for May 2023. Here, you can see the amount and due date of your GEPCO WAPDA payment. GEPCO is a Pakistani energy company that is owned by the government. It gives people in Pakistan power through a network of power plants and distribution lines. GEPCO is also in charge of billing, getting money from customers, and customer service. Since more than 40 years ago, they have been giving people energy. GEPCO has always been a leader in the way energy and electricity are distributed.

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You can also see the full account, print it, or save a picture of the bill. GEPCO Bill Check 2022 Online Gujranwala Electricity Company sends out bills online. GEPCO customers, both residential and commercial, can download their bills here. Bill distributors are unable to deliver bills to consumers’ addresses. Let’s check your GEPCO May 2023 Bill online and pay them on time. Otherwise, GEPCO imposes a late payment penalty.

To receive their electricity bills, all GEPCO customers should go online. You can also look up your old GEPECO bill by reference number. To obtain a duplicate GEPECO bill, enter a 14-digit reference number. GEPCO has introduced an online bill checking system for the first time. GEPCO customers should download their electricity bills using their reference, user ID, and meter id number. To see your Gujranwala power bill, enter the reference number below.

GEPCO Online Bill May 2023 Download & Print

This section will cover the following topics: GEPCO October bill, GEPCO reference number, GEPCO Online Bill, and how to pay the GEPCO bill. GEPCO has a new bill system that is available online. This means you can access your bill from any place and get it paid online. You need to register on the website and enter your reference number to access your bill.

You can’t verify your GEPCO e bill by name or CNIC; you need to have the reference number. If you don’t know it, you can find the reference number in the upper left corner of any old bill copy. The reference number is shown in the third row in the upper right corner (below Customer ID). If you’re still unsure where to look, look at the screen below.

GEPCO Online Bill

Now you have your reference number, and you can put it in the input area above to receive your May 2023 GEPCO Bijli bill. If your most recent account is not present, our system will display the most recent statement for February 2022.


  • Hit Ctrl+P
  • Then, a list of choices will show up. Click “Save” to finish.
  • Your device will save a duplicate copy of the GEPCO bill.


  • Hit Ctrl+P
  • Then, choose the paper size.
  • Set the printer to use that size of paper as well.
  • Click on Print to finish.

There will be copies of the bill made.

GEPCO New Connection

GEPCO has now started to provide its services online all over Pakistan. Now you can download duplicate bills, register your complaints, and calculate your bills online. In addition to it, you can also apply for GEPCO New Connection online. All you have to do is just click the button below. This will take you to the page where you will find all the necessary information, and documents needed to apply for a new connection.

GEPCO Duplicate Bill May 2023

Get the latest GEPCO Bills online for free. Here you can see the amount of the GEPCO Bill and the due date. You can also view the full invoice, download it and download the invoice image. Enter the voucher code in the box below and check your electricity bill details in Gujranwala. Bill on the Internet twice

Get the most recent GEPCO Bill of May 2023 for free online. You can easily view your GEPCO WAPDA bill amount as well as the due date here. You can also view the entire bill, download it, and view bill images. Enter the reference code in the box below to view your Gujranwala electricity bill details. Online Bill Duplication

GEPCO Online Bill Payment

There are many ways to pay GEPCO Bill Online or offline. You may pay offline at any bank branch or postal service, or you can use current applications such as EasyPaisa jazz cash. If you have a credit card, you can request that your bank allow online banking and then download the bank app to your smartphone to pay your GEPCO October bill. GEPCO has introduced a new online bill payment system, which lets customers pay their bills by using their mobile phones. The new system has been designed to provide a more convenient way for customers to make payments and manage their account balances.

Print Your GEPCO Bill Free of Cost

The goal is to provide free printing services to everyone. Many places offer free printing, but they also offer credits after the fact, regardless of whether they are free. We provide print billing services without credit or money, and we do so at no cost. This means that it provides everything at once without spending any of your existing funds.

GEPCO Print Tool

The GEPCO Printer Tool is a lovely and dependable tool that we provide to you all. Here are some techniques for using this tool that you may find useful. Similarly, using any software or tool is simple because you only need to type in specific words and follow the instructions. However, there is a specific procedure to follow, especially if you are new to it. This article will go over some of the most important and unique steps that everyone should take.

GEPCO Bill Unit Rate 2022

Enter your reference number into the input box to get the most recent GEPCO bijli invoicing for November 2021. Our system will check to see if your current invoice is on file. If not, we will display the due date for the month that ended before October 20, 2021. You can enroll in our monthly billing system to receive your next month’s invoice via email.


  • ED= 1.5% of cost of electricity
  • NJ =1% of units consumed
  • GST= Cost of electricity+E.D+FC Sur×17%
  • FC=Surcharge Units consumed ×0.43
  • LPS=Cost of electricity+E.D+FC Sur×0.1
  • QTR= Units consumed ×1.61
  • When the number of used units exceeds 300, QTR is used. The GST is then calculated as follows:
  • ((Cost of electricity+E.D+FC Sur+QTR)17 percent GST with QT

Gepco Mis

You can check the MIS Reports on GEPCO MIS’s official page, which is all about MIS. The GEPCO Computer Center made the site and is also in charge of keeping it up to date. GEPCO owns the GEPCO MIS site and all of the information on it. But you need an account before you can see the MIS Reports.

You need a Username and a password to get into this site. You can’t use this link if you don’t already have an account.

GEPCO Online bill paid or not?

If your bill is paid or not, you can call the helpline or their customer center service to confirm. This function is currently unavailable online, and only approved bank branches may verify whether or not your bill has been paid. For bill payment information, we recommend calling the helpline.

GEPCO has a new bill system that is available online. This means you can access your bill from any place and you can pay it online. You need to register on the website and enter your reference number to access your bill.

GEPCO Online Bill Calculator

Now you can calculate your GEPCO bill online. All you have to do is just put your consumed units. This method is simple and easy to use. Especially, for people not good at math. These people will surely appreciate this tool. If you further want to read about this and want to access this tool to calculate your bill just click the button below

History of GEPCO

GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company. GEPCO is a state-owned electricity company in Pakistan. It provides power to the people of Pakistan through various power plants and distribution networks. GEPCO is also responsible for billing, collection, and customer service. It was established on April 25, 1998, and is responsible for the electric supply and maintenance of the following districts. GEPCO is a Gujranwala Electric Power Corporation with an efficient and solid company that supplies electricity to all of Gujranwala and the cities that are connected, such as Narowal and Sialkot.

It is simple to walk into any store and request duplicate prints based on your specifications; however, what should you do if you are unable to travel for a variety of reasons? We have a solution to provide you with precise prints from GEPCO that are specifically design to meet the needs of this specific client.

  • Gujranwala
  • Hafizabad
  • Sialkot
  • Narowal
  • Gujrat
  • Mandi Baha Uddin

There are around 3098120 active electrical connections of GEPCO. For 2016 and 2017, the average monthly collection was around 8937 million rupees.

GEPCO Bill Online Email Service

Here is where you may sign up for GEPCO’s monthly bill email service. Submit your reference number and email address, and we’ll send you a monthly bill through email before the due date. If you’re seeking GEPCO SMS notifications, we suggest this service; otherwise, you’ll get the same information via email on your smartphone. is a simple website that allows you to check your GEPCO electricity bill of September. It is compatible with all devices and screen sizes. You may obtain your GEPCO WAPDA bill on your phone, tablet, or device.

GEPCO Contact Numbers

Address: Gujranwala Electric Power Company GEPCO 565/A Model Town G.T Road Gujranwala

Phone: +92-55-9200504

Email address:


How can I get a duplicate GEPCO Online bill May 2023?

You could get it here if you did not receive a duplicate copy of your GEPCO Wapda bill. Enter the reference number, check the most recent tab, and download and print an identical bill copy.

Q. How can I calculate my GEPCO bill?

To calculate the estimated bill amount based on consumed units, you can use the GEPCO Online calculator.

Q. What is FPA in the GEPCO Wapda bill?

Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is an extra amount that can be applied to your bill based on fuel price changes.

Q. How can I apply for bill installments?

Installments are not accepted on current bills; however, if you have a pending bill amount (arrears) on your account, you can request installments for that amount, including interest at bank rates

Q. Is it possible to view my GEPCO online bill of October using my CNIC or meter number?

You cannot check your bill by CNIC, name, or meter number because this feature is not available online. However, you may receive your reference number from your nearest subdivision and use it to print duplicate bills online. You can also find the reference number of any old bill copy.

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